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coffee break with Monica's Mom MusingsBefore Monica’s Mom Musings I had a family blog that I would blog on and every once in a while I’d have just a bunch of random things to say.  Not enough to make one blog post about each thing, but enough random stuff that I just wanted to get out.  So when I started this blog I decided to continue doing it only more on mom topics and not quite as personal as on my personal blog.  Makes sense, right?  Well, somewhere along the way I guess I forgot about it.

But today I was thinking about what to write about and I didn’t really have anything big I wanted to delve into.  So light bulb in my head goes off and says hey, whatever happened to Monica’s Musings?  Then I thought about my coffee break.  So I’m turning Monica’s Musings into Coffee Break with Monica’s Mom Musings.

Monica’s Musings

  • Someone recently asked me if I’ve ever had a man steal my thunder.  Worked on something and gave it my all only to have a man come in and take complete credit for it.  I pondered this for a minute and then said no, but you better believe I’ve had women do that to me.  And you can’t say anything because then you’re not a team player.  Face it folks, women can be very cut throat with things.  The only sort of kind of time this happened to me was when I, as the PTA president, had suggested we do an internet safety night for families.  Where kids would learn how to protect themselves on the internet and separately parents would learn about the dangers and the importance of them knowing what their kids are doing on the internet.  Well, the principal (a man) liked the idea, but not quite as I envisioned it and he changed it.  He said we didn’t want to scare the little kids to which I was like ugh, you’re not seeing my vision here, the kids wouldn’t see the scary stuff and you’re going to get more people to come out for a family event anyways.  He went with his way and I made sure everyone knew that was not MY idea.  Although, the PTA did fork over the cash for the childcare for the evening.  We had a whopping 5 families show up, 4 were PTA board member families.
  • Now that I’m a working mom (even though it’s in the home) I have a lot of guilt.  Before I felt guilty that we couldn’t afford certain extras because I wasn’t contributing financially.  Now that I am contributing financially I feel guilt because my head is always stuck in a screen.  And sometimes we can’t do things or we have to rush home because I have work to do for a client.  My children aren’t missing an opportunity to stick it to me when I say we can’t do something because I have work to get done.  It’s all, “Can’t you get a day off?”  Or, “Someone else can do that!”  Oh wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we didn’t have work and deadlines that had to be met?  If we could do all of the things we wanted when we wanted and didn’t have to worry about pesky things like earning a living get in the way.
  • A friend of mine posted on her Facebook page yesterday that she has been far too nice of a mom for far too long and that has to stop.  I was thinking about it today after a fight with my teenager.  I don’t generally think of myself as a softy when it comes to the kids, but then when I start laying into them about something and they start yelling at me or giving me attitude times twenty I sure do begin to think I have been way too nice to them.  I do give in and get them things that maybe I don’t think they entirely need to have.  So when I’m being told by one of them that I’m completely wrong or that I’m totally screwing them up I sure do think to myself maybe I am too nice for my own good.  I mean my teenager has more electronics than I do.  Most under the guise that it’s important for school, but of course when they are failing classes for not handing in completed work one has to wonder does she really need that laptop or that Kindle?  I mean if she’s not going to get credit for the “work” she’s doing on the darn thing anyways, then what’s the point.  Damn it, I am too nice!  Mom laid down the law today with the electronics too.  Either she shows me she is doing everything she can to turn things around or the electronics go.  She might not see it, but I know, everything counts in high school and she doesn’t want these bad habits coming back to bite her in the butt a few years down the road.
  • The colder it gets outside the more nervous I get about shaving my head in just over a month for St. Baldrick’s.  And since my fundraising isn’t going all that well I am seriously beginning to wonder if I should have added the caveat that if I reach my goal of $5000, then I will shave my head.  I don’t know maybe there aren’t enough people who care to see me go bald, or maybe too many people want me to keep my hair.  I know every little bit helps and I will honestly do this even if I only raise the $40 I have raised thus far, but so much more can be done with $5000 so I’d really like to see it get to that point.  Don’t let my freezing head be for a mere $40.  I have to spend an entire winter bald and do you know I generally hate hats.  The only hat I even had to cover my bald head currently is a baseball hat.  So please help make it worth all my suffering and that of my family’s.
  • Speaking of childhood Cancer, did you go to Chilli’s last night?  We did.  Brought our neighbor with us and had an enjoyable dinner out and colored some peppers.  We added onto our bill where all the proceeds go to St. Jude’s with a little extra donation.  I’m proud to say my two older girls used their own money to make a donation as well.  Sure makes a mom proud to see her kids using their hard earned money to help someone else.  Let me leave you with some peppers we colored at Chili’s last night…

Chili's Collage

What have you been thinking about lately?

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