Happy Halloween From Monica’s Mom Musings


It’s Halloween.  Time for little ghosts and goblins to go out and spread cheer throughout the neighborhood.  Remember, take it slow as you’re driving home from work tonight.  There might be some early trick or treaters out there.  Lets keep everyone safe.

Check that candy before you eat it and make sure you are well lit while walking around.  Stay in a group and watch where you step.  If any costumes are a little long tape up the ends to help prevent any falls down the stairs.  Remember the basic rules like look both ways before crossing the street, kids.

Those are my safety tips for the night.  I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween.

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  1. They cancelled Trick or Treat for tonight…the weather here sucks today. They rescheduled it for Saturday.

    • That stinks. Our weather is hit or miss for today. We might be okay. They are saying it’s supposed to rain tonight, but I think it’s going to hold off until later. The last time we had Halloween canceled due to the weather they did not reschedule it. Same mayor is in office still too so I don’t anticipate them rescheduling. Which would stink.

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