Beware Of Cloth Diaper Expert Posers

I have been cloth diapering my daughter for 8 months now. I wouldn’t even dream of considering myself an expert or even a veteran cloth diaperer. I still have lots of questions that I ask people and I certainly haven’t tried every diaper out there. Not that anyone ever could try EVERY diaper out there! I feel though that I do have more experience with the different kinds of cloth diapers than certain self proclaimed experts. Just because someone manages to get a bunch of freebies from various different companies doesn’t mean she’s an expert.

Ask Some Questions Of These So Called Experts

I think there are certain basic things in cloth diapering that an expert should know about. So here are some things you should ask of these self proclaimed experts:

1. What’s a snappi?
2. Have you ever used a snappi?
3. What are flats?
4. What are prefolds?
5. What’s the oragami fold?
6. What are the different washing methods?
7. What are all of the different kinds of cloth diapers (not brands, but styles)
8. What are the different diaper covers?
9. How many diapers do you need to start?
10. What about swim diapers?
11. What is aplix?

I Had All Of This And Then Some Answered For Me In The Beginning

I reached out to a friend who had been cloth diapering for a while for help. She laid everything out for me. All the different styles, the costs, the amount I would need, the wash routine, how to fold flats, diaper covers, and everything I could ever want to know about cloth diapering. It was wildly overwhelming of course and to this day I still ask her questions about cloth diapering. She always has an answer right away too. That I would say is an expert.

When I First Started Cloth Diapering

I didn’t start out at birth because I didn’t have the money to put forth at the time and my husband wasn’t on board with it. I revisited the idea after she was a few months old because I was doing most of the diaper changes anyways. I knew I had to go economical too in order for my husband to see the cost advantage of it all.

So I started with flats and that’s still what I use the most. I have since added a few work at home mom diapers that are pocket diapers and a few All in Ones. I like the pocket diapers because they are pretty easy to put on a wiggly child, but you need a different diaper for each time and the cost per diaper is more than I am able to spend to fully use pockets. The all in ones that I have I don’t care for much. One of them leaks and the other one is very stiff and seems uncomfortable for my daughter. The flats are not bad and the cost was right. And I have been able to get special covers made to match special outfits.

I also have some hybrid covers, but I do not have the snap in inserts for them. I would love to add some hopefully soon. I use some bio soakers for traveling. That is helpful when I can’t always do laundry and it takes up less room in the diaper bag than regular disposables.

Even with my experience…

I still would not consider myself to be an expert. I have used all of these different kinds of diapers. I know what a snappi is and I use one on a daily basis. I know what flats are, prefolds, AIO, AI2, hybrids, pockets, bio soakers, and I know about wool, fleece, and PUL diaper covers. I know the difference between aplix (or hook and loop) and snaps. I know how to wash diapers and even though I don’t actually have to prep and strip diapers because all of mine are natural fibers and not synthetics I know how to do all of that too. I still have questions about diapers and I still get overwhelmed when looking at diapers. If someone came to me asking for advice about cloth diapering I would tell them what I do know and send them where they could gather way more information than I could ever provide for them.
Like this guide for New to Cloth.
Or this video explaining the different diapers.
Here’s a great place to see how diapers fit different sized babies.
This great comparison chart of different detergents too.

These are the experts. Sure they are trying to sell you stuff, but they have tried it too and they know what works and what doesn’t. These are people who have been cloth diapering for years. Even my friend, my go to person, sent me to these sites for further information and advice on what she was saying. So cloth diapering for a few months with only your experiences as guide does not an expert make. Probably not even a veteran. So watch out who you take your expert advice from. If they have only experienced pocket diapers, then maybe they are only an expert in pocket diapers.

Where do you get your expert advice on cloth diapers? Does it come from another mommy friend, a few websites, or a combination of it all?

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  1. Melissa Lawler says:

    I know nothing about cloth diapers but am well versed in people who spout crap but have no idea what they are talking about.

  2. Do you feel like an expert in Cloth Diapering just from reading this Melissa, lol?  I swear some people read one thing and suddenly they are experts with an education and training in something they read about and or did for 2 seconds.  Drives me crazy.  Especially on the internet because that just spreads misinformation like wild fire.

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