Big Changes On The Horizon

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono

So there are pluses and minuses to renting.  Pluses being when things break you can ask the landlord to fix it.  Minuses being when things break you have to rely on the landlord to fix it right.  Truth be told we are really very lucky with our renting over the last 15 years.  We have had our ups and downs, but truthfully I can’t complain too much.

Honestly, the worst thing all of this time has been dealing with other personalities living in the house.  Some people can do some extremely inconsiderate things.  Or just down right annoying.  I imagine we haven’t been the perfect neighbors over the years and have done things to annoy the other tenants in places we have lived, but we try to keep to ourselves.

But anyways, renting does seem to be the thing for us, at least for now.  And on Facebook last week I had hinted about some big news.

We’re Moving

It’s a whopping 20 or so feet down to the first floor from the third floor.   But it has been enough to throw my life into a slight tail spin.  Mostly because it was unexpected.  Our landlord told us that the people on the 1st floor were moving out by the end of July; 2 weeks ago.  He asked if we knew anyone who would want to move in there.  My husband and I discussed it and whether or not we could afford the raised rent that comes with living down there.

It’s not a larger space and it doesn’t have more rooms or anything.  As a matter of fact the lay out is almost exactly the same as the apartment we currently live in.  The benefits of moving down there are it’s the 1st floor and not the 3rd floor, it has central air, and it has a dishwasher.  We are however losing some cabinet and counter space in the kitchen which I’m hesitant about.

But we decided it was all worth it and told our landlord we would like to take the 1st floor apartment and that we had someone for our apartment.  Well, it turned out that the people weren’t actually moving until the 4th.  So while we wanted to get down there as soon as possible and while my husband was still on vacation that has not been possible.

We also didn’t find out for sure that our landlord was cool with the plan until Monday.  My husband went back to work Tuesday and we had plans for the day on Monday so we weren’t able to get into the apartment until Tuesday.

There is some cleaning that needs to be done down there which I think I mostly got to.  We are slowly working on getting utilities switched over.  And now we have to pack up 3 years and six people to move downstairs.  With my husband back at work it is left to me and the kids and of course I also have to come down with a cold all at this time.  So I’m really dragging.

Minor Changes, But It’s All For The Better

This is a small move, but with it comes big change.  No more lugging groceries and laundry up 3 flights of stairs multiple times a day.  But on top of all of this our landlord has also asked us to be property managers.  So now we’ll be payed for the stuff that my husband already does around here to try to make things easier for us all.  So we don’t have to call the landlord every time we have a slight problem.  Like a bat in the basement or a door knob that’s falling off.  He has just taken care of all of this stuff for nothing in return other than not having to deal with waiting for our landlord to fix the problem.

Since we are already close to our 2nd floor neighbor she’ll have no problem coming to us to do things, especially now that she will know we are getting compensated for it.  Plus if our friend moves into our current apartment she too won’t have any problem contacting us to fix things.  So all around good things, but then again it leaves me stretched thin.

Trying to get my work done, starting to think about the upcoming school year and getting the things the kids need for that, and trying to move has me drowning a little.  But this is life and it’s all good changes so it’s all good.  I must admit, I do wish that I could be announcing a much bigger move like out of CT, but this might be just one more stepping stone towards that.  And at least we are being valued and appreciated for what we do around here for our landlord.

Plus, nothing could possibly make us happier at this point in time than not having to deal with the people who lived on the 1st floor.  One thing’s for sure, we are not the only people who could not stand him in the neighborhood.  The next door neighbor had even called the police on him for driving on his lawn.  While I find that a little over the top to call the police, I also know that talking to this kid was like talking to a brick wall and he did not care at all about property that did not belong to him.

So life in our home is definitely looking up.  And if I’m MIA, you’ll know why.

Got any exciting news to share?

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