Crayon Wreath

Crayon WreathSchool is finally coming to an end for my kids.  I know we’re late, many of you have been out for a month or more.  We still have today and tomorrow though.  So I know this won’t do anyone any good NOW, but hopefully for in the future.  I wanted to share how I made this crayon wreath for my son’s Kindergarten teacher this year while it’s on my mind.

A few months ago one of my cousin’s had made this and I loved it.  She had found it on Pinterest so I went to see just how she did it.  I saved it to try when I was ready on my pinterest board and well, it just so happened that this seemed like the perfect time.  So I looked it up again and set out on a mission to get this done.  I promise, this was rather simple to do.  The most difficult part I found was the bow which no one said how they did it.  I admit, I cheated.  My husband brought it to work and had someone in the florist department make a bow.  While I had a basic two loop bow it just wasn’t that impressive to me so I was relieved that my husband had those connections.  I was kicking myself for not remembering what I learned about floral design in my high school Vocational Agriculture (Vo-Ag) class from my freshman year.  To be fair, I had no desire to be a florist so not much of a surprise that I don’t remember something I learned nearly 20 years ago.

But anyways, I most followed Moms’ Party Cafe for the how to with this crayon wreath.  So do go check hers out and give her a little love.  I did change some very minor things though so that’s why I’m making my own post.

What You Need For Your Crayon Wreath

12″ embroidery hoop or basketry hoop (I used the embroidery hoop)

8″ embroider hoop or basketry hoop (the 8″ is perfect, it didn’t look it until I held a crayon up to it)

Box of 64 crayons plus about 7 (I thought just the 64 crayons had the crayons too far spaced so I added a few extra crayons)


Hot Glue

Embellishments (stickers, wood shapes, foam shapes, etc.)

How To Make Your Crayon Wreath

Put the 8″ embroidery hoop inside the 12″ embroidery hoop.  Carefully place your crayons on the two hoops going all the way around.  Place the crayons before gluing to make sure you are happy with the spacing of the crayons.  Also, to keep the colors random you want to be able to move the crayons around.  Put a dab of hot glue on the 8″ embroidery hoop and one on the 12″ embroidery hoop and place your crayon gently down.  Do this going all the way around until you have your wreath.  I highly recommend paying close attention to how you are placing the crayons with the logo (Crayola) facing up.  I personally think it looks more clean that way, if you try to hide the logo, then you’ll end up with the paper seam facing out and I just didn’t think that looked very neat.

Now it’s time to start decorating.  I found in the wood section of AC Moore a plaque like piece of wood.  My husband spray painted it black for me to make it look like a chalk board.  Then I used stickers to write my son’s teacher’s name on the “black board”.  I also found some hand print stickers which I thought would look cute on there.  This was glued onto the bottom of the wreath.

I placed a school bus sticker, a back pack, and the words school days on some card stock.  I cut out around the shape to give a little border and let it pop more and glued those onto the crayons.

Finally the bow was made by someone my husband works with so I don’t entirely know how it was done.  I did ask my cousin how she did hers and she pieced her bow together.  She took a piece of ribbon, made a circle, and pinched it in the middle and glued it.  She did this with a few pieces of ribbon until she had the loops she wanted and glued them all together in a bow shape and attached two tails to them.  She placed a small sticker in the center to cover up the gluing of the pieces together.  So that’s one way to do it if you’re like me and don’t know how to make a bow and unlike me don’t have someone who can make you a bow.

What I Wish I Had

I kind of wish instead of the stickers that I had been able to find some Styrofoam shapes instead of the stickers.  Or maybe if I could have found some wooden school shapes that were already painted.  I just felt like it didn’t pop off of the wreath enough even adding the card stock behind the sticker.  I was working with what I had though.  I really loved the piece of wood I used to make like a chalk board though.

So What Did It Cost

All total I spent $30 on this.  A lot of that was for the different stickers though that I had to get and then there was the spray paint.  Plus I purchased everything at AC Moore.  If I had the crayons at home I could have saved some money there.  Some of this stuff I know I could have gotten at Walmart cheaper, but I was running low on time and didn’t want to go to another store.  The embroidery hoops were each less than $2 though.  Because I got the Crayola crayons it did cost a little more.  I think I easily could have spent $20 on this if I had taken more time to shop for deals.

So that’s how I made this crayon wreath.  What do you think?  Will you be filing this away to make for a teacher gift next year?

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  1. I remember my days as an elementary school teacher. I would have loved to receive this wreath as a gift. In fact I know I would have made some up, myself!

    • When we gave it to my son’s teacher she said she always wanted one of these ;). Apparently she has gotten a lot of compliments on it already too.

  2. This is a great idea! My daughter goes to daycare and has a great teacher – maybe I’ll make one of these for her. I think she’d love it!

  3. We’ll I’m gonna try to make one


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