Mommy Moment Monday #4

It has been a long time since I’ve done a Mommy Moment Monday.  Guess there hasn’t been too many moments to share.  Let me explain Mommy Moment Monday first.  This is a Meme where we share those moments in life where we get absent minded.  It happens to everyone, but when it happens to mom it usually means the kids are affected.  We have to find a way to laugh at these moments.  So I started Mommy Moment Monday so we can commiserate and laugh at those silly mistakes we make.  Feel free to grab my button and link up your own Mommy Moment at the bottom.

Monica's Mom Musings

Monica’s Mommy Moment

We’re getting towards the end of the school year.  We still have another 4 weeks of school to go here and it’s really beginning to take its toll on me I think.  The kids too.  We’re all anxious for the year to end, but I’m especially anxious when things like this happen.  The other day I was rushing my elementary school children out the door for school.  My children get up and dress themselves and aside from telling them when they need a sweater or that they can’t wear shorts they pick out their clothes and put them on themselves.  I usually check teeth, hair, and faces as we’re rushing out the door and make sure we have coats and hats on if needed.  Well, apparently this particular day I failed to notice that my 5 year old son had his pants on backwards.

Not only did I not notice that his pants were on backwards as we were walking out the door, but I also did not notice that they were on backwards when we got to the bus stop or when he got on the bus.  His bus driver had to point it out to me and tell me she’d have him change them at school.  I stood there thinking, how did I not notice that?  I couldn’t even honestly think of what pants he was wearing.

My son got to school and changed his pants around without incident.  And I lived to tell about it.  So I’d say it’s a win all the way around.

Now it’s your turn.  Got any Mommy Moments you want to share today?

Mommy Moment Monday #3

I haven’t had any Mommy Moments lately. So here’s the return of Mommy Moment Monday. You can link up your own Mommy Moment. Those times in motherhood where you could swear you have lost your mind. No matter how many times you do something somehow life has a way of getting in the way and making you mess up even the most basic of tasks. And when you’re a mother many times these oops moments have a way of messing with the most important people in your life. So feel free to commiserate with me and your Mommy Moments. Hopefully we can laugh at them together.

Monica's Mom Musings

Monica’s Mommy Moment

This past Friday my 10 year old daughter was getting picked up at school by a friend’s mom so she could have a sleepover.  Since she normally rides the bus I am supposed to write a note letting them know of these changes to things.  My daughter reminded me in the morning, I said yes I know, continued to do something else, and she left without the note.

I actually didn’t even realize that I hadn’t written it until about 15 minutes before she was supposed to get out of school.  I quickly made a phone call to the school and they said yes we already know she’s all set.  Wow, okay that’s good.  I’m guessing her friend’s mom informed them she was picking up both girls.  I’m a little surprised I didn’t get a phone call confirming that I knew what was going on, but then again we’re also not talking about 1st graders.

Your turn!

Mommy Moment Monday #2

It’s our second week of Mommy Moment Monday. Share those moments where you had a touch of mommy brain this week or recently and then link up at the bottom of this post. Be sure to grab my button and add it to your page and invite others to join in on Mommy Moment Monday. Lets rejoice in all of those silly moments of motherhood where we have a momentary lapse in thinking.

Monica's Mom Musings

I’m afraid my mommy moment from this week is really quite similar to last weeks mommy moment. I sure need to figure out a way to keep all of these times straight in my head. Maybe I should just plaster my walls with schedules and reminders of what day of the week or what week of the month it is.

So my daughter’s therapist was talking to me about a playgroup that is coming up this coming Thursday. When she was talking to me I could have sworn that it was during the kids conference week which means they have half days on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So I was trying to figure out if there was anyway I could attend. With my son getting out of school at 10:55 and the playgroup beginning at 10:30 it was just not possible.

Then at the end of our therapy her therapist says okay we’ll meet next week on the 17th and it suddenly dawned on me, wait next week is the 17th? Oh, that’s not conferences. Conferences are the following week. Oh yeah so I can go. Great, so I made this huge deal about how other parents of school aged kids would probably have a hard time going and come to find out I was off by a week. Now in my defense conferences are late this year. They are usually a week or two earlier than they are this year. I think that really threw me for a loop. I am also very anxious to get on with these conferences too. So much to discuss for all of my kids. So kind of understandable in that respect.

Well, at least I didn’t forget any children this week. Just trying to make this year move along faster apparently. That’s so not like me.

What was your motherhood moment this week? Link up below to tell me and go read the others too.

Mommy Moment Monday

I’m sure you’ve heard the terms pregnancy brain or mommy brain.  It’s in reference to those times in life when you become a mother and you just forget things.  I don’t know any moms who don’t have these moments at some point in their life.  A moment when you just do something even though you have done it right a million times before.

I had one last week and it got me thinking.  I want to hear everyone’s mommy moments.  Those points in time where you think how did I forget that?  The only explanation is it’s mommy brain.  That temporary lapse in judgment that comes when you have been running on little to no sleep; mommy brain.  Or even when it’s just because you have a million and one things to remember to do; mommy brain.  Something is bound to slip your mind, right?  Even with a million lists and electronic reminders to do things sometimes things just slip by and we have a mommy moment.

Here’s My Mommy Moment

My Mommy Moment from last week was I forgot that it was Wednesday last week.  On Wednesday my kids get out of school about twenty minutes early.  It gives the teachers a chance to have some meetings.  So I was doing some work on my computer and then I heard a horn beep outside.  That happens a lot around here, but I looked at the clock and then it dawned on me it was Wednesday, that was my son’s bus outside.  I ran out to get him off the bus and was very thankful that he gets dropped off right at the house because otherwise who knows what would have happened.

What was your latest Mommy Moment?  Blog about it if you’d like and link it up here.

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