10 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Years Eve With Small Children

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici FreeDigitalPhotos.net

New Years Eve, the biggest party of the year.  Staying up late and getting that kiss at midnight, but then we grow up and have kids and New Years Eve turns into a different kind of party.  One where you are likely to stay in with the kids.  Or maybe you have a babysitter and still get to go out.  I never did though and quite frankly even though I was only 20 when my oldest came along I never wanted to.

I enjoy spending New Years Eve at home.  Hanging out with the kids.  Doing our own kid centered celebration.  Staying safe, away from the drunks.  And you too can have a great celebration with the little ones at home.  I am going to give you some party suggestions for ringing in the new year with small children.

Ringing In The New Year With Small Children

The kids want to get in on the action too.  At least mine do.  So here are some really fun ways to celebrate the new year in a kid friendly way.

Game Night

This is the perfect time to have a game night.  You can even invite over another family or some of your children’s friends to make it even more enjoyable.  Let the kids help pick their favorite games to play and maybe have a few surprise new ones on the agenda and just play.  Make a bunch of appetizers for dinner and munch away until midnight.  Be sure to turn the TV on to watch the ball drop.

Movie Night

Make it a night of family movies.  Whatever you do, don’t forget the candy and the popcorn for this one.  It’s just not a movie night without candy and popcorn.

Dance Party

Invite a bunch of your kids friends and even some of yours over for a dance party.  If you have a gaming system and either own or can rent games like Just Dance 4 or Just Dance Disney Party, then you’ll be sure to have a really rockin’ New Years Eve.  Bonus is the kids should go to bed real easy after dancing the night away.

Karaoke Party

Is dancing not your thing?  How about singing?  Have a Karaoke party instead.  There are more video games you can get to do Karaoke with.  Or if you already have a Karaoke machine.

Time Square Party

Just because you can’t go into NYC to ring in the new year doesn’t mean you can’t throw a party like you’re in Time Square.  And quite frankly it will be way better because you won’t be stuck out in the cold being herded around the city like cattle.  Have a clock which is counting down until midnight.  Don’t forget the hats, noisemakers, and confetti.  Have plenty of music to rock out to and food consisting of pizza, hot dogs, and peanuts should give a real New York feel.

Pajama Party

Get everyone in their PJs and spend the night telling silly stories.  Either reminiscing about the year past or just making up your own stories.  Invite friends over and be sure to have lots of snack foods.  Make some ice cream sundaes with the kids even.  Make it a sleepover if you have the room or desire to.  This will depend on the age of your guests.

Glamor Party

This might be best for girls, but I’m sure my son would get into this.  Have a bunch of dapper dress up clothes for them to try on.  High heels are a must when you are doing dress up.  If you invite people over invite them to wear their finest.  Do up their hair and makeup.  Roll out the red carpet and a photo booth is a must to catch all of that glam.

Craft Party

Do you have a crafty little youngster?  I sure do.  As a matter of fact she got mostly art supplies for Christmas this year.  Anytime I mention the word craft she is right there with all of her little saved treasures ready to contribute something of hers to the mix.  She would be over the moon with an entire party of just crafts.  Make your own party hats.  Make your own noise makers.  Make your own party blowers.  It would be a blast and you’ll be all set at midnight to ring in the new year with your new creations.


Everyone loves a good game of Bingo.  Spend the night marking numbers on Bingo boards.  Have some prizes too.

Sports Party

Are you a sporty family?  Well, why not have everyone wear the jerseys of each winning team from the year?  The Super Bowl winner from the year, the World Series winner from the year, the Stanley Cup winner from the year.  Then play these sports.  If the weather does not allow for you to play outdoors, then rent some video games.  Have your own Super Bowl/World Series/Stanley Cup for the year.

Keep The Ages Of The Kids In Mind

Your younger children likely won’t make it until midnight.  That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with them.  Ring in the new year a little earlier.  Have some sparkling cider to make the celebration extra special.  Remember lots of kid friendly foods.  Let loose and let the kids enjoy.

If your children are older let them try to stay up.  Be open to crashing on the couch or living room floor.  Just make it fun and laid back.  Have a happy new year!

What are your New Years Eve plans this year?

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