4 Things About My 4 Year Old

birthdaygirlToday, the baby of the family turns 4 years old. Time flies when you have kids. I swear you blink and they are all grown up. In all honesty though this preschool time frame is one of my absolute favorite ages. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my kids right now at whatever age they are, but just in general preschool is such a fun age.

I was supposed to go to my daughter’s class today to spend it with a bunch of 3 and 4 year old’s, but winter birthdays in New England mean chances are you’ll have a snow day. And I distinctly remember her birthday being a snow day for the kids 4 years ago too. Well, more of an ice day. That was fun, getting to the hospital in labor after an ice storm the night before my scheduled induction. This kid, let me tell you, has a mind of her own. And it hasn’t stopped either. She is full of sass. The perfect way to round out our family unit. She fits right in.

Every year for the kids birthdays on this blog I have been listing interesting facts about them. The number of things in the list depends on how old they are. So since my youngest is turning 4 today here are 4 things about her.

4 Things About My 4 Year Old

  1. She is super cuddly, still. She loves hugging and touching and cuddling with just about anyone. A huge change from her brother who is very guarded about these sorts of things. The other night she was loving on her daddy and completely out of no where just said, “I’ll never forget you daddy!” She has a way of making you feel so special.
  2. She loves things with animal prints on it. She is completely drawn to anything with an animal print. Doesn’t matter if it matches something, it has to be animal print.
  3. Her favorite animal is a monkey, although lately she switches between monkey and penguin. When you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up though she usually responds by saying, “A mon-hey!” Of course her siblings love to point out that’s not possible, but I like to think maybe she’ll be a zoologist.
  4. She really admires her big brother and sisters. She’s always trying to do things just like them. She is this rough and tumble girly girl with a flare of art because of it. These little parts of her siblings personalities and interests are a part of her and what you end up with is a very unique and interesting personality.

And that’s my baby. My last little girl. The ball of energy in a nutshell. Four years with us and yet I almost can’t imagine a day without her. And actually she can’t either, since in all pictures that do not include her she either assumes someone else in the picture is her or can’t fathom why she wouldn’t have been in that picture to begin with.

Happy Birthday to my sweet and funny 4 year old! I hope it’s a great day!

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