Guns Kill; No People Kill People

We’ve all heard the tired and old montages of “Guns kill!”  Or “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people!”  In light of the most recent mass shooting at a movie theater in CO I’m sure we’re all giving a lot of thought to how can we prevent this from happening.

I’m Not A Fan Of Guns

I’m going to say it straight out, I grew up in a house that did not have guns.  We had toy guns that we played with, but it was always very clear that those were toys and real guns were dangerous and not to be played with.  We did not have them in our home.  I do not know how to shoot.  I have no desire to learn how to shoot.

I married a man who is completely opposite of me in regards to guns. He owns them.  He knows how to shoot.  He has trained people in gun safety.  He watches movies and complains about technical advisers who missed out on the fact that a gun couldn’t hold as many rounds as it fired off.  Or when someone says it was a 45 caliber gun, but they actually show a 35 or some other such nonsense.  See how little I know about guns?

He grew up with guns all over the place.  Ammo laying around.  And I knew all of this when I married him.

There Are Rules For The Guns

My 10 year old shooting a pellet gun

We have strict rules in our house with the guns.  They are to be locked up at all times.  The ammo locked up separately.  The children know about them, but they know they are off limits.

My children haven’t been taught to shoot.  Even though my husband would love to teach them as his father taught him it’s just not something I am willing to allow just yet.  My oldest has taken an interest in archery which I have indulged and my middle daughter has shown an interest in learning how to shoot my husband’s pellet gun.  I was hesitant about that, but my husband assured me that his pellet gun is not lethal.  And of course there have been plenty of rules.  Never point the gun at people, only do it with Daddy around, and don’t point the gun at yourself ever for any reason at all.

Right To Bear Arms

While it’s a basic constitutional right for us to be able to keep guns I do think gun control is important.  We live in a state that has pretty strict gun control laws.  It was funny, a few years ago we went down to TN and my husband was in gun heaven because like there are liquor stores in our city on every corner there were gun stores down there on every corner right next to the liquor store.  Ha, I might be exaggerating slightly on that and the liquor store means nothing to my husband.

Walking into a Walmart and seeing a display of guns is actually very foreign to us.  You will not see that in a CT Walmart.  Now I don’t know if that makes it better.  Obviously people are still getting their hands on guns that never should have them in the first place.  But all of these mass shootings always include this entire arsenal of weapons that I do think in some places it is a little too easy to come by.

It’s too soon to know yet what the CO shooter’s motive was.  And if there was some sort of mental illness.  From what I’ve read he had no major run ins with the law.  So he likely would have been able to relatively easily gotten a gun even in a state like mine with greater than some gun control laws.

I can’t help but think that perhaps a little more regulating and a little more knowledge about the people who are buying these guns wouldn’t be such a bad thing.  Honestly, if you are a good person with a legitimate reason to have a gun then having to jump through a few extra hoops to prove it really shouldn’t be too big of a deal.  Especially if it will help to prevent mass shootings like this.

Playing The What Ifs

So many what ifs go through my mind when I hear something like this.  I have a friend who lives in CO.  Her husband and 2 oldest children were at a CO movie theater last night seeing the Batman movie.  While they were not in the same town, it’s just a little too close to home for me.

My heart truly goes out to the families of the dozen people who lost their life early this morning.  To the people who were in that theater and will be looking over their shoulder petrified to set foot inside of a movie theater again.  To the people who were going to go to the movie, but didn’t.  For the family of the man who did this.  Because really how can you ever make up for that?  How can you explain it?  It was a terrible tragedy all around.  I don’t know that it could have been prevented.  But maybe just maybe it’s time that we take a little closer look at gun control.

While guns may not kill people, people with questionable mental status with a gun certainly can kill people.

How do you feel about gun control?  Do you think more can and should be done?

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  1. The problem with the right to bear arms is that the amendment was intended for members of the military, not the general public. It’s purpose was never intended for any Joe Schmoe to have the right to carry/own a gun. It is also the only amendment that has never been revised since being written to make it more appropriate/applicable to modern day situations.

    • You are right, things should be amended to better suit modern day. Of course that is also something that is protected as fiercely as abortion rights. So I think we’ll be hard pressed to get too much amendment, but we certainly should be considering greater regulation nationally instead of just by each individual state.


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