I Like To Party All The Time

Dr. Doofenshmirtz Bean Bag Toss game.

No seriously, when I throw a party I really can’t do just one. It’s apparently hard wired in me that I must do multiple parties. Or maybe it’s just that I like to group our family’s birthdays into one.

My two oldest daughters both have April birthdays, 11 days apart. Then my son came along and was so close to keeping me 29 forever. He was born the day before my 29th birthday. And my doctor had given me the green light that if he were born on my birthday that I could officially stay 29 forever. She went and messed that dream all up by not being around on my birthday and scheduling his c-section for the day before.

It’s all good though because it was a Thursday and that made all of my children born on a Thursday. Leave it to my youngest to mess that whole Thursday thing all up, ha. Never plan to get what you want because it won’t happen. I was supposed to be induced the day after she was born (which would have been a Thursday), but alas she had different plans. Truth be told while everyone being born on a Thursday would have been awesome (by the way that includes me) I think it’s even better the day she was born because we have this 2 and 1 thing going on with our whole family. Here’s how it goes, my husband’s birthday is on the 21st, mine is the 2nd, my oldest is the 22nd, daughter #2 is the 11th, my son is the 1st, and the baby is the 2nd. So doesn’t that just look pretty? Oh yes I am totally crazy, I know, no need to tell me. Believe me when I say that I drove my family nuts with these numbers.

Now, Back To My Point, PARTIES!

I love throwing parties. So my son’s 5th birthday party is tomorrow. He is getting the ultimate Phineas and Ferb birthday party. Complete with a Perry birthday cake, games consisting of Pin The Tail on Perry and Bean Bag Toss Doofenshmirtz, and all of the birthday boy’s favorite party foods (cheese balls anyone?). Just about all of which has been done by me because you know it’s not a party without mommy’s party games around here. Well, it’s not a kid’s party anyways.

And then I’m throwing myself a party this year too. Okay, this is the 2nd year I’ve done it. I normally would prefer that my birthdays now go by unnoticed for the most part. Just a quiet day with my closest friends and family wishing me a happy birthday. Birthdays just don’t have the same excitement once you turn 21. Seriously, what is there to look forward to? 30? Umm yeah my mom ruined that one for me on my 15th birthday when I woke up and she said, “Happy birthday, you’re halfway to 30!” Thanks for that by the way mom. Not exactly what a 15 year old wants to hear because 30 is just SO OLD! Well, until you are 30, then old is 45. Remember that old is always 15 years older than you currently are. I read that somewhere and it’s so true.

But anyways, last year I was thinking I should get my Pampered Chef lady and my Avon lady to come over and we’ll do a party so people can start Holiday shopping. Lets beat those Black Friday shopping crowds and get this knocked out early. I figure my birthday is the perfect time. People aren’t too busy with family stuff just yet and who wants to fight crowds anyways? A little fun, a little laughs, and a lot of great food is the perfect holiday shopping setting, don’t you think?

Well, I sure thought so. And I invited everyone I know and then it snowed and our power went out. I thought I was going to have to cancel my party, but the lights came back on early that morning for my birthday. Might have been one of the best birthday presents I ever got. So I scrambled telling everyone come over, take a hot shower, enjoy some heat, have a hot meal, but I wasn’t able to get the crowd that I had hoped. It was still hard to navigate the state with down trees.

So I’m trying to do a repeat of last year, minus the snow and electricity drama. Fingers crossed that the hurricane passes us over.  And I’m live blogging it again. It’s not on my birthday this year. It’s the day after, on November 3rd. And it’s a brunch. So November 3rd at 11 a.m. my blog is going to be open for shopping at Pampered Chef and The Gourmet Cupboard this year. My Pampered Chef lady and Gourmet Cupboard lady are working together to come up with great recipes featuring both products and I’m going to tell you all in blog-o-sphere how wonderful it is. And then you’ll get to shop and you’ll get to win prizes. I hope to get to chat with you next week.

So who wants to party all the time with me?

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  1. I envy you. I hate to throw parties. LOL


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