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It is the Primary 1 registration period in Singapore now and I’ve been following the news on this topic lately since Lil Pumpkin is going to register next year. I’ve also started going into the Kiasuparents forum to read up more on other people’s experiences on registering their child, and how they get their kids prepared for entry into our formal schooling system.

Kiasuparents is like a scabby wound. I’ve been thinking of sending Lil Pumpkin to Math enrichment classes to improve her math skills. I’d like to be one of those parents that come up with their own fabulous worksheets and games to home-school Lil Pumpkin as well but as a full-time working parent, that is simply not possible without me losing my sanity. It’s not just that I don’t have the time, it’s also because I understand I don’t have the skills and patience. Looking at some of the primary school maths problems nowadays, it looks very different from how we used to learn it in school.