Bring Your Daughter To Work Day

Mother/Daughter on bring your daughter to work day

Thursday April 26, 2012 was bring your daughter to work day.  My husband brought our 10 year old daughter to work with him and my 13 year old daughter stayed home with me to learn the fine art of juggling kids, a home, blogging, and some PLR work.  I had her write up a blog post for you all to enjoy too.  So without further ado, here’s what my daughter thinks about being a teen…

Being A Teenager

One week ago on April 22 at 11:17 pm I became a teenager.  I have always had my fears about becoming a teenager.  One fear was knowing that I was growing up.  I’ve always liked being mommy and daddy’s little girl.  And now that I’m a teenager I’m afraid I won’t be their little girl anymore.  And that scares me a lot because to me it feels like yesterday I was in preschool and learning how to swing high up into the sky on the swings.

Another fear is knowing that in about 5 years I will be all by myself in the world.  This may be the scariest of all because after watching NCIS and Rizzoli and Isles I am always freaking out about someone trying to hurt me.

But now that I’m a teenager so far it isn’t so bad.  I have my very own computer and I have a Facebook.  Although I am still very scared about growing up and not being mommy and daddy’s little girl and getting seriously hurt by some wacko when (and if) I move out.

But Mommy told me that there are many things to look forward to now that I’m a teenager. So I guess I better believe her and hope that something fun and interesting will come along.  Already though yesterday I got to see a PG 13 movie (we saw the Hunger Games).  So I guess something fun and interesting did come along!

So being a teenager will be fun and scary.  But I will try to be brave for all of these new changes and experiences because I know I will have my parents by my side at all times. Hopefully they will protect me from some crazy wacko trying to hurt me!

The End

And I just want to add, of course we will do everything we can to keep her protected from wackos.  I had this wonderful glimpse this weekend into how fast all of this really does go too.  I am happy that she’s not so ready to let go of her childhood, but it’s also my job to encourage her to move on and not be scared of these things.  And last night she purchased her own movie tickets for her and her friends and sat in a theater by herself with me or my husband there.  And no wackos took her.



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