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Brittany lives in Seattle with her husband and three children. She enjoys researching everything that involves living naturally and writes about her increasingly crunchy life at The Pistachio Project.


Teething is that childhood milestone that every parent dreads. Baby gets fussy, parents get upset, and you get to deal with it month after month.

The standard protocol for teething has generally been Tylenol and Orajel. However both of these remedies have their problems.

Tylenol of course has been recalled dozens of times it seems over the last few years. Not to mention its ingredients and what Tylenol is being linked to lately. It’s not pretty.

Then there’s Orajel. Orajel (or any product containing benzocaine) can cause some serious issues that even the FDA warns against. In particular for children under the age of 2 years, which in case you weren’t aware are the prime teething years! Benzocaine can potentially cause a disorder called methemoglobinemia, which reduces oxygen to the blood stream and can result in death. This to me, is horrifying especially when you think of how many times Orajel might be slathered on right before bedtime!

Of course, when you take away the usual teething remedies, you begin to wonder what you CAN do for your poor teething baby.

Thankfully There Are Some Natural And Safe Remedies

  • The classic cold washcloth – simply wet a corner of a washcloth with cold water and then stick it in the freezer. Baby can then chew on the frozen end and relieve some pain.
  • Frozen food in a mesh feeder – This method lasts much longer than the frozen washcloth but you would also want to make sure to use only food that your baby has been introduced to. You could alternatively use frozen breastmilk cubes in a mesh feeder.
  • Teething toys – Cloth and wood teething toys are both natural and safe options for your baby to chomp down on.
  • Homeopathic Teething Remedies – Popular brands include: Hylands Teething Tablets, Boiron Camilia Teething Relief, and Humphrey’s Homeopathic Remedy Teething.
  • Amber Teething Necklaces – This is my personal favorite. Contrary to most people’s first impression, Amber Teething Necklaces are not for baby to chew on. Instead, the baby wears the necklace and succinic acid enters the bloodstream when it warms up against baby’s skin. Sounds crazy I know but it truly works! My daughter got her 1 year molars in unnoticed which was a huge difference from when my boys got their molars in!
  • Homemade Teething Cream – Recipes like this one include Clove Oil, which helps with teething pain.

A teething baby is not fun. Thankfully you do not have to rely on potentially harmful medications to help your infant. There are plenty of safe and natural alternatives.

Thank you Brittany for Guest Blogging as a part of my Blogiversary.  Just as a warning with any of these teething remedies do make sure that you follow the manufacturers directions for use.  Like the Amber Necklace should not be worn to bed and try to make sure your child keeps it out of her mouth.  All suggestions given here are just suggestions and should not be taken as medical advice.  Please be sure to check with your doctor before using any of these.  But these are all very popular suggestions to use with your teething child.  So please be sure you go by The Pistachio Project to see what other natural living suggestions Brittany has for you.



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  1. Thanks for the great suggestions!! We were very lucky with our son that he didn’t have major issues with teething, but we are not expecting our second to be easy at all…IF we ever get pregnant again!!

  2. My oldest used to get a wicked diaper rash every time she teethed. awful. Our pediatrician told us never to use orajel also. That was a great list with lots of great information. Only thing that I am curious about is the teething tablets. I would never give my children teething tablets because most contain a harmful ingredient called belladonna. yes I know it is miniscule but they have also been recalled due to the fact that they are homeopathic and they could not show that each tablet contained the exact amount of belladonna and it is inconsistent, because they are not as carefully regulated as most drugs. Belladonna in higher forms can cause major issues. I just use the acetaminophen and the cold cloths.

    • Thank you Jenny. You are right, Hyland’s teething tablets were recalled and off the shelves for a very long time. I have been fortunate with my youngest that she hasn’t been too badly teething, although she’s getting molars now. Oddly she only has 4 teeth in front and is getting her molars already. She has been shoving her whole fist in her mouth. I too actually use acetaminophen, but I have used Hylands. Great information to share though to help people make a choice. Not all things natural are necessarily better. And discussing stuff with your doctor is always the best option as he knows your child’s medical history.

  3. These are some really cool ideas. Some I didn’t think of. I do have an amber teething necklace and haven’t been able to use it yet. I always wondered how it work so it’s cool to know.

  4. Becca - the ABC kidZ says:

    Unfortunately, natural remedies haven’t worked for my kids, so I’ve had to go back to non-natural drugs. This has always bothered me, but I guess that I never took the time to look into herbs. Thanks for posting this…I’m gonna try the homemade teething cream with Clove Oil for my poor baby who’s teething right now!

  5. Brittany @ The Pistachio Project says:

    I also want to add that while Monica added that lovely disclaimer (always a good thing) she mentions that amber necklaces shouldn’t be worn to bed. While this is the general recommendation, there is an alternative way to let your baby were the necklace and still get the benefit of amber (because amber works best when worn 24/7). The alternative is to take the necklace and wrap it around baby’s ankle and then put a sock or jammies over it.

    • Thanks Brittany, that was just something I had read when I was looking at the Amber necklace which was why I had mentioned that they say not to wear it to bed. I was concerned about something around a baby’s neck in bed so it’s good to know there is an alternative. Of course I’m always seeing baby’s sucking on the things too which is also recommended they not do.

  6. I want to try the amber teething necklace with my daughter–thanks for the tip! Found you via More than Mommies :)

    • Hello Meredith and welcome! I hope you take a look around. I have a cloth diaper giveaway going on right now and another giveaway will start on Thursday.

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