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Luxury YachtPerhaps you remember over a month ago our family sailing trip aboard the Adirondack schooner boat in Boston, MA?  Well, we had the opportunity to do just about the same thing in New York a week later.  And yes, I am just now getting to writing up my review about it.  Every time I sat down to do it there were a million other things that needed to be done.  And well, there are still a million other things that need to be done, but this finally made it to the top of my to do list.

So a month ago we took the train into NYC and then we walked the two miles from Grand Central Station to Chelsea Piers because we’re just that crazy.  We made it there just in the nick of time too.  There was a line of people standing in front of a small building which said Classic Harbor Cruise, so I assumed they were waiting for their tickets, but really they were lined up to get on the Yacht Manhattan.  I realized that pretty quick though and quickly got our tickets which were waiting for us in that small building marked Classic Harbor Cruise.

We handed our tickets to the ticket taker and walked down the ramp to get on the boat.  We were assisted onto the boat and this time someone offered to take the stroller for us.  That didn’t happen on our last cruise, so that was nice.

This boat was set up very different from the schooner boat we had been on the previous week.  There was a viewing deck which was inside and air conditioned where we could sit with tables.  We could have gone out on deck, but we chose to stay below in the viewing deck.

Immediately my whole family said they liked this boat better than the schooner we had taken in Boston.  However, I’m not entirely sold.  While I did like that there was a place to be indoors and out of the elements (and away from the spray on the deck because people did end up wet that were standing outside) I felt less connected to any of the crew.  I mean they were nice and all and the captain had a microphone which he did use to talk to everyone and explain the sights along the way that we were seeing.  And perhaps it was a different experience if we had ventured out onto the deck, but I also found it to be very rocky.  More so than the schooner.

This could have to do with the waters we were in of course or the traffic on the water or even the winds from that day.  But I found it very difficult to maneuver around the boat even though there was much more room to do so than on the schooner.  That did end up being a plus for the little kids though.  The added space, that is.

As a matter of fact, my little ones weren’t the littlest passengers on this boat.  There were several small children which my little ones buddied up with on the boat.  While we were closer to the sights and got a more intimate view in Boston we did have a more comfortable place to be where I wasn’t too concerned about the kids bouncing about the boat because they couldn’t end up overboard.  And the bathroom got my 5 year old’s seal of approval on this one as well.  We did have to take a trip to the head on this boat.  It was only one trip; probably because he was more free to get up and move about the boat than he was in Boston.

They do offer complimentary beverages on this yacht as well.  Your first drink was free, but after that you had to pay.  I think the prices varied based on what you got, but it wasn’t just soft drinks which were free on this boat, alcohol was free too, for the first beverage.  We did not get cute little can cozies for our drinks this time.  Actually for me and my husband and the big kids we got nice glasses and the two little ones got paper cups.  So I was sort of bummed that we didn’t leave with a small token from the boat like we did in Boston.

The captain was very knowledgeable about the area and what he was showing us.  I must admit, I had a hard time figuring out where he was telling us to look though.  He took a slow pass by the statue of liberty so we could get plenty of shots.  That had just reopened a month prior after Hurricane Sandy, but Ellis Island remains closed.  I sure hope they open that back up.  We have been up to the top of the Statue Of Liberty, but we didn’t get to do Ellis Island when we went to NY last time.   That’s something I sure would like to do, especially since my husband’s mother and grandmother came over from England and went through Ellis Island.

Let me share some pictures from our trip to New York and aboard the yacht.

NY 23

See no evil speak no evil. Where’s hear no evil?

NY 1

Can we go already?

NY 2

Not another picture mom…

NY 3

Pulling out of the pier

NY 4

NY 5

So long Chelsea Pier

NY 6

On the water.

NY 7

NY 8

NY 9

She picked this spot and claimed it, all of the pillows too.

NY 10

The Statue of Liberty and all her glory.

NY 11

NY 12

Now this is interesting under the table.

NY 13

His favorite spot, under the table.

NY 14

NY 20

Just chillin’ with the Statue of Liberty behind her.

NY 21

Enjoying the ride.

NY 22

It’s the Domino Sugar factory.

And that concludes our tour of New York Harbor.  This was a really fun experience we got to have and I’m glad we got to see both Boston and NY in this way.  There were pluses and minuses to both boats, but all in all I think they were both a win.  I must admit, I definitely liked the schooner in Boston better than the yacht, but I am outnumbered by my family on that.  Every one of them preferred this New York harbor tour better than the Boston one.

I received free tickets to facilitate a review of this New York City Classic Harbor Cruises.  I was not compensated in any other way to give a positive review.  All opinions expressed here are my own and that of my family’s.

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  1. I’m so jealous. Boston and NYC are on my places to see list. I moved 18 hours across the country and have only been three hours from NYC for the past eight years and still haven’t been. I’ll have to live vicariously through you for now :). Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the pics.

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