Fitness Friday: Week 59

I need a do over on this week. Okay, honestly I was expecting it to be bad with my husband on vacation the whole week and the kids home Monday and Tuesday. That meant I didn’t get up early. The kids also ended up with a delay Thursday morning so another day to sleep in for me. Plus, someone took my workout video out of the DVD player and lost it on me. So I did not even work out the two days this week I was up early. I did however buy a new workout video. It’s actually a 4 DVD set with recommendations of which workouts to do which days for the maximum advantage. So I decided after buying that on Thursday that it would be best to just start all over again on Monday. So that’s my plan.

I did move furniture with my husband today though. We had a new table so we had to move the old one out. I also scrubbed my entire kitchen in anticipation of the new table. I couldn’t have a filthy kitchen with a nice new table after all. I really need to make some changes though because I’m just not losing weight so I hope this new workout video helps.

How has your week been? Did you have more success than I did? I hope you have been working up a sweat. Grab my button and link up below to your blog post letting me know how you did getting fit this week.

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