Organizing Your Way To The Perfect Party

Being organized when planning a party can be a tough thing to do.  After 13 years of party planning for my children’s birthdays I have learned a thing or two about staying on track to throw the perfect birthday party.

And over at Sippy Cup Chronicles Jenny is doing a month long series called Organizing An Unorganized Mom.  So when she was looking for guest bloggers to write about their experience with organization and how they do it, I knew I had to talk about my party planning.  Not only because a very special little boy will be turning five in just a few weeks and I’m in party planning mode as it is, but because I love throwing a good party and I think everyone should love it too.  So I wanted to share my tips for doing that.

So go see what the 5 Must Dos To Throw The Perfect Party are…

Guest Blog Summer Fun With Kids: Letterboxing

I’m guest blogging today over at Crafting in My Closet. Have you heard about a great summer or really any season outdoor past time known as letterboxing? Well, if not then you are missing out so go read Summer Fun With Kids: Letterboxing. Then come back here and tell me where you’re going letterboxing today.

Guest Post: Adventures In Formula Feeding

SippyCupChroniclesJenny lives in Florida with her two girls and husband. Her older daughter is going to be turning three in August and her younger daughter just turned seventeen months. After getting her MBA and having her daughters she decided to be a Stay at Home Mom. She began blogging about her experience as a Mom to two under two and it continued from there. You can visit her on her blog Sippy Cup Chronicles.

Why Formula?

I might as well answer, since this is a “Hot” button issue.  Although for me I don’t see it as one. I formula fed both of my girls from the moment they were born.  Now most people ask why I didn’t breastfeed and most of the time I just say that I chose not to, but in reality I have a minor anomaly that would not allow me to breastfeed.

My Mom breastfed me and all of my siblings and she is a nurse so I did have the support if I wanted to try.  I learned, however, that I would have had to pump and I decided that I was not the type to be able to exclusively pump.  Yes, I saw many Doctors to see if I would be able to breastfeed, including lactation and breast specialists only to be told the same thing.

So formula feeding it was.  For me I think that each mother has to be able to make their choice based on her family’s needs and it is a very personal decision.

If you can and want to breastfeed, that is wonderful. If you want to or have to formula feed, that is wonderful too.  No one should ever feel that they have to explain themselves in either situation and no one should ever feel bad about their choice and feel inferior.  Both are accepted ways of feeding.  I know that “breast is best” and I am very aware of the benefits of it as each mother should be, but in reality there are so many factors going into the choice that it just does not always work out for each mother and child.

I think mother’s should be supported when they want to breastfeed and they should be supported when they want to formula feed.  It makes me sad when mother’s that want to breastfeed are forced to formula feed in the hospital or the opposite way around.

Formula Feeding My Oldest

I will never forget the moment that I held my oldest daughter for the first time and was given the bottle to feed her.  In the hospital they give you ready to feed 2 oz bottles with ready to feed nipples.  The nurse says to me “This isn’t your first baby, right? so you know what to do”, Uhhh NO!

Turns out that newborns aren’t supposed to suck down an entire bottle in the first feeding session even if they want to, because they won’t be able to digest it.  So you have to take it slowly for the first 24 hours.  Who knew! I sure didn’t.

She also told me that I should try and pump, etc.  I explained to her that I understood her stance, but I had decided that I wasn’t going to pump.  She brought in the pump anyway.  So goes the support of my choice.  She didn’t bother me anymore about it though.  I was sent home with a ton of samples, etc. and we went on our merry way.

I will admit I became slightly obsessed with cleaning bottles and making sure the formula measured perfectly, but I started to relax a little after a few months.

My older daughter did completely fine formula feeding.  She did go through a gassy phase, which supposedly happens at around 2-3 weeks old and it happens to most babies.  Not just formula fed one’s.  She also spit up a ton!  She was considered a “happy spitter” meaning that she spit up a lot but it never bothered her and she gained weight fine, so there was no need to change formulas or give her medicines.  She stayed on the same formula for the entire first year that she was first given in the hospital.   No issues came up and she thrived.

Formula Feeding My Youngest

You know that saying “No two kids are the same”, yeah well I should have remembered this when it came to feeding my youngest.  I had a little more trouble getting out of anesthesia the second time.  So I think my husband gave her, her first bottle.  She came less than 18 months after our first daughter, so he was pretty ready for having a newborn again.

In the hospital my youngest did not want to eat.  Sometimes babies are a little slow to feed in the beginning.  They are very sleepy.  They did just go through a major event!  Well my daughter stopped wanting to eat on day 2.  She was a sleeper and we had to wake her up to eat.  The nurse even had to sit with her, since I was recovering from a C-section and had a little complication, and she had to slowly feed her and kind of make her eat.

When we left the hospital she was doing great.  For the first few weeks she did great.  Then the crying started.  What is this.  The gas drops did not work.  Nothing would make her feel better.  She did gain her weight back, but she was not sucking down bottles like her sister did.  I just figured she was a different baby and since she was slightly smaller at birth she didn’t need as much.  Well she was slow to gain weight and even though the doctor wasn’t really concerned I thought it was strange how many bottles I was just pouring down the drain.

She cried on and off all day and night for a week or so.  I kept trying all different things and then I was talking to a friend and she told me that I should try a different formula.  So I called the pediatrician to see what he thought and he agreed.

Well the change in formula did help a little but it also became evident that she had reflux and would need some medicine.  Poor thing!  I felt so bad when she would just cry and cry.  Even after the medicine was started we still had some nights like that.

Finally, her reflux got better and she was on her way.  It was a complete different experience than it was with my older daughter.

Some Ins And Outs From My Perspective

Every child is different and every pediatrician is different.  Therefore, my main advice is to discuss things with the pediatrician when you decide to formula feed, whether that be the day of birth or a few months in.  Yes, listen to your friends and family and their advice, but your pediatrician should be who you go to for feeding information.  Don’t make big changes without consulting your doctor.  Also, it is interesting to know that many store brand formulas consist of the same ingredients as popular formula brands.  So that is something else you might want to consult your pediatrician on.

I always give my girls the formula that my pediatrician is suggesting.  That is what I tell the nurses before I deliver.  With my older daughter she stayed on that from the moment she was born, until she was one.  For my younger daughter we did have to change hers due to lack of gaining weight and reflux.

Poop color can differ from breastfed babies and the consistency can be different.  So if you are ever concerned you can ask the pediatrician, but realize that it can be quite different from your friend’s child that is breastfed.

I always fed on demand.  Many formula fed babies can sometimes go a little longer than breastfed babies, 3-4 hours, but you just never know.  The first night home with my older daughter she ate every hour!

You may have to go through a few bottles until you find the one that is best for your child.  Playtex Drop Ins happened to be my girls bottle of choice, but that does not mean that it will work for every child.  And for me, bottle warmers aren’t necessary.  A pot of hot water works just as well.

If you are feeding in the middle of the night you may want to keep some premade bottles all ready.  I will tell you mixing formula, etc. when you are completely sleep deprived is very difficult and frustrating sometimes at 3AM.  Just make sure you read the directions very carefully as to how long the bottle is good for, etc.  Once a child starts eating from the bottle it is no longer good no matter how much formula is in it.  Read the directions on your specific formula’s can and don’t take chances.

For me Ready to Feed formula was the way to go, but sometimes it can get quite expensive.  However, many formula brands do make ready to feed 8oz bottles or 4 oz bottles and they come in very handy when you are out and about.  That way you don’t have to worry about coolers and such.

Yes, a feeding pillow still is needed if you formula feed.  I found it very, very beneficial when I would feed my girls in the middle of the night in my bed.  I also found it beneficial after I had my csection.  So no they aren’t just for breastfed babies.

The Formula/Hospital Debate

Many might have been hearing about many hospitals not giving out formula.  I did not run into this experience at all and I gave birth in a very pro breastfeeding hospital, especially the second time.  However, since there has been much talk about this it might be good to call your hospital ahead of time and find out their protocol now on bringing home formula samples.

I left with tons and tons of ready to feed formula, but I know that may be changing in many hospitals.  From what some of my family and friends have told me about their experience with it they were allowed to use the formula in the hospital but they were not given it to take home.

So just call ahead of time to find out about what your hospital does, just so you are prepared.

What is my take on it?  Well it is what it is.  Nothing you can do about the protocol of your hospital, but I really hope that your dr.’s and nurses support whatever feeding choice you make.

Thank you so much Jenny for sharing this.  Many of you know that my oldest 3 all have had formula.  My youngest is the only one who was exclusively breastfed.  I didn’t even consider breastfeeding with my oldest and not because I couldn’t because obviously I could, but because I was in a different place in my life at that time.  There is and never should be no shame in using formula.  So thank you to Jenny for this reminder.  Be sure to go say hi to her over at Sippy Cup Chronicles.

I so appreciate all of the guest bloggers that I have had here over the past month celebrating my Blogiversary.  And I appreciate each and every one of you wonderful readers.  I’m looking forward to many more years of blogging here at Monica’s Mom Musings.

My 7th Grade Experience

My beautiful girl on her last day of school

Today we have a super special guest blogger.  My 13 year old daughter.  And after much debate she decided to talk about what it was like to be in the 7th grade this year.  So please give my girl huge props for wanting to do this and for putting herself out there like this.  Love my girl.

Seventh grade only happens once. I was on the blue team which had five great teachers that helped me. I always tried my best at school. Each teacher helped me to do that. I had an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) teacher who helps students prepare for college. I also had a Social Studies teacher that taught the students the history of countries. There was also a math teacher who taught us various formulas. Of course there was a science teacher who had plenty of stuff for us to learn. Last but not least was my homeroom and LA(Language Arts) teacher who taught us assorted writing techniques.

My AVID teacher was a great teacher who wanted all of us to succeed.  She had plenty of work for us to do which she told us was to help us to prepare for college. We did Tutorials which helped us with anything we would have trouble with in school. We would also have weekly learning logs which told her what we had learned in school that week. She was a kind teacher and loved all of her students.

The Social Studies teacher taught us about countries and their history. He was a funny teacher who understood why I disliked Social Studies. At the end of the year there was an awards ceremony that the Blue team teachers held. He gave me an award that said,”Most talkative”.  What surprised me the most is I don’t talk much at school so getting this award amazed me.

Math hasn’t always been a subject I enjoyed, especially from my experience last year where the teacher didn’t feel like helping me.  But this teacher was helpful and had a great sense of humor. She had a few math projects that helped for me to understand a little better on math equations that we were learning in class.

Science was a fun class that I looked forward to, almost everyday. We didn’t do too many experiments but the teacher still made the class fun. But we did do a lot of worksheets which wasn’t always fun to do. We learned about our bodies and about the earth. The poor teacher had some misfortune during the year though. The first is that she had kids in her class that loved being mean to her. I guess it was because she was the youngest teacher in the school and they thought they could get away with it. I always felt bad for her.

Probably the toughest teacher on the team was the Language Arts teacher. She had a big heart but she was very strict.  All year I tried my very best to get an “A” on my writing. In the beginning of the year I would get “B”s and “C”s on my writing. So when I finally got that A+ on my writing I was over the moon! That’s when I found out that I just needed to put details and FOCUS.

This Is The First A+ I Got On My Writing

For about two years Emma had been a captain on an ocean liner. She loved every minute of her job. She loved feeling the breeze when she would sail, and she loved the fresh ocean smell.

That all changed in one moment. Emma was bringing some goods to Italy. Venice to be exact. Emma was sailing along when all of a sudden she lost control of the boat.

This had happened before and she was able to gain control again, but not this time. Something was pulling her from under the water and it was heading straight for a building. All of this had never happened before.

She tried calling for help on her radio, but lost the connection. So her instinct was to put the ocean liner in reverse. But all that did was make the “thing” pull harder. Poor Emma didn’t know what to do.

She thought about letting the creature have her but she didn’t want to die knowing she gave up. Then in a blink of an eye she saw something emerge from the bottom of the boat.

The “thing” looked like a ghost, but Emma wasn’t sure. The ghost (or whatever it was) grabbed Emma and she gave a blood curdling scream. However the creature had no trouble pulling her into the water.

No one ever found Emma but they did find her boat crashed into a building with the engine still running.

So 7th grade only happens once(well unless you stay back).  So, what was 7th grade like when you were a child?

Poor Emma, I wonder what ever happened to her.  Perhaps she is stranded on a beach somewhere sipping a Mai Tai.  Just so everyone knows, that Language Arts class that she struggled so mightily in was also an advanced class.  It was actually very nice to see her struggle with writing though.  Pushed her to try harder.  And I might be biased as her mother, but I think it has produced some intriguing writing.

Guest Blog: Dating Your Spouse And The Kids

What a beautiful happy couple!

Pamela and her husband are the energy behind Still Dating My Spouse. They help couples reconnect, refresh, and renew their marriage. If you have any questions about dating your spouse, quality time, or anything marriage related Still Dating My Spouse is your one stop shop. Follow Still Dating My Spouse on Twitter and Facebook.

What!? Are you crazy to think that we have time to date? We have kids and there is no time left in the day to even muster up the energy to hold hands after dealing with the kids all day.

I know I know, I’ve heard that (plus I said it a time or two), but we cannot negate the necessary task of dating our spouse (even with the kids) and as I read recently “oddly enough as the kids get older it’s harder to get into a groove with your spouse.

Yes, that is so true but we must think outside the box.

Remember, the kids will grow up and leave home; you and your husband will be the last people standing and you don’t want to stand next to someone you don’t know.

So just how can you get some quality time in with your spouse with the kids?

Dating Your Spouse (With Kids)

  1. Set aside any day through the week that will be dedicated to you and your spouse. Put the kids to bed early & enjoy this time with your spouse.
  2. Play hide and go seek with the kids & your spouse. Let the kids count & you and your spouse hide. (Don’t hide so that the kids can’t find you but steal a few moments to be kids again with your spouse.)
  3. Cook together: Fix a meal together.
  4. Go swimming. After putting the kids to bed, spend sometime.
  5. Share a shower. If you can never carve out time to spend with your spouse without the kids, share a shower. Most times, when we are in the shower we are not interrupted by the kids. So use this time to connect with your spouse.

There are so many ways to date your spouse while the kids are still at home. Think outside the box and make it top priority to date your spouse.

What are some ways you can think of to steal some quality time with your spouse?

Thank you Pamela for sharing these great tips for dating our spouse with the kids still at home. You are so right, one day it’s going to be just me and my husband and I’d rather not be sitting there with this virtual stranger. We need to maintain that connection and be reminded of what made us fall in love to begin with. Make sure you all head over to Still Dating My Spouse to learn more about how to keep stoking the flame.

Guest Blog: Short Lessons From Hubby

Misty and her husband. Aren't they sweet?

Misty lives in Maine with her hubby and 3 kiddos, an increasingly crunchy family one step at a time. I blog to encourage and share God’s workings in my life!  You can find her blogging over at SimplyHelpingHim.

The early morning hours before the kiddos awake is when I find my quiet time with the Lord, as well as when I do my blog linking up. Recently I found myself with a pen and paper, as my hubby was typing up an email for work.

My schedule was off, but I sat there grateful. Grateful that I took the time the night before to type up and schedule my blog post.

I was watching my hubby type, realizing he’s not as quick as I am. I was just growing up as the computer age hit. He was beyond grown.

His patience, determination and concentration all astound me. If I’m slow at something or can’t figure it out. I tend to get frustrated and walk away ~ at least for a time.

Not my hubby, he plugs along, one word, sometimes one letter at a time. I’m in awe of what all I can learn from him.

He excels where I lack. I excel where he lacks. It’s amazing how two becoming one, benefits both!

He accentuates my strengths and pushes me to do better where I am weak!

He encourages me when he sees me trying hard to change something in myself, that he and/or I feel I need to work on.

I do my best to remember to encourage and thank him for the things he does that are not typical for him.

I’m stubborn, strong willed and pretty opinionated, but determination, patience and concentration are not my greatest strengths.

God knew I needed my hubby, I still have so much to learn from him! Ten years down the road, I am still learning and see new things everyday in Him!

What lessons have you learned from your husband/significant other?

A great big thank you to Misty for joining in my Blogiversary and sharing a little something about her life with her husband.  I think so many of us can take a lesson from Misty when it comes to the men in our lives.   We need to stop taking them for granted and look at all of the ways they love us even when we are the most difficult person to deal with.  Because lets face it, we all have our moments.  I appreciate and love everything my husband puts up with from me.  Go on over to Simply Helping Him and show Misty some Monica’s Mom Musing love!

Guest Blog: Natural Teething Remedies

Brittany lives in Seattle with her husband and three children. She enjoys researching everything that involves living naturally and writes about her increasingly crunchy life at The Pistachio Project.


Teething is that childhood milestone that every parent dreads. Baby gets fussy, parents get upset, and you get to deal with it month after month.

The standard protocol for teething has generally been Tylenol and Orajel. However both of these remedies have their problems.

Tylenol of course has been recalled dozens of times it seems over the last few years. Not to mention its ingredients and what Tylenol is being linked to lately. It’s not pretty.

Then there’s Orajel. Orajel (or any product containing benzocaine) can cause some serious issues that even the FDA warns against. In particular for children under the age of 2 years, which in case you weren’t aware are the prime teething years! Benzocaine can potentially cause a disorder called methemoglobinemia, which reduces oxygen to the blood stream and can result in death. This to me, is horrifying especially when you think of how many times Orajel might be slathered on right before bedtime!

Of course, when you take away the usual teething remedies, you begin to wonder what you CAN do for your poor teething baby.

Thankfully There Are Some Natural And Safe Remedies

  • The classic cold washcloth – simply wet a corner of a washcloth with cold water and then stick it in the freezer. Baby can then chew on the frozen end and relieve some pain.
  • Frozen food in a mesh feeder – This method lasts much longer than the frozen washcloth but you would also want to make sure to use only food that your baby has been introduced to. You could alternatively use frozen breastmilk cubes in a mesh feeder.
  • Teething toys – Cloth and wood teething toys are both natural and safe options for your baby to chomp down on.
  • Homeopathic Teething Remedies – Popular brands include: Hylands Teething Tablets, Boiron Camilia Teething Relief, and Humphrey’s Homeopathic Remedy Teething.
  • Amber Teething Necklaces – This is my personal favorite. Contrary to most people’s first impression, Amber Teething Necklaces are not for baby to chew on. Instead, the baby wears the necklace and succinic acid enters the bloodstream when it warms up against baby’s skin. Sounds crazy I know but it truly works! My daughter got her 1 year molars in unnoticed which was a huge difference from when my boys got their molars in!
  • Homemade Teething Cream – Recipes like this one include Clove Oil, which helps with teething pain.

A teething baby is not fun. Thankfully you do not have to rely on potentially harmful medications to help your infant. There are plenty of safe and natural alternatives.

Thank you Brittany for Guest Blogging as a part of my Blogiversary.  Just as a warning with any of these teething remedies do make sure that you follow the manufacturers directions for use.  Like the Amber Necklace should not be worn to bed and try to make sure your child keeps it out of her mouth.  All suggestions given here are just suggestions and should not be taken as medical advice.  Please be sure to check with your doctor before using any of these.  But these are all very popular suggestions to use with your teething child.  So please be sure you go by The Pistachio Project to see what other natural living suggestions Brittany has for you.



Guest Blog: 4th Of July Craft

Crafting In My ClosetHey everyone, I’m really excited to be here at Monica’s Moms Musings today! My name is Teresa, and I blog over at Crafting in My Closet. I’ve been married for 8 years and have two Beautiful girls who are 3 and 4 months old. My girls are my crafting inspiration and most often the beneficiaries of my crafting obsession.

Today I’ve got a fun craft for 4th of July for you.

Footprint Flag


  • Butcher paper
  • Red and blue paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Kid happy to get covered in paint!

So a few weeks ago we did a Fathers Day craft where I dipped the girls feet and hands in paint to make trees, ever since then my oldest daughter Tabitha keeps asking “Are we gonna make crafts today Momma? Will you paint my feet?”  So when I thought of doing this I knew it would be right up her alley.

To start I cut open two garbage bags and laid them on the ground.

Then,  I cut two pieces of butcher paper 4 (ish) feet long and taped them together.

Then I measured the paper, and divided it into 13 sections. Each section was 2 3/4 inches tall.
I then drew 12 lines to separate the sections, leaving a square in the upper left corner for the blue section of the flag.


Next comes the fun part for the kids!

Starting at the top of the flag paint your child’s foot red and have them do foot prints in every other section.  We accidentally started at the bottom and my husband had to hold our 3 year old over the flag as I helped her put her foot in the right place.
Continue with the foot prints until every other section is filled in.




Clean your child’s foot and then get out the blue paint. Paint your child’s hands blue and let them put hand prints in the square. All the white spots between the fingers and hand prints will be the stars.
I hope you and your children have fun making a foot flag of your own. Come on over to Crafting in My Closet to see some more fun crafts.
Thank you Teresa for joining me for my Blogiversary and sharing this very messy, but very cute craft.  And huge props to you for being the first one up.  I think we would have the best flag on the block made out of footprints and hand prints with this one.  Please head over to Crafting In My Closet to see what other messy paint filled crafts she has in store for you.

Bring Your Daughter To Work Day

Mother/Daughter on bring your daughter to work day

Thursday April 26, 2012 was bring your daughter to work day.  My husband brought our 10 year old daughter to work with him and my 13 year old daughter stayed home with me to learn the fine art of juggling kids, a home, blogging, and some PLR work.  I had her write up a blog post for you all to enjoy too.  So without further ado, here’s what my daughter thinks about being a teen…

Being A Teenager

One week ago on April 22 at 11:17 pm I became a teenager.  I have always had my fears about becoming a teenager.  One fear was knowing that I was growing up.  I’ve always liked being mommy and daddy’s little girl.  And now that I’m a teenager I’m afraid I won’t be their little girl anymore.  And that scares me a lot because to me it feels like yesterday I was in preschool and learning how to swing high up into the sky on the swings.

Another fear is knowing that in about 5 years I will be all by myself in the world.  This may be the scariest of all because after watching NCIS and Rizzoli and Isles I am always freaking out about someone trying to hurt me.

But now that I’m a teenager so far it isn’t so bad.  I have my very own computer and I have a Facebook.  Although I am still very scared about growing up and not being mommy and daddy’s little girl and getting seriously hurt by some wacko when (and if) I move out.

But Mommy told me that there are many things to look forward to now that I’m a teenager. So I guess I better believe her and hope that something fun and interesting will come along.  Already though yesterday I got to see a PG 13 movie (we saw the Hunger Games).  So I guess something fun and interesting did come along!

So being a teenager will be fun and scary.  But I will try to be brave for all of these new changes and experiences because I know I will have my parents by my side at all times. Hopefully they will protect me from some crazy wacko trying to hurt me!

The End

And I just want to add, of course we will do everything we can to keep her protected from wackos.  I had this wonderful glimpse this weekend into how fast all of this really does go too.  I am happy that she’s not so ready to let go of her childhood, but it’s also my job to encourage her to move on and not be scared of these things.  And last night she purchased her own movie tickets for her and her friends and sat in a theater by herself with me or my husband there.  And no wackos took her.



Cyberstalking: A Mother’s Story About Her Son

Continuing on with my Cyberstalking series. I have another guest blogger for you!

Teressa Morris is a part-time bookkeeper and part-time blogger. She is married to her highschool sweetheart and has two sons and two dogs. She is the owner and primary blogger at Window on the World, where she writes her observations on life from a Christian perspective.

Our son, Bud, is 17 and a senior in high school. Last summer he had a very scary experience with a cyberbully.

Here’s Our Story:

Some of Bud’s friends from junior high had taken a wrong turn in high school and started taking Methamphetamine’s. Bud had no use for that and stopped hanging out with them, although they all parted on good terms. The problem was that G, the younger brother of one of these boys, had looked up to Bud as a protector and was very resentful when Bud stopped hanging out with G’s brother and friends.

G is a troubled child – he struggles with mental health and weight issues and his brother’s friends would tease him and make him the butt of their jokes. Bud had always stuck up for G, and G looked at Bud’s absence as a betrayal. G developed an obsession with Bud. He started texting Bud, demanding that they meet to fight. Bud refused and ignored the texts, until one night in April, G texted Bud and told him to meet to fight that night or G would show up at our house and cause trouble. Bud was understandably scared as G is considerably larger than him, and because of G’s emotional instability. My husband, Art, agreed to sit up all night in case G tried to break in, and Bud was finally able to get some sleep. G never showed.
We convinced Bud that G was making idle threats and he calmed down for a little while.

By Now It Was Summer

One morning Bud and his 3 closest friends got a text from G, with lots of cursing and name-calling, demanding that they all come fight him at once. We all laughed it off. That night, Art & I went out with friends and Bud had his 3 friends over to play video games. About 10 p.m., G and 7 other boys showed up at our house, all dressed in black, and started pounding on the exterior walls and windows of our house screaming for Bud to come out and fight. Fortunately, Bud had the presence of mind to call the police and yell outside that he had done so. G and his friends ran away before the police got there. The police took an “informational report.”

After the night-time incident Bud became understandably paranoid. He would no longer leave the house unless we drove him to his destination, even if it was just around the corner. He and his friends used to walk all over town and now he was getting so little sunshine that he was eventually diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency.

During the week that followed, one of Bud’s friends texted him and told him to check out G’s Facebook wall. G had a public and completely open Facebook page – anyone could see it whether or not they were his friend. Bud called me over to see what G had posted. Right there on G’s wall, was an invitation – ” bud morris, come over to my house… I have a bottle of beer and a freshly dug grave in my backyard for you…” “I want to grow my hair long so I can strangle bud with it.” Art, and I told Bud he needed to get a restraining order against G.

We went to the courthouse and got the paperwork, but Bud was terrified there would be retribution from G’s brother and friends if he followed through. So we put it on hold.

Then, on July 1st, Bud saw this message on G’s Facebook wall, “anyone down to get torches and pitch forks and begin an angry mob and go over to bud’s house and drag him outside by the throat and beat him til he’s dead in the street?” Bud went to his room and refused to come out. When I tried to talk to him he was actually shaking, he was so angry and scared.

I called a friend of ours who I knew Bud would listen to because he works closely with the police department. C told Bud the only way he would get through this was if he trusted us as his parents to protect him and the only way we could do that was by filing another police report and getting a restraining order. Bud finally agreed.

We printed all the pages from G’s Facebook wall from the past week and called the police. This time, partially due to the printed evidence and partly because G was a known troublemaker in the neighborhood, Bud was taken seriously. The police went to his house that night and arrested him for felony stalking as well as multiple counts of theft from other people which he had also confessed to on his Facebook wall. He spent a month in juvenile hall and received a year probation with a no-contact order on Bud. We also received a 3 year civil restraining order against G.

It has been more than six months since the arrest, and Bud is finally starting to feel some peace. He looked over his shoulder for a long time afterwards and still wanted to be driven everywhere. For awhile G’s brother and his friends would drive by our house and yell curses and insults at us. But I think Bud finally sees that they took him seriously and that they understand that retribution would just land them in the same trouble as G. At least I hope that’s what they’re thinking.

Thank you Teressa for sharing your son’s story. Be sure to check out all the great information Teressa has on Cyberstalking and helpful tips for those going through it!
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