How’s Naming That Kitty Going

Sully? Rocky? Riff Raff?

So earlier in the week I polled, you, my readers on what we should name the kitten that my husband found at work the other night.  You all were so kind to go through our ten names and pick your favorite.  And Sully is in the lead which my oldest daughter is not at all happy about.  Honestly, he doesn’t strike me as a Sully.

A few of you put in a few other name considerations.  As if we didn’t have enough to argue over.  Just kidding, it’s always nice to hear other suggestions.  Doesn’t mean we liked them or would use any of them, but you know it’s still nice to hear what others think.

So after all of this our list of 10 just continues to get longer and we still haven’t named him.  He’s just being referred to as “The Kitten” by me mostly and now DH is calling him Rocky because he’s the under dog in the “fights” between him and Chester (our other cat).  Every time my husband calls him Rocky, I say no, he’s Riff Raff.  I don’t know, somehow I really think Riff Raff suits him.

But anyways, the point is we still haven’t named him because we can’t agree on anything.  And since he has joined our family I have been breaking out in hives and swelling like crazy.  My tongue even swelled up yesterday.  I am on antihistamines which is helping, but I hope I don’t have to take medicine forever to live in my own home.  I don’t touch the kitten.  I have never reacted this way to any animals.  So I don’t know if it’s the kitten or something else (maybe our new neighbors, ha) that is causing this.  But everyone is in love with this little guy including our other cat.  He looks for him and last night I caught him with one paw around him and licking him.  Too much cuteness for me.

Name That Kitten

Last night when my husband left work he noticed a box under our van.  Not sure what it was he pulled the box out from under the van to investigate.  What he discovered made him extremely upset, understandably so as it was this adorable little kitten…

So the original plan was he would spend the night and today we would see if our neighbor on the 2nd floor wanted him.  That way the kids could still see him, but we wouldn’t have to push things with my allergies (we already have one cat) and I wouldn’t have to go crazy trying to keep after a kitten and a toddler.

It seems I have been out voted though and everyone wants him to stay.  While I’m not a cat person I have to admit he is cute as far as cats go.  So I have reluctantly agreed to allow him to stay so long as everyone keeps getting along that is and they take care of him.

So we have been tossing around some names.  Everyone, but the baby has picked two possible names and I wanted to put it to a vote amongst our readers.  I can’t say for sure that we will actually use the winning name for him, but it’s always fun to see what other people think.

So here’s a little info.  He’s a boy.  He’s kind of a cream color with gray stripes and a dark gray tail.  He’s very playful, curious, and he likes attacking the kids feet.  He was found underneath our Chevy Venture at hubby’s work (he works at a grocery store).

Yankee Doodle: Saturday Top Five Laughs

I am linking up again this week with Mommyhood Chronicles to share my top five laughs. Only, I must admit, I’m only going to share one laugh today, but to me it’s worth five. It has been giving me a laugh all week long. Now it could be because it’s my kid and I think he is just the cutest four year old in the world, but seriously this is funny.

This week I noticed my son was singing the song Yankee Doodle. I really started to listen. He has the first few lines of it perfect, but the last half of it he didn’t quite get right. To really appreciate this you have to hear it. Because hearing his little voice sing it is just priceless.

Please don’t mind him being slightly distracted. Off to the side where he was looking his sister was playing with something and he always must make sure she’s doing it right. That’s what big brothers are for, aren’t they?

I haven’t stopped laughing about this all week. It’s a good thing I got it on video because I have been asking him to sing it for everyone and he is getting a little tired of being put on display.

So what do you think can Yankee Doodle keep it up and let the girls be candy?

Saturday Top Five Laughs

These 4 make me laugh

What a great way to end the week with some of the funny moments from my week.  Of course as we know parenting is tough, but it has one of the greatest rewards, if done right anyways.  And the reward of daily laughter is one.

We have had a fun week with concerts and end of the school year stuff.  My 4 year old son especially is a laugh a minute.  The imagination on this kid is amazing.  The other kids have their moments too, but the big girls are full of teenage angst.  But I am going to try to come up with something that each of my kids did to make me laugh this week.

  1. On Wednesday my son’s teacher called up to talk to me about his eye.  He had a red eye when he got to school and the teacher was worried something had happened to him while he was on the bus so she was asking him about it.  He told his teacher that his sister (my 10 year old) poked him in the eye with a stick that morning.  That it was while he was waiting for the bus and that I wasn’t out there with them.  Ha, that was quite the tale since his sister was not outside with him waiting for the bus at all.  I was out there with him because I have to put him on the bus while his sister was finishing getting ready for school.  I asked my son about it when he got home and he had the same story.  I guess at least he’s consistent with his tales.  I wonder if he really believed that’s what happened to him.
  2. My baby girl isn’t talking much these days, but she’s still a laugh riot none the less.  The one word she does say is cat (“at”).  She chases the cat around the house saying at, at, at and when she catches up to him she puts her head up to his butt kind of like she’s trying to snuggle with him.  Thankfully the cat is a good sport and hasn’t gone after her.
  3. My oldest daughter (13) thought she was quite funny when standing on our neighbor’s porch and our neighbor went down to get something that had fallen she tossed water down on her just missing her.  Scared the daylights out of the woman and she wasn’t amused, but we all got a laugh out of it.  Of course our neighbor is a great sport and did think it was funny too, but I’m thinking my daughter better watch her back for my neighbor to exact her revenge.
  4. My middle daughter (10) had a loose tooth this week.  This is something like her 11th tooth she has lost, but you would have thought it was first the way she carried on about it.  It was just hanging there and she wouldn’t let anyone near it and she wouldn’t just yank it out.  She did finally get it out though after going off and hiding she came out tooth in hand shouting with excitement that she got it out.
  5. I’m out of kids so I’ll go back to my son, the comedian.  After school one day we had a very detailed conversation about one of his classmates boogers.  Apparently this boy eats his boogers and he had to tell me all about the shape and color of it and what was in it.  Dirt was what was in it, phew.  Glad I didn’t get any other detailed description other than just dirt.  It’s bad enough that I know the color of it.

So those were my laughs courtesy of my children this week.  I am linking up with Mommyhood Chronicles to share my 5 laughs.  Go check it out for a good laugh.

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Update On Living Below The Line

Live Below The Line

As you may recall from my post earlier in the week I had been living below the line for five days.  Eating on $1.50 a day to bring awareness to the fact that 1.4 billion people do it every day.  Bring awareness and hopefully money.  I wanted to give an update and tell everyone how I did and what it was like.  What I learned from all of this and to make a plea once again for donations and sharing.  We need to get the word out there and make people aware that 1.4 billion people live like this every single day of their lives.

How I Did Eating On A $1.50 A Day

I managed somehow to eat only $1.50 worth of food a day for five days.  It really wasn’t easy.  Mostly because it was hard figuring out what $1.50 worth of food/drink was.  I really couldn’t eat much meat because most meat is expensive.  I am a picky eater too.  So things with protein were definitely hard to come by for the week.  It really helped me get a better understanding of how much food costs that we eat too.  And let me tell you $1.50 is nothing.

I mostly only ate once a day.  If I planned carefully I could have something small mid day and then dinner with my family.  Meals had to be adjusted carefully for me too though.  I didn’t feel I could subject my family to the pledge I had made and I wasn’t going to prevent them from getting their proper nutrients.  So the family aspect made things tricky too.

Day 4 Was The Hardest

Of all the days, day four was by far the worst.  I was so cranky at that point and really tempted to give up.  However, I knew there was only 2 days to go.  And the thought of 1.4 billion people kept me going.  My family was definitely ready for me to be done though as I was snapping at everything.

The hunger pains were strong and seeing all that food in my pantry was hard.  My will power tends to be bad for dieting so I wasn’t sure I could see this through.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to, but I guess my stubbornness and need to complete things is what kept me going.

I began to notice all mentions of food though.  TV commercials that brought up food.  Television programs mentioned food.  All of my Facebook friends seemed to be sharing pictures and talk about food.  I was seeing food everywhere and I just wanted to eat.

Friday I Think I was Getting Into A Groove

I really don’t know what happened.  Friday was a turn in things.  I was hungry, but it wasn’t as bad.  Maybe because I knew it was almost over.  I’m not sure, but it just seemed better.  I even went to the grocery store and made it through there without buying everything in the store.  I did eat a piece of cheese from the deli that was given to my daughter that she didn’t want.  I figured that was okay because it was free.  So it didn’t count towards my food and I don’t think my wasting food by throwing it away would have been the answer to help 1.4 billion starving people either.

Lots of tap water though and I seemed to be okay on Friday.

The Support Of My Family

I tried to explain to my children what I was doing this for.  My two older girls kept asking about it.  My oldest was worried that I might die because I was starving myself.  I assured her that it would be okay.  I was only doing it for five days and 1.4 billion people do it everyday.  I realized I have a little work to do with my children in showing them the less fortunate in life.  Because with a pantry full of food and a freezer full of food they don’t know how good we have it.

My husband helped me figure out how much I could eat of things based on what we paid for it.  He tried really hard to be considerate and not tempt me with my favorite foods.  I really appreciated that.  He did have the Food Network on one day, but as soon as I said something he changed it.

Now That It’s Over…

I thought I would eat everything in sight.  I must have really been getting used to eating like that though.  I woke up this morning and had no idea what to have.  I thought I was going to want a huge breakfast.  I didn’t.  I had some crackers and that was it.  For lunch I only ate half a sandwich and for dinner two small pieces of homemade pizza.  I am stuffed.  I have felt full all day long actually.

I imagine that for 1.4 billion people the hunger pains are not really present because that’s all they are used to.  But, I certainly think there are health repercussions to eating like this on a continuous basis.  As I said, meat was mostly out of the question this week.  That means protein was limited.  Fresh fruits and vegetables were pretty out of the question.  Dairy was definitely out of the question.  Grains were a good portion of what I lived on.  Certainly was not living on the food pyramid.  That was completely out of the realm of possibility.  I think I was having some issues with the start of dehydration too.  I probably should have been drinking much more water than I was.

Even if the hunger pains were beginning to dissipate it’s no way for anyone to live.   There’s no reason for 1.4 billion people to not have enough food.  Every week when I clean out my refrigerator I am sure I throw out  more than $10.50 of food a week.  I could feed another person with our waste.  That is a hard pill to swallow for me.  I am hoping it’s a hard pill to swallow for you too.  Just because I am done Living Below The Line it doesn’t mean that we can’t spread the word and continue making donations to save these people.

But We Should Help Our Own First

I tend to agree with this thinking, that we should help those here in our own country that are struggling, but the help is there.  Who is going to help these people in impoverished countries?  People are people whether American or Indonesian.  If we can help no matter how small we should.  No one should be dying because they can’t afford to eat.  So I am hoping you can still find it in your hearts to make a donation to CARE to help women help their families.  To teach women how to fish.  This isn’t giving them a meal one time, this is giving them what they need to succeed and help their families and their neighbors.

Can you find it in your heart to help people eat?

Carry Me Please Giveaway

Welcome to the Carry Me Please giveaway! Babywearing can be a wonderful time for both mom (or dad) and baby! For some it is a necessity for others it is just a way of life.  With my youngest I decided we needed to get the bare minimum of “stuff” because space was not at a premium with four children.  So with no stroller I needed a way to carry the baby and keep my hand on my preschooler.  Babywearing ended up being so much more.  I can’t tell you how many nights I walked my baby girl up and down the hall getting her to settle down to go to sleep.  For what ever reason you wear your little one, you should be able to do it in style!

Tailor Made Momma has put together and amazing giveaway and is offering up the winner choice of an Ergo or Pikkolo baby carrier!

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Carry Me Please Giveaway – Free Blogger Sign Ups

Tailor Made Mom is hosting a giveaway for a baby carrier.  And bloggers can sign up too.  As a baby wearing mother myself I am excited about this giveaway.  Here are the details from Tailor Made Mom…

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Out To Lunch

Hello Monica’s Mom Musings readers.  Please bear with me right now as I’m working on switching my blog over to self hosted Word Press.  During this time no new content will be posted.  Thanks for all of your loyal readership and I hope to give you a better blogging experience with me soon!


Feminists Are Supposed To Stand For Equality

Remember the radical bra burning feminists of the 60s and 70s?  They had a clear cut agenda when it came to women’s rights!  They were fighting for our equality.  Equal pay for equal work.  That’s what they stood for.  Seeing some of the so called feminists of today I can’t help but wonder if the radicals are hitting hand to head in disbelief at some of these women.  Because it doesn’t seem they are fighting for equality, but rather to be treated better!

They Want It Both Ways 

Today’s so called feminist doesn’t just want equality, they want men to bow down to them.  I’m all for women can do anything they want.  I have raised my daughters in this manner.  There’s no such thing as can’t do there’s only can do.  But what I am seeing is a rash of complete disregard for men in relationships.  

Fathers don’t have rights.  If a law is proposed that child support receivers should have to do mandatory drug testing to receive that support, then here come the feminists to say oh no another war against women!  What about the men who have custody of their children?  Sure it may be rare, but women are not the only ones who are the primary caregiver.  How by any stretch of the imagination is this a war against women?

And that’s another thing, men getting custody of children is very rare.  I have seen many cases where the father might be a better primary caretaker of a child, but it’s still so greatly believed that women are more maternal than men.

We Need To Raise Our Sons To Treat Women Right 

I don’t want my girls thinking they can do whatever they want to a man and he can’t do anything back because she’s a girl.  Doesn’t that send mixed messages?  Women are as strong as men, but no matter what a man shouldn’t put his hands on a woman in anger.  As far as I’m concerned any hitting from my son or my daughters is completely unacceptable.  My daughters need to learn to treat a man right just as much as my son needs to learn to treat a woman right.  And my husband and I model this every single day for our children.  We treat each other with love and respect.  It’s not all my way or no way and it’s not all his way.  Women’s rights are about equality!  Or at least it used to be.  Now I’m just not so sure that that’s the case.

Do Men Still Have Rights?

If we’re going to say that women can do anything men can do, then we have to say that men can do anything women can do.  And that would mean they can cook, clean, and raise children.  Yet society doesn’t seem so ready to acknowledge the men who can do woman’s work.  Can a man say his career is male nurse get a lot of respect from people?  Probably not, but many times male nurses are more nurturing and caring than their female counterparts.

A man has no say in reproductive rights.  If a man and a woman lay down together and mutually agree to have sex why does a man’s choice end after that?  Why can’t he say I don’t want this baby aborted, I want to raise it?  Or if you keep this baby I’m not prepared to support it.  Not that I necessarily agree with abortion, but if two consenting adults lay down together it’s not fair that only the woman gets to decide to keep or abort that baby.

Where are the men crying and screaming that they aren’t being treated fairly as a father?  There are all kinds of families in this world and we’re all just doing what we can to get by.  Some women are working and men are staying home.  Some have both mom and dad working.  Some have mom staying home and dad working.  We’re all just trying to do best by our family.

I truly appreciate the earlier feminists who paved the way for women.  The ones who got women the right to vote and the ones who fought to get women the rights to do equal work for equal pay, but I can’t say the feminists I’m seeing today I have a whole lot of respect for.  Because what it appears to me that they are trying to achieve is women being placed on a pedestal.  Not equality which is what former feminists worked so hard for.  It feels like all of their hard work is being undone so some women with big mouths can be kept instead of actually being out there and doing an honest days work for an honest days pay.  I want equality for men and for women!

Do you feel that many modern day feminists go too far with their cries of the war against women?

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