Guest Blog: Short Lessons From Hubby

Misty and her husband. Aren't they sweet?

Misty lives in Maine with her hubby and 3 kiddos, an increasingly crunchy family one step at a time. I blog to encourage and share God’s workings in my life!  You can find her blogging over at SimplyHelpingHim.

The early morning hours before the kiddos awake is when I find my quiet time with the Lord, as well as when I do my blog linking up. Recently I found myself with a pen and paper, as my hubby was typing up an email for work.

My schedule was off, but I sat there grateful. Grateful that I took the time the night before to type up and schedule my blog post.

I was watching my hubby type, realizing he’s not as quick as I am. I was just growing up as the computer age hit. He was beyond grown.

His patience, determination and concentration all astound me. If I’m slow at something or can’t figure it out. I tend to get frustrated and walk away ~ at least for a time.

Not my hubby, he plugs along, one word, sometimes one letter at a time. I’m in awe of what all I can learn from him.

He excels where I lack. I excel where he lacks. It’s amazing how two becoming one, benefits both!

He accentuates my strengths and pushes me to do better where I am weak!

He encourages me when he sees me trying hard to change something in myself, that he and/or I feel I need to work on.

I do my best to remember to encourage and thank him for the things he does that are not typical for him.

I’m stubborn, strong willed and pretty opinionated, but determination, patience and concentration are not my greatest strengths.

God knew I needed my hubby, I still have so much to learn from him! Ten years down the road, I am still learning and see new things everyday in Him!

What lessons have you learned from your husband/significant other?

A great big thank you to Misty for joining in my Blogiversary and sharing a little something about her life with her husband.  I think so many of us can take a lesson from Misty when it comes to the men in our lives.   We need to stop taking them for granted and look at all of the ways they love us even when we are the most difficult person to deal with.  Because lets face it, we all have our moments.  I appreciate and love everything my husband puts up with from me.  Go on over to Simply Helping Him and show Misty some Monica’s Mom Musing love!

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  1. I love how God pairs us with people that are different from us so that we can learn from them. My husband is very quiet and laid back. He doesn’t speak often in groups but when he does its either very funny or very thoughtful. I talk all the time and want to be the center of whatever is going on. We balance each other and push each other like you said!

    Mary Beth

    • Amen! It is wonderful to be married to someone that can smooth out my rough edges just by being him! :) I love it! :) God knows exactly what He is doing! :)

  2. Great post!
    I came here via “Lost in the Prairies” that led me to your blog and to here!
    What a great reminder of how our spouses helps balance us out in life…

    • It is something I often need a reminder of! It can be so easy to forget that they balance us as you said. I think that’s why this simple glimpse of my morning means so much to me! Thank you for sharing! :)

  3. Hi Misty,
    That’s a great reminder of how the Lord brings couples together for BOTH their benefit. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for posting this. I found your link up over at Home Sanctuary and followed you over here. I feel the exact same way about my husband. I learn so much more from him then I ever feel he learns from me. Isn’t it amazing how God knows just what we need to sanctify us?!

    • It is amazing! Thank you for swinging by ;) I don’t think I will ever stop learning from my hubby, and that’s fine by me! :) Blessings to you! :)

  5. What a great example of the word helper. So many think it’s about servant, but it’s more. You each help the other. You compliment each other.

  6. Misty, it is amazing.

    Love it so much. That is great to see so much love and appreciation.

    We need it every day.

    I am going on 30 day “No nagging challenge” in August. Here, if interested


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