When DUI Affects You

So much damage, the pic on the bottom left is the shards of glass from the drunks car

So much damage, the pic on the bottom left is the shards of glass from the drunks car

I can’t believe I missed a day of blogging. In my defense last week totally threw me for a loop. Not only were the kids all home from school on Tuesday for election day, but then also Friday for Veteran’s Day as well. Plus my husband was home on Friday. I kept thinking it was Saturday. My apologies for missing a day. I have got a story for you though to make up for it.

Saturday night (the real actual Saturday night) we had just finished eating dinner. I was desperately trying to get in some last minute work and the kids were all horsing around with my husband. Suddenly we heard this huge bang. My husband got up to see what had happened while I continued to try to crank out some work. Shortly after my husband went outside he came in and said, “Somebody just hit my car!” My first reaction was to say, “Are you kidding me?” Frustrated, my husband responded, “No, I’m not kidding you.” I asked if the other car was still out there and he told me no it was down at the bottom of the street. I said, “Did you get the license plate? Get your phone, call the police!” He said, “It’s not going anywhere.” I got my shoes on and went outside to see what was going on. My husband followed. He pointed to the car down the street where there were a bunch of people milling about.

I walked down with my next door neighbor and began putting together what had happened. When I got down the half a block or so people were saying there’s fluids all over the road and telling me get back. We were asking if everyone was okay and another car was coming up the street stopped and told me, “He’s got a gun, he’s packing.” Some lady was on the phone with the police telling them all this. I ran back to the house to grab my phone for pictures and to make sure my kids and the neighbor kids stayed in our house. The police were there within seconds. We couldn’t see all that was happening because we were staying up by the house, but we could hear the police yelling at the driver. Telling him to stop resisting.  The next door neighbor said they threw him down on the ground. A bunch of the neighbors were out looking at my husband’s car. The two people who were telling us to stay back and who had called the police were actually almost hit by them while walking down the street! If he was out a few hours earlier then he could have hit my kids and/or the neighbor kids who had just been out in front of our house playing that afternoon. If my husband had just come home from work and pulled up and parked and was either getting out of his car or still in it he could have been seriously injured, or worse killed. There’s a lot for us to be grateful for here and I am, but I am pissed right now. Thinking about the could have been and thinking about what’s ahead for us now.

No matter what you might think of the police, I for one am glad they were there and took care of this reckless dangerous person, who as far as I can tell has a long history of drinking and drugging and driving. Everything was handled by the police extremely professionally and when you stop to think of all the what if’s in this situation this kid is damn lucky that he’s not facing vehicular manslaughter charges. He is a person of color. I mention this not because I think all people of color are drunk drivers. I know plenty of white people who are guilty of the same. I say this because I was told by the ladies who called the police that when they described the passenger and the driver as two black males that seemed to rile them up more as if they were in some way discriminating against them simply by describing what they look like. Granted, they were clearly not thinking straight, but it makes me think of how much the police have to deal with to keep the streets safe in this day and age. The mere mention of a descriptor like black male sets people off. Nobody was shot that night, thankfully. Given what I know about the situation the police were forced into an extremely volatile one. They believed there was  a gun in the car, two extremely under the influence individuals who were mad at the world, and yet the police made no hesitation to protect everyone. They were extremely kind to us and made sure it was notated that our now immovable car would be staying where it was for the time being so we don’t get any tickets. Yes, it’s their job and it’s what they are trained to do, but how many of us could work under these pressures?

As near as I can tell the kid was on something or very drunk or both and came barrelling around the corner, hit my husband’s parked car, veered off to the other side of the road (or perhaps bounced off my husband’s car which was now pushed up onto the lawn that’s how hard it was hit), almost hit some other people, managed to drive half a block more driving up on the curb and hitting some rocks before finally hitting a fire hydrant and coming to a stop.

Now here we are with a car that we’ve had for less than a year and a half that my husband absolutely loved that has at best a bent axle. Much to my oldest daughter’s dismay that night I got into it with the brother of the kid who was driving the car. He was walking up the street talking to someone very loudly on the phone about how embarrassed he was because there were all these people out there looking at what was happening. He was more concerned about himself. I have been embarrassed by my brother many times over the years, if he ever did something like this I would have been apologizing profusely to all of the people he hurt. No, it’s not his fault, but I was astonished at his selfishness in a time like this. I had no idea he was the kids brother, so as far as I knew when I saw him come running down the street, he was just another looky-loo like all the others that were coming by. He drew attention to himself and his connection and then couldn’t even show any sort of sympathy for what had happened to the innocent people in the situation.

I know we owe more on the car than it’s worth. We have gap insurance thankfully, but if this car is totaled then even with that we have no way of getting a new car. My husband is also an Uber driver so in addition we are now out income because of all of this. The holidays are coming and now we are going to have who knows how much out of pocket expenses that insurance is not going to reimburse us for and less income. We have been put in extreme hardship through no fault of our own. I hope these kids had that night. I hope that they are made to pay restitution and have to reap some of the cost of damage they caused through their own reckless actions.

While out assessing the damage better in the light of day one of our neighbors came over to talk to us. He kindly offered us an extra snow blower he has for this winter in the wake of this mess. That was very generous of him. It’s nice to know that while there are terrible and very troubled people in this world that there are still decent and nice people who will do what they can to help brighten your day or make things slightly easier on you.

We lucked out in many ways. No one was injured, no one was killed. That’s the most important thing. I have always detested drunk drivers. I’m relieved that my own personal experience with a DUI is property damage and no bodily injury, but the amount of time and lost sleep we’ve already lost in dealing with the complete and utter negligence of this kid just makes me so angry. I can’t help it. I can only imagine what would have happened if the unthinkable happened. He’s 21 years old, with a history already of DUI. And yet he’s out of jail free to wander the streets. Hopefully not driving, but according to our police report he only lost his license for 24 hours. He was supposed to be in court today, but I don’t know the outcome of that. I have spent all day talking with insurance and car rentals to get my husband set up with another vehicle. Someone is coming out tomorrow to assess and determine if it’s a total loss or not. The person at the insurance company I spoke to thinks the due to the age of the car and value and judging by the pictures he thinks it’s going to be totaled. I have the feeling that we are not going to be able to get made whole by the insurance company in this matter.

So many unknowns right now. So many out of pocket expenses already. Drunk drivers are the absolute worst. What bugs me is that this 21 year old kid has pictures of himself from 5 years ago drinking and drugging. That means he’s been doing this since he was a teen and publicly at that and he’s still doing it. I’m astonished that he’s out on a measly $5000 bond right now.

A Review Of Creative Galaxy From Amazon Prime Instant Video

I was given the opportunity to review Amazon Prime Instant Video Creative Galaxy with my 3 year old daughter. We couldn’t have been more excited to watch this program together. I’d be lying if I didn’t say my kids are a bit of TV junkies. Not really something I’m proud of, but they do enjoy watching TV. So anytime they get to watch something that’s entertaining while also being educational is a plus for me. And Creative Galaxy was exactly that.

Creative Galaxy 2

What’s Creative Galaxy All About

So Arty is the main character and he’s an alien. He flies around the galaxy with his side kick Epiphany solving problems like bland library walls and building a house for a bunny with art. The show teaches many different things including what a museum is, different styles of art that artists use to draw pictures (dot art for example), and also shapes and colors.

It’s an interactive program which asks children to answer questions like where is the red paint or where is the square. My 3 year old daughter got into it really fast pointing to the paint colors and the shapes and saying dot dot dot right along with them while they were creating art.

At the end of each episode it showed some real children (not cartoon) creating art and pretending with the art that they created.

Creative Galaxy

Creative Galaxy

What My Daughter Thought Of It

My daughter was very into it and sat without problem for an entire episode and then still wanted more. She was quiet and content while watching it and interacting with the characters. She truly enjoyed it and keeps asking me if she can watch Arty again. So I think she gives it two thumbs up.

What I Thought Of It

Do parents ever really love kid shows? I’m not saying I’d sit here watching this program with my daughter every time, but I certainly don’t find it as annoying as say Barney. Honestly, I thought it was cute and my daughter interacting with it makes it a little cuter still. I thought it was great that it wasn’t just focusing on shapes and color associated with art, but also different artists and how they create their art was being brought up to. Now I don’t anticipate my 3 year old knowing a Monet painting when she sees it, but still I thought that was a nice added touch to the whole story line.

Also, while I didn’t have my 6 year old son watch it, I think it’s still something he would have liked, if for nothing else than just because it was an alien and he was flying around in a spaceship. So boy or girl I thought it could easily appeal to both which is always good.

All in all I have to say Creative Galaxy from Amazon Prime Instant Video is a great program for preschoolers. Your older children might even enjoy it as well. If you’re looking for a fun interactive program to watch with your preschooler, then this might be the show for you.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Why Robin Williams, Why?

There is help, just ask!

There is help, just ask!

I am assuming most of my readers know about actor/comedian Robin Williams. Patch Adams, Goodwill Hunting, Jumanji, Mork and Mindy, Mrs. Doubtfire, just to name a few of his amazing works.  I first heard about it in the middle of working Monday night when my 15 year old said to me, “Robin Williams died, their saying suicide.”

I didn’t believe it.  I said, “No, that must be a rumor.”  But as the evening went on and more and more people were talking about it, I realized it’s true.  And now more information is coming out saying that he hung himself.  I’ve been having a very hard time wrapping my head around this.  I mean isn’t this almost like the ultimate in a good actor?  I keep seeing pictures of him and replaying lines I have heard and his infectious smile and laugh most certainly do not portray a man in such a deep depression that the only way out was suicide.  And of course, I only know him through the big screen.  I don’t know him.  Or rather I didn’t know him.

And still I think many people are just wondering, why?  What could anyone have done to save him from himself?  And then I begin to think about death.  I seem to be doing that more and more the older I get.  I am actually very terrified of dying.  Which of course always makes me that much more curious when I hear someone killed themselves.  How much in the pit of despair to do you have to be to end it all in that way?

I get that he was in a very bad place and I’m lucky to have never experienced such despair. But this was a man who you would think had access to all of the help in the world right at his fingertips.  One who spent his life making other people laugh. As a matter of fact I read some words from his children about this and his daughter said he lived to make others happy. He sure did a great job of it too.

So why couldn’t someone so funny and so loved by so many people find even one reason to keep going on? Is the negative stigma of mental illness so great that he couldn’t seek help?  Was he not even aware that he needed help?  Over the weekend I had gotten very sick (physically).  I was in the worst pain of my life (and remember, I have been in labor 5 times so that’s saying a lot).  I said I just wanted to die, but I knew that was the last thing I wanted.  Although, I suppose if no amount of pain medication could have taken that pain away, then I might have really meant it.  When do we cross that line from saying it, but not really meaning it to meaning it and actually acting on it?

Outwardly one would think Robin Williams had numerous reasons to live.  He had fame, he had fortune, and he had family who loved him.  And it wasn’t enough to save him.  He was sick.  He had an illness which couldn’t be pinpointed with a CAT scan and easily solved with medication.  So what hope is there?  I think that’s what gets me with suicide.  People call it selfish and I think they do because so many people are left without any answers and so many people feel like, but I loved you and I needed you in my life when someone takes that way out.  It’s probably a way to alleviate our own guilt in not being able to save someone.

In life Robin Williams was a great many thing to a great many people and in death he is too.  I hope it makes us all a little more aware of those around us, a little less judgmental of those who seek out help for mental illness, and a little more proactive in seeking help for those who make suicidal statements.  Because that’s what our takeaway should be from this tragic death, not what hope is there for the rest of us?

I hope Robin Williams’ family finds peace. And may Robin Williams rest in peace. Forever missed!

Na-Nu Na-Nu.

If you are experiencing severe depression, then use the number on the top of the post. There are people out there to help you and your life is worth living!

Fitness Friday: Week 6

It’s Friday and time to check in with how you’re doing in your fitness goals. First I want to apologize for the tardiness of this being posted. I normally work on it Thursday night, but I got wrapped up in a Facebook debate. I will share with you all what happened there soon. For now lets see how we’re doing in achieving a new fit you.

As I sit here watching the snow fall (we’re expecting 2 feet of snow today) I can’t help but think I can’t wait for spring and warm weather. Because then I could be outside taking walks with the family around the neighborhood. Of course, I will be getting one heck of a workout later when I go out to shovel this mess. Which will be a few times today in an attempt to keep ahead of the snow. So I think I’ll skip dancing.

So here’s how I’ve been doing. Still sticking to the smarter eating choices. Trying to enjoy treats in moderation. I am noticing a difference. My pants are definitely fitting a little better.

I still haven’t found a good aerobics program. I guess I’m going to have to purchase a video? Any recommendations for a good aerobics video? I’ll probably stick with Denise Austin, I’ve always loved her workouts.

Now it’s your turn. How have you been doing achieving your fitness goals? Anything we can celebrate with you? Any problems you’re having staying focused? Do you need a swift kick in the butt?

Grab my button below and check your BMI if you’re so inclined. I will not know what it is, only share it if you want to. Then link up at the bottom or leave a comment with your progress if you’d prefer. I hope we’re still working towards a new fitter you.

Monica's Mom Musings

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Save On Kelly Kits

Do you have someone on your Christmas shopping list who loves art? I sure do. My middle daughter loves creating things. One of the #1 things on her list is “art stuff”. She doesn’t get too much more specific than that because for her crayons, markers, paints, paper, beads, and even duct tape are all things she will creatively use in some way to make her own masterpiece.

So when USFG offered me a chance to get my own Kelly Kit by sharing with you about the great savings you can take advantage of this holiday season I jumped at the chance. Surely my daughter will be pleased to try out a Kelly Kit.

Here’s what they have to say about Kelly Kits:

Kelly Kits encourage art play using a wide variety of creative tools & materials beyond what coloring books can offer and are the perfect holiday gift for your creative kiddo!

For 72 hours only Kelly Kits is having a site wide sale where all products are 10% off! Get your favorite little artist a years worth of art kits or a special gift pack with 5 activities that explore the five discipline of art: Drawing, Painting, Print Making, Collage & Sculpting!

These kids can be used for children as young as 2 or as old as 102.  So really truly something for the whole family to enjoy together.  Might be nice rainy or snowy day activities to have on hand this year.

Here’s your last chance to get in on this awesome deal.  Mark those calendars for Wednesday and save 20% site wide.

Click the picture to view this special offer.

This is a sponsored post.  As a part US Family Guide of bloggers I was offered a free Kelly Kit in exchange for my promoting their sale.  All opinions expressed here are my own though.

Recap Of A Crumby Day In The Life Of Monica

Ahhhh, I’m glad Wednesday is almost over.  Like I have not been happy to see a day end like this in a very long time.  And I do try to find the good in things, but today is really just a day where I just need to vent.  I know there are people who are worse off than me and I don’t want to suggest my day was worse than anyone else’s bad day, but you just have to get it out sometimes and move on.  Just a great way to heal sometimes.  So you all get to hear my release.

It All Began Shortly After 7 a.m.

My husband got up to go to work.  We were having trouble with our internet last night and he told me we were still having problems.  I knew I was going to have to call AT&T our DSL provider to resolve this problem.  I also knew that I had to get the kids up and dressed and fed before 9 a.m. and the house straightened up for the baby’s speech therapist to come over.

So I got on the phone to AT&T and I waited on hold for over an hour.  In that time I got the house straightened up, the kids up, dressed, and fed.  Finally, I got someone on the line and I explained to her the problem and she asked for the phone number or account number.  Since I am only a DSL customer I gave her my account number, but she couldn’t find my account.

So she asks me if that’s the phone number for the account.  I explained again that it was the account number, I do not have a phone number.  So then she asks if it was the mobile number on the account.  What?  No I just told you three times it’s the account number.  She told me she can’t find my account and she would have to try another way and then that was it.  The line was silent.  She never said she was putting my on hold.  I didn’t lost the call.  I kept asking if she was there and nothing.  It was almost 9 a.m. and I still wasn’t dressed so I had to hang up as I couldn’t deal with this at the time any longer anyways.  Remember, my ordeal all began over an hour and a half prior.  So there went over an hour of my life and I still did not have working internet.

A Break For Therapy

I couldn’t think about that problem now, I needed to turn my attention to my children.  Her therapist was late.  Therapy is tough right now with all of the kid’s home and it doesn’t help that my daughter just got a new therapist so she needs to get acquainted with her.

We spend a lot of time diffusing fights between the baby and my four year old as it is right now.  Add to that a clingy little girl and it made for an interesting time.  We got through the hour and I sent the kid’s off to play together while I attempted to resolve this internet problem.

I fully expected to be on hold for another hour.  I wasn’t, but it was still a long wait and when I did finally get someone she ended up having to put me on hold.  After about fifteen minutes of that I explained to her the situation of over an hour already and now even more time and I have children and I either need to talk to whoever she’s waiting to talk to or they will need to call me back.  None of which were an option.  I gave her ten minutes to get someone before I just completely canceled my internet.

Amazingly right at the 10 minute deadline she came back ready to help.  She got my DSL up and running after another half an hour or so of working on it.  My problems were only half solved because I also had a billing problem.  So I had to be transferred to billing.

Well, billing was not meant to be.  I was told there was a higher than usual call volume and either go to their website or call back tomorrow.  Ah that’s just perfect.  So I still have a bill that is incorrect.

Now during all of this time I had tweeted to AT&T several times.  They were supposed to have someone contact me, but oddly that didn’t happen until we were sitting down to dinner at nearly 7 pm tonight.  However, they are telling me that I’ll hear from someone about my billing problems in 24-48 hours.

I am so fed up with AT&T though.  For the past year I have had to have a technician out twice because of spotty internet.  I still am having problems and they have more than doubled my monthly bill.  Every time I call them I am on the phone for at least an hour.  It took a good portion out of my day today and it’s still not resolved.

Down Internet Meant I Couldn’t Work

I have work I actually get paid for that requires me to use the internet.  I couldn’t do my work this morning.  So when I did finally get internet back at nearly 12:00 I spent the rest of the day playing catch up.  And of course leave it to the day that I’m already behind that I would end up with a ton of work to do.

So now I’m even more behind on my day and that’s why blogging isn’t getting done until now.  Well, that and Facebook drama.

Group Problems

I love my Facebook groups.  But today I was distracted with some problems.  I’m hoping they have settled down.  I hope things can get back to normal.  I hope I helped settle things down.  It has been exhausting though.

But it’s over.  And tomorrow is a new day.  So we will start again and I will hopefully get back on schedule with a review of BIC Soleil.  That was the plan for today, but clearly that didn’t happen and at this point getting everything out was just important.

How was your day?

Chick-Fil-A, Jim Henson, And Roseanne Barr Oh My

Are you all tired of hearing about Chick-Fil-A yet?  Well, I’m going to bring it up once and leave it at that.  I am not interested in a political debate either.  You can take from my post whatever you want, but I just think everyone in this entire situation handled things extremely poorly.  There’s really no one to blame per se.  It all could have been handled better on all sides.  But there’s no going back.  So all of this is meaningless other than teaching a lesson to everyone out there.


We’ll start here.  Chick-Fil-A’s stance on family values is not what concerns me.  The advertising faux pas with a few of there chain owners is what concerns me.  Posting signs that say that Jim Henson’s toys were pulled because of safety concerns wasn’t the best idea.  I will say this, I understand it.  I have worked in retail and when things are advertised and customers come in looking for something that was advertised you get tired of having to explain things.  And honestly, how do you explain our partner pulled because they don’t like what we stand for?  Nope, it’s probably just easier to say it’s a safety concern.  Is it right?  No probably not.  But it it what it is.

Just like Chick-Fil-A doesn’t support Gay marriage is what it is.  All you people who are so up in arms about that, you do realize this is nothing new right?  They have been donating money for years to charities that do not support Gay marriage.  So the outspoken announcement stating this by the COO really shouldn’t have come as such a shock to anyone, especially their partner.

Jim Henson

Which brings us to Jim Henson.  I have said it before about companies.  You have got to do your homework when you partner with someone.  That goes for blogs and that goes for other companies that you plan on working with.  You need to find out if they truly believe the same things you believe BEFORE you start working with them.  It’s an expensive lesson if you don’t do your homework.  Take the extra time to look into who you’re working with.  You’ll be happy in the end that you did and found the right match for you.

And again Chick-Fil-A has made it no secret.  They did not pull the wool over Jim Henson’s eyes.  They are a southern Christian based company.  They donate money to charities which have those Christian values.  A little homework and they would have found out before they put their product in the hands of this company.

Roseanne Barr

Yes, Roseanne Barr opened her trap after all of this on twitter and had a few distasteful things to say.  Shocker I know.  She tweeted that if you eat at Chick-Fil-A then you deserve to get the Cancer.  Now she tried to back peddle afterwards and say that she didn’t mean deserve, but that processed foods cause Cancer so if people eat there, then that’s what they get.  Yeah, I’m not hearing an apology and of course lets not forget that Chick-Fil-A is not the only restaurant which serves processed food.  However, that was the company she warns against eating at.  We of course all know why she said that.

Well Roseanne Barr, you just made Liberals look ignorant and intolerant.  Two things I’m pretty sure Liberals pride themselves against not being.  There is never any reason to wish Cancer on anyone or say that anyone deserves it even if they do eat processed foods.  We’re all grown ups and if we choose to eat at Chick-Fil-A then that’s up to us, we should not be doing so with threats hanging over our heads.  I have to say, after reading this I kind of want some Chick-Fil-A.  I’ve never eaten it in my life and there’s none around where I live, but just because of Roseanne Barr’s taunt I would walk in there with my head held high purchasing my Cancer causing foods.

So to recap, what have we learned?  Well, we learned that sometimes companies make mistakes when they are trying to clean up a mess that someone else creates.  We learned that companies need to do their homework before they collaborate with anyone.  And finally we have learned that Roseanne Barr can’t keep her loud mouthed comments to herself.  She’s still opening her mouth and inserting her foot all these years later.

What are your thoughts on this whole Chick-Fil-A thing?

Guns Kill; No People Kill People

We’ve all heard the tired and old montages of “Guns kill!”  Or “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people!”  In light of the most recent mass shooting at a movie theater in CO I’m sure we’re all giving a lot of thought to how can we prevent this from happening.

I’m Not A Fan Of Guns

I’m going to say it straight out, I grew up in a house that did not have guns.  We had toy guns that we played with, but it was always very clear that those were toys and real guns were dangerous and not to be played with.  We did not have them in our home.  I do not know how to shoot.  I have no desire to learn how to shoot.

I married a man who is completely opposite of me in regards to guns. He owns them.  He knows how to shoot.  He has trained people in gun safety.  He watches movies and complains about technical advisers who missed out on the fact that a gun couldn’t hold as many rounds as it fired off.  Or when someone says it was a 45 caliber gun, but they actually show a 35 or some other such nonsense.  See how little I know about guns?

He grew up with guns all over the place.  Ammo laying around.  And I knew all of this when I married him.

There Are Rules For The Guns

My 10 year old shooting a pellet gun

We have strict rules in our house with the guns.  They are to be locked up at all times.  The ammo locked up separately.  The children know about them, but they know they are off limits.

My children haven’t been taught to shoot.  Even though my husband would love to teach them as his father taught him it’s just not something I am willing to allow just yet.  My oldest has taken an interest in archery which I have indulged and my middle daughter has shown an interest in learning how to shoot my husband’s pellet gun.  I was hesitant about that, but my husband assured me that his pellet gun is not lethal.  And of course there have been plenty of rules.  Never point the gun at people, only do it with Daddy around, and don’t point the gun at yourself ever for any reason at all.

Right To Bear Arms

While it’s a basic constitutional right for us to be able to keep guns I do think gun control is important.  We live in a state that has pretty strict gun control laws.  It was funny, a few years ago we went down to TN and my husband was in gun heaven because like there are liquor stores in our city on every corner there were gun stores down there on every corner right next to the liquor store.  Ha, I might be exaggerating slightly on that and the liquor store means nothing to my husband.

Walking into a Walmart and seeing a display of guns is actually very foreign to us.  You will not see that in a CT Walmart.  Now I don’t know if that makes it better.  Obviously people are still getting their hands on guns that never should have them in the first place.  But all of these mass shootings always include this entire arsenal of weapons that I do think in some places it is a little too easy to come by.

It’s too soon to know yet what the CO shooter’s motive was.  And if there was some sort of mental illness.  From what I’ve read he had no major run ins with the law.  So he likely would have been able to relatively easily gotten a gun even in a state like mine with greater than some gun control laws.

I can’t help but think that perhaps a little more regulating and a little more knowledge about the people who are buying these guns wouldn’t be such a bad thing.  Honestly, if you are a good person with a legitimate reason to have a gun then having to jump through a few extra hoops to prove it really shouldn’t be too big of a deal.  Especially if it will help to prevent mass shootings like this.

Playing The What Ifs

So many what ifs go through my mind when I hear something like this.  I have a friend who lives in CO.  Her husband and 2 oldest children were at a CO movie theater last night seeing the Batman movie.  While they were not in the same town, it’s just a little too close to home for me.

My heart truly goes out to the families of the dozen people who lost their life early this morning.  To the people who were in that theater and will be looking over their shoulder petrified to set foot inside of a movie theater again.  To the people who were going to go to the movie, but didn’t.  For the family of the man who did this.  Because really how can you ever make up for that?  How can you explain it?  It was a terrible tragedy all around.  I don’t know that it could have been prevented.  But maybe just maybe it’s time that we take a little closer look at gun control.

While guns may not kill people, people with questionable mental status with a gun certainly can kill people.

How do you feel about gun control?  Do you think more can and should be done?

Summer Book Club

If you are here for book club check the side bar.  There’s a chat on the sidebar.  The one on the page wasn’t working for me and I didn’t have time to fix it.

Summer Book Club Is Here

For the past few weeks I have been asking you all if you wanted to be a part of my Summer Book Club.  Truth be told I have been putting this together in my mind for some time now.  I have been so happy to see that there is a huge interest in doing this.

Since becoming a mother 13 years ago my reading has consisted of mostly picture books and of course whatever I read on the internet.  I know I can do better than that though.  But I also know that I need pressure from other people to do it.  Otherwise I will start something myself all gang busters, but if I don’t have to report to someone it will fall off.  Nothing gets me doing something like a deadline and having to answer to others.  I don’t know why it’s so easy to let myself down, but not other people.  I guess it’s just my personality.  Whatever it is you all were interested in this and so I’m officially announcing the Summer Book Club on Monica’s Mom Musings.

I Asked You Answered

For the past couple of weeks I have been asking you all to take surveys.  Trying to figure out what day and time works best for everyone and what books everyone is interested in reading.  I have a nice list of books going which you can read all about here.  And in going with the majority (not necessarily what I would have chosen, but that’s what makes this even better getting me out of my comfort zone) here’s what we’re gonna do.

Week 1

Everyone will read the book Bossypants by Tina Fey this week.  If you are signed up for my mailing list, then you know all of this already.  If you haven’t signed up yet, then I strongly suggest you do because you will get the most up to date information as soon as it’s available.  Everyone agreed that they could read a book in a weeks time so that’s what I am asking everyone to do.  Go out now (or if you’re fortunate enough to have an e-reader order it now) and get that book and start reading.

July 2, 2012

This will be our very first chat on the book Bossy pants.  We will meet every Monday night at 9 p.m. EST right here on my blog.  I will have a chat all set up here.  As the information becomes available for that I will let you know through my mailing list.  All that much more important why you should sign up for my mailing list.  So get to it already!  Sorry, I hate being so bossy.  Hmm, wonder if that will change after reading Bossypants, ha!

Teen/Preteen Book Club

Now, something else that also came up was my teenage daughter wanted to join the book club.  That lasted all of two seconds once she saw the first book we were reading, ha.  And well I never would have wanted her reading this anyways.  So for those of you who have a teenager or a preteen that would like to be a part of a book club keep watching for that.  I have to sit down my daughter and have her let me know what she wants to get out of doing this.  So keep an eye out for that.

Lets Get Started

Other than that get your book and start reading.  I will send out some reminders towards the end of the week of our meeting through the mailing list.  Also I will give out some book suggestions for the following week which we will all make the final decision on at the chat on Monday night.  I am going to ask that you bear with me as this is completely new to me.  If you have any suggestions of how I can improve this please let me know.    And please do invite all of your friends, family, neighbors, strangers on the street, whoever you want to this book club.  The more the merrier after all, right?

To help promote it I have made this neat little button that you can add to your blog for it too.

Monica's Mom Musings

Are you all as excited about this as I am?