I’m Bald And I’m Cold

Shaving my headFor the last two months I have been telling you all I’m going to shave my head for childhood Cancer.  I have asked for your help in raising money and spreading the word.  And perhaps you thought I wouldn’t go through with it, but let me tell you, I’m no quitter.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty nervous about all of this.  I had every intention of following through, but I knew it was going to be hard.  I mean I’ve only ever been bald when I was a baby and that I don’t remember.  There was definitely a time in my life when I would have said no way no how will I do this.  This wasn’t that time though.

As I have said, I wasn’t doing this for any one child in particular.  I was doing it for the what if factor.  What if one of my children gets Cancer?  I can’t lose another child, I just can’t.  So while everyone says I’m so selfless for doing this I honestly don’t entirely feel that way.  And that’s fine.  We all do something like this for someone, right?  Losing another child would really break me.  So my hope is that by doing this, should one of my children get Cancer I can reap the benefits of what this fundraising is doing.

So I went to my hairdresser’s this morning where I was greeted by my mom and my hairdresser.  We hung around in hopes that the press would come as I was told they would.  And my mom began picture documenting everything for me.  So here’s how it all went.

115Just shooting the breeze here wasting some time.  I have to say I really love this picture of me (I usually hate pictures of me) and I’m missing my hair now too.

120In the chair, getting down to business.  Since the press did not show up my hairdresser decided to just cut it short first  to save me some pain (thank you for that).

121Turns out I look pretty good with short hair.  Who knew?  Oh yeah apparently my mom.  Something to consider.  At least I know I won’t totally have to be hating on my head for the next year.  I get to have fun with this.

122Here we go!  Shaving right down the middle of my head.  I’m laughing because my hairdresser was so nervous about doing this.  She was shaking.  So long hair.  There’s no turning back now.

124We have to laugh about this!  Half of it gone.

126Getting up close and personal on this bald head.

129All done, looking at it from behind.  I must admit I’m thinking the back of my neck is in need of a tattoo.

130There’s all my hair on the floor.

133 Thanks to a wonderful hairdresser on a job well done.  She generously donated her time and her shop to this.  Helping me spread the word and doing an awesome job and giving me pointers of how to care for my head to help my hair grow back in.

I am now clean shaven and I’m cold.  And it’s not even that cold out.  Good thing it’s my birthday.  I have been given hats, a scarf, and a bandanna.  So it’s been helpful except trying to find something that doesn’t make me itchy is hard.

We shall see how fast my hair grows back.  I do plan on experimenting with this as much as I can.  I wonder if it will grow in looking better than it did before.  It is going to be interesting.

You can still make a donation to St. Baldrick’s.  I will keep this up for a while because I’m sure as I run into people they will ask about it.  And if you were waiting to see me with my head shaven to make a donation now you can.  Keep spreading the word.  Childhood Cancer is one of the least funded of all Cancers.  St. Baldrick’s focuses on childhood Cancer research alone.  They have donated millions of dollars to the top research foundations for childhood Cancer.  Your money will be well spent.

And just so you know, I have been donating to this cause as well.

I have been so humbled by the generous donations I have received from friends, family, and strangers.  I have also been joined in this by a friend.  She shaved her head with me today after asking her friends and family to donate to me.   So I am so thankful for that.  Here’s her beautiful bald head…


This has been a truly amazing birthday.  I don’t think I will every forget my 35th and all of the generosity of people.  I even received a donation from a woman as I was shaving my head at the hairdressers today.

So will you be making a donation to St. Baldrick’s today?

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  1. I’m so amazed by you for doing this. What a huge thing to do for Childhood Cancer. You have a very nice shaped head, thankfully :). You have such a great attitude. I hope you’re able to meet all your monetary goals for raising money for Childhood Cancer.

    • Thanks Stephanie. I had no idea if my head would look good like this so I was relieved that it’s not half bad.

  2. Way to go! You look great! I’m not sure I would have the confidence to rock the bald look, but you seem to be doing pretty well with it. And I’m sure you will look fabulous in a short do for a while!

  3. Well done, Monica! And you do look good in short hair. I wonder if you can get some sort of thin, smooth stocking cap to put between your head and the new hats, to cut down on the itching?

  4. You have a fabulous attitude! Even though you don’t feel you are doing anything out of the ordinary by doing this you can see how much you care. You’ll have so much fun experimenting as it grows out. I’m even a little envious since I don’t have the courage to do anything fun or wild with my hair. ;)

  5. Oh my gosh, you look great – and what fun! Now I want to do it even more – so you’re a great motivator! :)


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