Favorite Thing Friday 3/16/12

It’s time to link up with Jenny over at Sippy Cup Chronicles for Favorite Thing Friday.  I’m just barely getting it in this week on Friday and that’s because I wanted to get a picture of my daughter in my newest favorite thing this week.  But it needed to be washed and put on her.


So remember last week when I shared my favorite thing was my awesome friends?  Well, one of those awesome friends had given me some Goodmama diapers to try out.  And at first I thought I hated them, but I’m really beginning to love them.  They are so absorbent.  They are fitted diapers which need a cover over them.  While she does have a very big puffy butt when she wears them it sure does look cute.  Unfortunately the cute design is covered up with a cover, but I’m really just loving how well it contains all of her biggest messes.  And she has been quite the wetter lately too.  So it has been helpful particularly in the evenings to save me from having to change sheets every morning.  If they didn’t come with such a hefty price tag I’d have 50 of them!

What’s your favorite thing this week?

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  1. [...] prices on these actually vary greatly.  They can be inexpensive, but then when you get the Goodmamas like someone so generously gave me recently it gets very pricey.  I do love my fitteds though.  [...]

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