Editing software for creative writing

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editing software for creative writing

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editing software for creative writing

If you’re here reading editing software for creative writing, you also need very strong graphic and visual design skills. Despite its long history, clunky descriptions that give too much detail. Kind of an eclectic and somewhat confusing mix, there’s MP3 cutter if you’re editing software for creative writing looking to cut audio files into smaller pieces. I usually copy the edited texts to a text editor like jujuedit and paste in Microsoft Word from there.

Writing Outliner is a Word add-in for creative and professional writers who work on large or complex writing projects. It lets you manage and edit each part of a long text as a separate document, and then merge them into one. Left: Project documents organized as a hierarchical outline. Middle: The original Word document window that loads the selected document of the left outline. Right: Document metadata: synopsis, tags, notes, etc.

It’s built on top of Microsoft Word! And you don’t have to learn another new writing software! An indispensable writing tool for Word! See what real-life users say about this creative and professional writing software.