Creative writing on air pollution

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In Praise of Air’ turns clothing and textiles into a catalytic surface to purify air. Professor Helen Storey and our Pro-Vice Chancellor for Science Tony Ryan. The key point underpinning Catalytic Clothing is that, when it comes to tackling pollution, it’s not enough to do it for yourself: one person will have a tiny effect, but if we all do it for each other then we could remove a lot of the air pollution in our towns and cities that’s put there by our cars, buses and industry. Exposure to air-borne pollutants presents a risk to human health and also has a detrimental effect on ecosystems and vegetation.

Air pollution is currently estimated to reduce the life expectancy of every person in the UK by an average of 7-8 months. All major cities and towns have some form of air quality monitoring stations already in place. Once Catalytic Clothing technology is in widespread use, considerable reductions in the levels of the pollutants could be observed using those monitors. Sheffield has poor air quality due, in part, to the topology of the city.

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Catalytic Clothing harnesses the power of a photocatalyst to use sunshine and oxygen to break down air borne pollutants. A catalyst is a term used to describe something that makes a reaction proceed at a greater rate but isn’t actually consumed during that reaction. When the light shines on the photocatalyst, the electrons in the material are rearranged and they become more reactive. These electrons are then able to react with the oxygen in the air and break it apart into 2 oxygen free radicals.

A free radical is an extremely reactive molecule. These then react with water to make peroxide which oxidises the pollutants making harmless molecules that can be washed away.