Call For Donations To The Church Of The Holy Innocents

Shrine of The Holy Innocents in NY

As you might know we lost a baby at 20 weeks gestation nearly 4 years ago.  It was one of the hardest times of my life and I think of our baby girl daily since then.  We had a service for her and we had her cremated, but there is no headstone for her.

A very good friend of mine who had been through her share of miscarriages had shared a site with me called Shrine of the Unborn.  It is run by a Catholic church called The Church Of The Holy Innocents and it’s located in New York City.

I put our little Angel Celeste Alia’s name on the list.  And I get the glory of knowing that this shrine is visited and prayed at daily with my little Angel being remembered every day along with me.  It means a lot to any woman who has lost a baby to have others remember her.  Someday I hope to grab my friend who told me about this shrine and go visit it so we can see our babies names in the book.  Perhaps on the first Monday of a month so we can attend the mass that is held every month to pray for these tiniest of souls.

Call For Help

Now I don’t usually ask for this kind of help, but they are trying to do some renovations on the church.  Now while I am not super religious I have taken great solace in prayer for my Angel and knowing that those who have passed before are watching over her.  It was what helped me pull myself back up on my feet to be a mother to my three other children.  And I would love to see this church improve.  Or as they put it Preserving the Past, Preparing for the Future.

So if you are able to make any sort of donation I ask that you do.  You can make monthly donations through their Parish Pay.  Or you can make a donation to them through PayPal.

If you are unable to donate I completely understand, but if you could please pass this around so we can get the word out and help The Church Of The Holy Innocents.  They are doing important work.  And really, no matter your feelings on the Catholic church this is something that I think we can all agree is important for many parents in their grieving process after losing a baby.  So I hope you can find it in your heart to help out The Church Of The Holy Innocents.

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