Fitness Friday: Week 56

Another week down and I’m proud to say I was extremely successful this week. There were many days when I easily could have said I don’t feel good I’m not going to do this, but I pushed through anyways. Like I spent most of the week with an annoying headache. There was so much going on with my oldest getting teeth pulled and my youngest starting school. It really would have been easy to say nah, let me rest to get rid of this headache, but I pushed through. Not only that, but I added something to my workout. I normally just do aerobics in the morning, but this week I added an ab workout. I hate working my abs and it’s still very killer and very hard for me, but it’s getting much easier and my muscles aren’t feeling strained anymore. As a matter of face, two days this week I cut my workout short and skipped the aerobics and went straight to the ab workout. So I’m very proud of myself for making working out a priority and in particular a part of working out that I really really hate to do. I know I won’t get six pack abs, but I do hope I can strengthen my core to prevent some of the back pain I get. And it will be nice to fit into my favorite jeans again.

How did you do this week? I hope it was a good one. Grab my button and link up your fitness post at the bottom.

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