26 Acts Of Kindness

As we get closer to the anniversary of the senseless tragedy in Sandy Hook many are looking for a way to honor those lives lost.  Newtown has asked for their privacy as the day approaches and will honor these lives in their own way.  But if you’re looking for something you can do, then this is a great idea.

On the We Are Newtown Facebook page they are asking for 26 acts of kindness.  Here is what they wrote about it:

Positivity and kindness are elements of society that we thrive on. Help honor those lost by participating in 26 acts of kindness prior to the new year, each act done in honor of a victim that was in Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14.

Just simply print this page and begin spreading the love! You don’t need to be from Newtown to participate – pay it forward in your own hometown!

Inspire someone, for your efforts are imperative to our society’s worth. One person at a time, we will push forward. YOU can make a difference!

Email stories and photos over to us at info@wearenewtown.org, upload them to our Facebook page or tweet us @We_Are_Newtown.

If you would like this two pager EMAILED TO YOU… just send us an email and we will forward the documents over!

And here is the document:

Sandy Hook 26 Acts Of Kindness26 Acts of Kindness

Just one act in honor of each life lost.  It doesn’t need to be huge.  Maybe you give some spare change to someone down on his luck, or help someone whose car is stuck on the side of the road.  You will be surprised at how easy this is and how good it makes you feel.  You can tell people what you’re doing it for or just keep it to yourself.

But I think this is the perfect way for us to honor those 26 lives lost.  Put a little good back into this world that sometimes seems so tragic and awful.  Pay it forward.  If you do 26 acts and those people do 26 acts, then maybe we can counteract that evil in this world.

I know there is a lot of good in this world.  I have seen it time and time again.  But sometimes it’s hard to remember those things when you are looking at something so ugly and tragic like the events that took place December 14, 2012.  So I think this is a perfect way to turn something so violent into something good.  And while I didn’t know personally any of these people I’m willing to bet this is something they would want us to do.

So who’s with me?  Will you be attempting to perform 26 acts of kindness before the end of the year?  Please come and share with me what you have done in the name of these 26 lives lost.

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