Favorite Thing Friday 5/11/12

Time to link up again with Sippy Cup Chronicles for Favorite Thing Friday.  Be sure to go over there and see everyone else’s favorite thing this week.

Now here’s my favorite thing this week…

Curly Girly

That is a picture of my 15 month old baby’s curls.  They are much tighter after she has a bath, but I love this.  I know they won’t last.  All of my girls have had curls like this.  And their hair all has a little wave to it like mine.  I love the Shirley Temple curls though.  I often try to reenact it on my girl’s hair with curlers, but it never stays.  No matter what kind of product I put in their hair.  I’m going to miss these curls one day probably.

So what’s your favorite thing this week?  Go ahead and link up at Sippy Cup Chronicles to let everyone know.

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  1. Love it! My older daughter had curls and the day came to get a haircut and I never thought I would be the mom that cried at the haircut, but I did. Although I had an excuse because I was pregnant again :) Now my younger one has little curls too but Im wondering how long hers will stay, because my husband has wavy hair and her hair has been cut a few times already.
    Thanks so much for linking up :) Have a great weekend!

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