1 week of cloth diapering

Four kids and 12 years and I have jumped ship from disposable diapers and given cloth diapering a go. Never thought I’d do this. Always thought cloth diapers caused rashes because my mom said she couldn’t use them on me as a baby. However, when I got pregnant with child #4 I said there has got to be a way to get around forking over so much cash in the early years. I can’t sew so I won’t be making any clothes for anyone so I knew the cut backs were going to have to come in things like baby equipment and diapers. I had looked into cloth diapering before I had our 4th child, but hubby was totally against it. Four months after she was born I decided to revisit the idea since he had only changed a handful of diapers. So with my husband’s blessing and a warning that he would not be changing any diapers for sure now I ordered up some flats and covers and snappis.

A whole new world has been opened up to me. There are tons of choices out there. I went the cheapest route I could find because money is very tight and since my husband wasn’t too keen on the whole idea I didn’t want him to flip out about the cost. So I was so excited to get started last week when my diapers arrived.

I washed and prepped the diapers on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning I put them on my daughter for the first time. I had no clue what I was doing really. It was a typical crazy Wednesday morning too. So I was running around getting Joe to work and kids on buses and to school. Less than 2 hours after putting the diaper on her I thought she felt like she wet through. When I changed her she was soaked. I thought oh no I’m in for it. I made sure to change her again 2 hours later and she was soaked again, but not soaked through. She took a nap and went 4 hours and I thought for sure I was going to be in for it. She was good when I changed her that time though. Not even half an hour later though she had soaked through again. Okay, either I’ve got a super peer or I’m doing something wrong. So I talked to a friend about it and we tried to figure out what the problem could be. We had no more leaks the rest of the day so I thought maybe I just caught her at the wrong time.

The next day we did great. No leaks. I hadn’t had any poo yet. Still wasn’t sure how I’d hold up to poo. The next day she pooed though and it stayed in the diaper. Okay, I think we can do this. I have had a couple leaks, but really I got that sometimes with the disposables too. I have washed the diapers two times and so far I think I’ve got a pretty good system down. I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to handle her poo when she’s no longer got exclusive breastfeeding poo. Since potty training her brother has not been going as well as I had hoped his dirty underwear have been going into the cloth diaper bag. No more scrubbing out underwear now either. A swishy in the toilet and into the wet bag they go. A little soak in cold water with some Bac Out and wash in hot and rinse in cold and we have been good so far. I haven’t seen a stain or noticed any smells yet.

I have found an actual cloth diaper store that we are going to check out this weekend too. I am really enjoying this. Best part is my 9 year old daughter is getting into this. My 12 year old is totally grossed out by it. When she found out we were cloth diapering she looked at me in disgust and asked why? I told her it’s cheaper and better for the environment. She said but now you have more laundry to do. Hmmm, why is she so concerned about my laundry load? I think she needs to worry a little more about the washing of her own laundry. Yes, my 12 year old washes her own laundry!

My 9 year old declared the other day that she is going to cloth diaper her children. I asked her why and she said because it’s cheaper and her sister looks so cute. She had been asking me for a couple of days if she could change her sister’s diaper. So with some help I let her try it out and now she wants to do it all the time. She gets mad at me when I do it because we’re in a hurry and I just want to get it on her so we can get out the door. For the record, I do not make my children change diapers. She asked about it and wanted to try it out and I was there the whole time helping her do it.

When I mentioned to the girls that we were going to try to go to a cloth diaper store this weekend my oldest was not all that thrilled, but my 9 year old wants me to buy her some diapers so she can practice doing it on her dolls. She has never taken this much of an interest in diapering before so this is interesting to me that she’s so curious about this. I am creating the next generation of cloth diaper users.

The first week has been a real learning experience. I’m still learning. There is so much out there in the cloth diaper world. And there are a lot more benefits to cloth diapering than the cost and helping the environment. In a pinch cloth diapers make great spit clothes. Never would have grabbed a disposable diaper for anything but putting on a baby’s bum, but with cloth it’s no big deal. Certainly isn’t going to cost anything extra like using a disposable diaper for that purpose would since I’ll just toss it in the wash with the rest. I’m definitely going to keep at it though and am looking forward to my trip to the cloth diaper store this weekend.

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  1. Mama Ash says:

    I love cloth diapers. If you have any questions feel free to tweet me or DM :)

    It's a great adventure and washing cloth diapers is a science. LOL!

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