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What a perfect description to aim for with a focal point in your home décor, don’t you think? Particularly as the weather begins to cool off for many of us around the globe, as we approach Fall and Winter seasons, our fireplaces might begin to see a little more use. If we’re going to use them, why not make them as beautiful as they are functional?

Here are 25 stunning fireplace ideas to inspire and motivate you. And if these aren’t enough, check out this article for 100 more fireplace ideas! Got a floating wall that needs some presence?

Install a gorgeous two-sided contemporary fireplace on the wall’s end. This will increase the impact of your fireplace because you can enjoy the fire from multiple angles, plus it just creates a natural draw into the room itself. Install trim around your fireplace that frames the fireplace itself. We love this tiered trimming concept, done in all white like the rest of the room’s walls, as an accentuation of the fireplace itself.

Classic and clean architectural detail that packs a punch. But that doesn’t mean this warm natural material should be avoided altogether. In this stunning fireplace setting, for example, a chunky wood mantel and equally substantial corbels bring warmth and provide a distinct separation between the mantel face and the upper wall.