Free range or helicopter parent

Have you heard of these parenting styles? Free range parent is the type of parent who just lets her child do what she is going to do without a whole lot of interference from mom and dad. And a helicopter parent is the parent who hovers over her child. Never allowing her more than 2 feet away from her. Basically it is said that parents fall into one of these two categories.

Neither one is really better than another I suppose. Although a free range parent you probably wouldn’t see much of in the city. I do believe allowing your child to walk down Broadway in New York city at the tender age of 3 all alone would be considered child endangerment. But that same child walking down a country lane might be okay. I don’t know though, that freaks me out too. I guess I’m a total helicopter parent. Well, in places where I cannot control things anyways. In my own home I think I’m a little more free range. Oh who am I kidding, that’s not true either! With three other children leaving stuff around I worry about the baby. Can I let you in on a secret? Well, I guess this won’t be much of a secret now, but I found a teeny tiny bead in the baby’s diaper one day. Boy did I freak out! I had no idea she had swallowed anything. This bead was very small though. I had to tell the big girls to make sure that stuff stays in their room though.

I do think it is important for children to explore their surroundings though. Especially the baby. She needs room to move around and explore and experiment with things. So I have yet to put her in a playpen. Now that’s not to say I won’t. I do have one that all but my oldest have used. But I think if I had put her in the playpen that likely would have squashed her learning how to do this…

And I get such a kick out of seeing her crawl like that. Before I know it she’s going to push herself to a stand on that foot and just take off running though.

So I like to think of myself as a free helicopter parent. Probably more helicopter than free though. That’s possible I think to be a cross between the two. Sometimes I think if I didn’t live in a suburban area and lived out in the country somewhere I might be a little more free range. I think with each child I have gotten slightly less helicopter parent-esque.

What about you? Are you more a free range parent or a helicopter parent?

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  1. Smaller Town Mom says:

    I am in between. I know when I was growing up, I was a much more free child. Chris is a much more helicopter than me. I am trying to allow the kiddos to spread their wings more, with caution of course!

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