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band 5 creative writing

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Steppenwolf is a Canadian-American rock band, prominent from 1968 to 1972. In 1968, Gabriel Mekler urged Kay to re-form the Sparrows and suggested the name change to Steppenwolf, inspired by Hermann Hesse’s novel of the same name. In 1968, Steppenwolf played one of their biggest shows up to that time at the Filmore East to rave reviews, sharing the bill with Buddy Rich and Children of God. Several changes in the group’s personnel were made after the first few years.

Moreve was fired from the group in 1968 for missing gigs after he became afraid to return to Los Angeles, convinced by his girlfriend that it was going to be leveled by an earthquake and fall into the sea. The band broke up after a farewell concert in Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day, 1972. Kay went on to a brief solo career, scoring a minor solo hit in 1972 with “I’m Movin’ On” from his album Forgotten Songs and Unsung Heroes. Although it received generally high marks from most critics, the album sales were disappointing in the US. Following the first official breakup of Steppenwolf, and after the release of Kay’s first solo album, a late summer and autumn 1972 tour in the USA and Europe occurred, which featured Kay heading both the John Kay Band and Steppenwolf, at the top of the bill.

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Dunhill had released an album of a collection of Steppenwolf songs titled Rest in Peace. Thus, the tour was known as the RIP tour.

Some of the material created in the Manbeast days showed up on the 1974 Steppenwolf reunion album, most notably “Gang War Blues”, which was recorded as a demo with Edmonton singing slightly different lyrics. Nicholas formed a “revival act” called “New Steppenwolf”. Nicholas continued with the venture for several years. Kay had a few meetings with David Pesnell about management, concert promotions, and producing a new album for the band. Pesnell wanted to produce an album featuring new songs on side A, by the reformed band Three Dog Night and with side B of the album featuring songs by Steppenwolf.