Cruising Boston Harbor With Classic Harbor Cruises

Schooner Adirondack III

Schooner Adirondack III

So you know one of the perks of living in New England is the ability to take day trips in another state, right? Well, that continues to be our vacation with my husband on vacation. Yesterday we headed off to Boston for the day. All thanks to US Family Guide Bloggers and Classic Harbor Cruises that trip to Boston was made even more special because we got to cruise the harbor on a schooner boat.

We got a ride on the Adirondack III schooner boat for two hours on the harbor. I was worried of how our cruise would go when we were looking at a weather forecast with rain in it, but we headed to Boston anyways. We weren’t cruising until 3:30, but we wanted to make a day of it so we first went to Quincy Market where we had lunch at Cheers. I have to say I was not all that impressed with that by the way. It was pricy and the food wasn’t that great. My husband had a chili dog, but what they put on that hot dog could hardly be considered chili. It was simply ground meat, with some peppers, and beans.

But that’s besides the point. We did some shopping in Quincy Market and then decided to go find Rowes Wharf. It was only half an hour until we could check in so we figured we’d go sit by the water. And Rowes Wharf is a beautiful place to just sit by the water and get a bite to eat too.

Here were my kids hanging out by the water.


My beautiful oldest sitting by the water.


My beautiful middle daughter.

My son, always inquisitive, looking at the water.

My youngest was napping in the stroller at the point so I didn’t get any pictures of her.

Ready To Set Sail

After relaxing and enjoying the view of the wharf and taking a few trips to the potty we were ready to check in.  When you walk through the arches at the wharf if you go to the right and down the stairs there is a building where you can go to check in.  I wasn’t sure exactly where to go at first because nothing said Classic Harbor Cruises, but when I went into the building that said Oasis there was a desk to check in.  I was handed 6 heavy plastic boarding passes which were pretty neat.  I had never seen a ticket like that before.


We waited by gate B for the captain to come let us board.  He took our tickets and commented about our t-shirts.  Did I mention, we all wore matching shirts which was a huge hit with the people of Boston?  People all over kept commenting about how they loved our shirts, or what a great idea it was to wear matching shirts.

We were helped aboard the boat and took a seat near the captain.  I have to say, as far as learning about what we were looking at I think that was the best place to sit.  Chat up the captain, he has a lot to say.  I don’t know if the rest of the crew was as chatty on the boat.  They might have had a less obstructed view than we did, but I thought we had a good spot.

The cruise is two hours around the harbor on a beautiful sailboat.  We had a great day for sailing too with some good strong winds pushing us along the harbor.  The sails looked gorgeous on the sail boat.  I had never been on a sail boat before.

They also offered complimentary soft drinks and a wide variety of alcoholic beverages which cost $5 a piece.  We did not partake in the alcohol, just the soft drinks.  The crew was all very generous and willing to help out or get us more to drink if we wanted it.

And the kids enjoyed it, including my youngest.  My older ones were worried they would be spending their summer vacation learning stuff, but it wasn’t that kind of tour where all of the history was explained.  The captain just pointed out some stuff to those of us in ear shot.  Nothing too educational for them.

And as soon as the motor started for us to get out of port my youngest was saying, “Wheeeeeeee!”  I tried to get her on video doing that, but of course as soon as I got the camera on she stopped, but she was looking everywhere and talking about everything so here’s a cute video of a very small portion of our cruise.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the cruise.

Ready to go.


Boats on the water.


Just thought this was appropriate since my husband sells seafood.


The Harbor


My son enjoying his complimentary beverage.


Castle Island.


An island.


A barge.


Boston Skyline


Nantucket boat.


Me and two of my girls, one looking at pictures on my phone.


A wonderful view of the buildings on the harbor.

We really enjoyed our entire day in Boston, but finishing it on this relaxing two hour cruise of the harbor was a great way to end.

Final Thoughts

Be prepared for it to be a little chilly on the boat.  But fear not, there are blankets aboard and you can always go below deck to warm up.

My oldest daughter does tend to get a touch of motion sickness.  She was feeling a little funny shortly into the trip, but the ginger ale settled things right down.  So if you tend to get motion sickness do come prepared for that.

We got to watch many planes land at the airport that’s right by the harbor.  My little ones loved it, but it was a little loud with the engines flying over head.  Nothing that required ear plugs, but if you have children who are afraid of loud noises, just be warned.  My children were only upset when they couldn’t see the planes anymore.

Towards the end the two little ones were definitely getting fidgety.  Two hours is a while to ask them to stay in one place.  While you can walk around the boat there’s not a whole lot of room like a ferry boat or cruise ship of course.  My son made three trips to the bathroom below deck while we were on the boat for a whopping two hours though.  I think that was the most trips to the bathroom he made all day long.  You’ll probably want things to entertain little ones with though.

My youngest two were the youngest on the boat.  However, it wasn’t something that I feel was inappropriate for them.  They really enjoyed seeing all of the sites and being on the water.  My two year old is still talking about going on the water.  So all in all I think it makes for a nice romantic trip for a couple, or a family excursion like we did.  A great way to see an historical city like Boston.

The boat appeared to be very well taken care of and was also very clean.  The crew was knowledgeable and hard working.  I felt safe the entire time.  While we were not provided with life jackets there were plenty on board.  All in all it was a great experience and I would love to do it again someday.  Perhaps their sunset cruise with just my husband when my children get older.

Definitely check it out if you’re going to be in Boston.

Disclaimer: I was provided free tickets to take this cruise and facilitate this review.  However, all opinions expressed here are my own and I have not been paid to give a certain kind of review.

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