Creative writing and the unconscious

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creative writing and the unconscious

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After having taught the basic forms of poetry such as rhyme schemes and metric patterns to ninth graders, I decided that I was getting some apt creations following the ‘letter of the law’ but not having any of the ‘spirit’ of poetry. I had seen some spontaneous poetry by students that was charming, but when they tried to follow forms, the feeling of the poetry suffered. So I devised these assignments to try to approach poetry from a different direction. Then they follow the numbering pattern shown above. First and last letters of the name have one word which describe the student beginning with the same letter.

Then the next letter in, have two words beginning with the same letter, etc. Write a poem about fire that is pleasant using specific senses. The poem should be five lines, with three to five words per line. Write a poem about a wave of the hand that conveys ‘good vibes. The poem should be three lines, no limit in length.

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