An Evening At Sundae Spa

Sundae SpaA few weeks ago I had shared some great deals at Sundae Spa, a local kid’s spa that has all sorts of fun activities including, but not limited to, manicures, make your own lip gloss, and glam strands for your hair.  And well, lets not forget, ice cream too.

A few years ago my middle daughter had been invited to a birthday party there, but she was really disappointed when we were unable to go.  When she went back to school she had found all of her friends had made some really great memories there.  And I have been feeling bad that we haven’t had a chance to try it out for ourselves.  So when this opportunity to bring two of my children to Sundae Spa arose I had to take it.  The only problem was who do I take?

I knew it would have to be my middle daughter.  Not only is this stuff (creating her own lip gloss) right up her artsy alley, but she had missed out on a birthday party there a few years ago.  So then it was a matter of do I make it a big girl outing or bring my toddler.  I wasn’t too sure that my fourteen year old was going to enjoy this because it says it’s for ages 3-14.  So I wasn’t sure if she’d find this to be boring. And when I asked her if she wanted to go she wasn’t all that enthusiastic so I was really beginning to wonder if I made the right choice or not.

Turns out I did, but my 2 year old would have really enjoyed it too.  So last Thursday evening we headed out to Sundae Spa.  I had a hard time finding it.  I mean GPS took me right there, but I didn’t see a sign for it and even as I pulled into the parking lot it wasn’t immediately screaming Sundae Spa is right here.  But we were in the right spot and as I pulled up to the building one look in the window made it clear we had to be there.  Lots of bright colors.

There was no one else there though.  We walked in and were greeted right away.  I gave the girl at the desk my name and she was all ready and waiting for us (probably because we were late).  She introduced herself to us as Skittles.  She had two things set up on the counter for the girls to start making their lip gloss.  They got to choose their scent.  As we were looking through the samples trying to decide which one smelled the best I spotted this scent:

Sundae SpaDo you see that?  It says Monkey Farts.  And that right there is why I immediately thought my 2 year old would have loved this too.  She loves monkeys.  I was hoping one of the girls would pick it, but they did not and I can’t blame them.  As my oldest says, “It smelled like real monkey farts.”  Lets not get into how she knows what real monkey farts smell like.  It wasn’t the greatest scent.  I think it was more of a banana scent, but I probably wouldn’t want that on my lips either.  But a two year old who loves monkeys just might really like this one.

But my oldest picked out raspberry and my middle daughter picked out cotton candy.  Then they got to choose the color they wanted for their lip gloss and if they wanted shimmer or glitter.  They mixed everything together and poured it into a container and added a roller and label.

Sundae Spa

Then it was time for their manicure.  First they had to pick out a bath salt scent they liked, then a lotion, and a hand cream.  Then it was off to pick out their color nail polish and if they wanted sparkle or crackle or nothing at all.  My oldest picked sparkle and middle picked crackle.  Sure looked nice the treatment they got too.

Sundae Spa

Doesn’t that look heavenly?  The girls who painted their nails (Skittles and Pez) were both very nice.  They got the girls to open up and talk.  I must admit it’s much better than the usual place we go to get a manicure where the women barely speak English and the girls look at me like, “What are they saying?”

Once their nails were all prettied up it was under the dryer and finally they got to pick out if they wanted a hair extension, feather, or glam strand.  So many choices, I think my girls would have taken all three.  But my middle daughter opted for the feather and my oldest went for the hair extension in purple.

Sundae Spa

Look really close at my oldest daughter’s hair.  It’s hard to see, but there is a purple strand there.  We were wondering if a lighter color would have been better with her dark hair.  I’m not sure, I’m thinking she has so much hair that it just gets lost in all that hair.

And finally it was time for the ice cream.  They got their choice of ice cream flavor and two toppings plus whip cream and chocolate sauce.

After we left my oldest daughter declared that was the best day ever.  Although, that might have had something to do with the trip to Moe’s afterwards for chips and queso (one of her favorite treats), but she did say she was pleasantly surprised by Sundae Spa.  Both girls gave it two big thumbs up and want to go back.  And they even want to bring their little sister.

It is something I’m considering.  It is a little pricey I feel.  The manicure alone would have been $20.  Doing all of that for 3 girls would have been expensive.  But maybe for a special birthday celebration we can do it again.

I liked going in the middle of the week.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  It sounds like weekends are far more busy.  For something fun to do with the girls on occasion though I think this will be great.  And I could include my son.  They do have some things for boys (I’m thinking Monkey Farts is to appeal to the boys).  I don’t know that my son would enjoy this though. Maybe a few years ago, but lately he has been very concerned with that’s for boys and that’s for girls.  So I might just make it a girls only special thing.

I thought I was going to be included in on the things too, but it was just the girls.  It’s probably better, it’s not like they could have put a feather in my hair.

Would you like to go to Sundae Spa?

I was provided with this package to Sundae Spa for free as a part of US Family Guide Blogger in order to faciliatate my review.  All opinions expressed here are my own and true to what I believe based on this visit.

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