Five Birthday Party Ideas For Little Boys

birthday partyI love planning birthday parties.  And up until nearly six years ago it was little girl parties I got to plan.  All that changed in 2007 when I had a boy.  Unfortunately I’m not doing too much party planning this year for him.  He has been begging for a Chuck E. Cheese party for what seems like forever.  We are in a position to give that to him this year (thanks to me working more from home now).

While I’m happy to be able to give my son what he has been dreaming of for his birthday, I’m also a little bummed that I don’t get to plan another birthday part for him this year.  And by plan I mean pick a theme, plan out some games, and create it all for him.

We have done a Halloween party for him, Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Club House, and last years Phineas and Ferb party.  So many fond memories.

I plan parties in my head for months before so I was still giving some thought to other party options for my son this year.  Since I won’t be using them now though I thought, I can’t let all of these ideas go to waste.  So I’m sharing a portion of my party planning brain with you, my readers, and perhaps you can benefit from my party planning thought process.

So here are the ideas I would have presented to my son who turns six next month.  All things that I think any little boy ages 4-8 or so would just love.

Birthday Party Ideas For Little Boys

  1. Disney Planes.  I thought this would have been right up my son’s alley this year after seeing the movie.  There’s no shortage of love in this house for things that fly that’s for sure.  Of course there are a lot of party supplies out right now for this theme, so should you not be to into DIY stuff you could simply buy the supplies.
    • But if you would like to make your own, then I would have started with a plane shaped invitation.  On the front I would have written Fly By For (insert child’s name)’s 6th Birthday Party and then I would have written the party details.  Another consideration (that I probably wouldn’t have done based on cost) would have been to get glider airplanes and print out the party info and attach it to the glider package.  This way everyone gets their very own airplane before the party even starts.
    • For the games we would have played a game of Pin the Wings on Dusty (or whichever character Plane from the movie my son asked for). Then bean bag toss games have been a huge hit at our parties lately. But instead of bean bags, paper airplanes, which they would have made at the party, and then we would have tossed them at a finish line in symbolize the race around the world race from the movie.
    • The cake I would have made shaped like an airplane. Also some sandwiches cut out with an airplane shaped cookie cutter. Some Dusty Dippers (veggies and dip) and Turbo juice (just some fruit punch mixed with a little 7-Up or Sprite).
    • Decorations would have been pretty simple. Whatever color streamers my son chose (I was thinking red, white, and blue though) with balloons, a table cloth, and plates to match. Hang some planes around the party area and the many different flags from around the world.
  2. Minions Party.  Another big hit movie this summer that my kids really got into was Despicable Me 2.  Everyone just loved those minions.  So a party would have been fun.
    • For this one I might have bought the invitations.  If not I would have cut out an oval like shape on yellow folded cardstock (being careful not to cut on the fold) and decorated the outside like a minion.  On the inside it would have had all the party details.  The way I’m picturing this it would have been very time consuming having to cut out overalls and a circle for the eye and gluing it all onto the card.  Which is why I probably would have tried to find invitations for this one.
    • Party games – It’s really just not a party at my house without some form of pin the tail on the donkey. So I’m thinking pin the goggle on the minion in this case. Since one of the things my son has said he wants to do is bowling we would have turned our hall into the bowling alley. Minion bowling. We would have taken some soda bottles paint them half yellow and half blue then attach some paper goggles and a mouth. Then allow the kids to bowl with a playground ball or beach ball even. Musical chairs with some music from Despicable Me 2 would have been my we ran through these party games too fast and now we need something else to do to fill the time game.
    • Now for the food. I would have made a minion cake. Just would have taken a sheet cake cut in the shape of an oval and frosted accordingly. Then, I found these really cute minion marshmallows that don’t look too hard to make and seem very festive. Maybe some chips of my son’s choosing. To drink how cool are these purple evil minion slushies? I mean you’re drinking out of a test tube. How fun!
    • Decorations are quite simple. Yellow and blue would be the color theme you’re working with. You can get plain yellow cups and add goggles and a few other accents to them to make them look like minions.
  3. Wrestling.  So moving away from the whole movie/cartoon character theme party thing a wrestling party.  My son is really getting interested in wrestling ever since doing a week long wrestling clinic.  He loved it.  Really, you could change this up to whatever sport your child loves.  So perhaps I should call this the sport party theme.  The idea I had for this though for my son was to get a giant blow up bounce ring with those huge boxing gloves.  The problem with this of course is those are pricey, I don’t have much of a yard and what we do have is a hill, and my son’s birthday is in the beginning of November and we live in New England.  So probably not too feasible.  But so cool.
    • So the invitations would just be whatever sport your child likes. Make a soccer card, baseball, basketball, or whatever with all of the party details.
    • Games would pretty much be the sport your child picks. I think that would take up enough time.
    • For the food things like popcorn and peanuts (barring any allergy concerns of course) would be great. Mini hot dogs would be good too. A cake or cupcake decorated like the ball or your child’s favorite sport’s team. Gatorade to drink in sports bottles the kids can take home as a party favor.
    • And decorating too would be pretty simple. Everything in the colors of your favorite sports team or with the items from your child’s favorite sport.
  4. Cowboy party.  As cliche and overdone as it might be this is a classic.  It would be even better if you knew someone with a pony who could come by and give pony rides.  But this is pretty straightforward of a party idea.  I envision cap guns and little boys running around yelling, “Draw!” as they run around the yard.  Food can be picnic stuff or hot dogs and hamburgers.  Rootbeer to drink (sarsaparilla).  A cowboy boot cake.  And plenty of western decor around the house.
  5. Tractor party, or trucks.  Ever since I can remember my son has been fascinated with trucks.  Anything on wheels really.  From motorcycles to tractor trailers, he loves it all.  We did sort of a construction themed party for him a few years ago when he was really into Handy Manny, but even now I think he would love a party centered around motorized vehicles.
    • So for this I like a simple invitation of a license plate of the state you’re living in with your child’s name and age he will be as the “numbers”.  On the back write all of the party info.
    • For games you can play pin the wheel on the car or truck and a bean bag toss game with a dump truck.  Toss it into the window of the truck.  Having truck stop races can be fun too especially if you’re outdoors.
    • For the cake, make a race track on your cake.  Serve chips out of clean dump truck toys.  Have sandwiches cut out in the shape of cars or trucks with a cookie cutter.  Macaroni and Cheese wheels made out of wheel shaped pasta.
    • And decorate like a race track or construction zone.  It’s a party that’s sure to be a hit with your motor loving little dude.

So that was just a few party ideas I’ve been milling about for my son since last year.  Maybe one day I’ll get to use one of these maybe not.  I kind of miss not doing all of the party stuff.  I’m going to have to come up with a super special creative cake idea for his Chuck E. Cheese birthday party.  A cake in the shape of a piece of cheese perhaps.  Hmmmm.

What fun party themes do you have to share?

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