Guest Blog: Dating Your Spouse And The Kids

What a beautiful happy couple!

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What!? Are you crazy to think that we have time to date? We have kids and there is no time left in the day to even muster up the energy to hold hands after dealing with the kids all day.

I know I know, I’ve heard that (plus I said it a time or two), but we cannot negate the necessary task of dating our spouse (even with the kids) and as I read recently “oddly enough as the kids get older it’s harder to get into a groove with your spouse.

Yes, that is so true but we must think outside the box.

Remember, the kids will grow up and leave home; you and your husband will be the last people standing and you don’t want to stand next to someone you don’t know.

So just how can you get some quality time in with your spouse with the kids?

Dating Your Spouse (With Kids)

  1. Set aside any day through the week that will be dedicated to you and your spouse. Put the kids to bed early & enjoy this time with your spouse.
  2. Play hide and go seek with the kids & your spouse. Let the kids count & you and your spouse hide. (Don’t hide so that the kids can’t find you but steal a few moments to be kids again with your spouse.)
  3. Cook together: Fix a meal together.
  4. Go swimming. After putting the kids to bed, spend sometime.
  5. Share a shower. If you can never carve out time to spend with your spouse without the kids, share a shower. Most times, when we are in the shower we are not interrupted by the kids. So use this time to connect with your spouse.

There are so many ways to date your spouse while the kids are still at home. Think outside the box and make it top priority to date your spouse.

What are some ways you can think of to steal some quality time with your spouse?

Thank you Pamela for sharing these great tips for dating our spouse with the kids still at home. You are so right, one day it’s going to be just me and my husband and I’d rather not be sitting there with this virtual stranger. We need to maintain that connection and be reminded of what made us fall in love to begin with. Make sure you all head over to Still Dating My Spouse to learn more about how to keep stoking the flame.

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  1. Great tips! My husband and I love to cook together and have been known to take a shower together if the planets align. :)

    I think about the fact that eventually it will just be the two of us again every once in a while. Honestly, it seems like it is forever away (it kinda is) but I do want to make sure that we still like each other when the time comes. I know a lot of friends who have parents who divorced AFTER the kids were out of the house because they slowed down and realized they weren’t in love anymore. I don’t want that to be us! Thanks for the reminder about how important it is to connect with my hubby!

  2. I love, love LOVE that!!
    As someone who’s kids grew up and moved out… put the time in now before you do end up standing next to someone you don’t know!!

  3. Thanks for allowing me to write for your blog & your audience. I hope it gives everyone an idea of how to date their spouse while the kids are still at home.

    Still Dating Your Spouse

  4. I love this. After having 2 under 2 my husband and I are kind of lost. Thanks so much for the tips :)

  5. Wow Monica, I cannot believe it’s been over two years for this post. The ideas and thoughts of dating your spouse is still important. Thank you again for letting me write these few tips. Happy holidays!

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