Is The “Real” Mom Blogger Too Nitpicky?

Last week I put down my foot on my Facebook page about parents who make parenting out to be the hugest inconvenience in their life.  I keep coming across these blogs written by moms under the guise of showing you what parenting is all about.  Not giving you all sunshine and roses and showing you all of the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

I don’t think it’s any secret that parenting is a tough job.  Kids can be difficult, their schedules are trying, dealing with school functions is hard, and the list goes on and on.  As I said earlier in the week I have come to the realization that none of it really matters because it all will be over before we know it and we’ll miss every last bit of that stage of life we will never parent again.

But for the past week I have been taking note of all of those little things that I probably never would feel the need to blog about because it’s totally nitpicking and have thrown in a few unexpected issues that I have come across this week.  The following is going to be written in an extremely snarky tone.  If there was a snark font I would use it, but alas there is not.  But I just got to thinking throughout my week how I have seen some bloggers handle these everyday life events of parenthood.  How they choose to share with you the real life parenting aspect of things.

The Last Minute Appointment

Notification of my middle daughter’s PPT meeting came home giving me less than a weeks notice to attend this meeting.  Doesn’t the school know I have Birth To Three scheduled to come out that day for my youngest daughter?  And don’t even get me started on childcare.  It’s in the middle of the afternoon.  I can’t arrange for childcare.  My husband won’t be able to attend.  I don’t know what they expect me to do.

Hey, just because I am home all day long doesn’t mean I can just show up at the drop of a hat.  They really need to run these things past me.  Why can’t it be scheduled in the evening?  Then my neighbor will be home from work to watch the kids.  And my husband can attend the meeting too.  This is just completely inconvenient and shouldn’t the teachers be in class anyways?  Taking away from class time for this.  I’m sure the teachers are just looking for a break in their day.

New School Stuff

Give me a break here people!  Everything is new to me with my oldest so I’m just trying to find my way through all of this.  Her school sent me paperwork about signing her up for her classes next year in 8th grade.  We have to choose two electives, but I have no idea when her AVID class will be.  What am I supposed to do?  Do I just pick the two classes and hope her schedule works out right.

Oh but wait, it gets better her academic classes have no advanced classes.  I don’t know what to do.  She should be in advanced Language Arts like she has been this year.  But I don’t know how to go about doing this.  I only have a few days to figure all of this out too.  I’m so new to all of this.  I never had an 8th grader before.  I’m new to all of this so please just give me a break.  Calling the school and talking to her guidance counselor is much too common sense for me.  Instead I’ll just ask complete strangers on the internet to tell me just what I’m supposed to do about all of this.

Last Minute Cancellation

An important school meeting had to be cancelled at the last minute because half of the people couldn’t be there.  I have been psyching myself up for this all week and then they call me up and say oh sorry something came up lets reschedule.  But do they even bother telling me when it’s rescheduled for?  No of course not.  So I’ll probably have to squeeze in yet another last minute appointment into my already busy busy schedule.  Hello people!  I have 4 children, my time is important.

Volunteering My Services

Wouldn’t you know it that little PITA oldest daughter of mine went and volunteered me for something?  She actually expects me to bake for her classmates.  What does this girl think I am?  Does it say Mom’s Bakery across my forehead?

Just because I’m a good baker doesn’t mean I have time for this.  That little witch really should know better by now than to volunteer me for stuff.  I don’t have time to bake cookies this week.

Do They Think There Is Two Of Me?

Again with the schools and their inconvenient scheduling.  My middle daughter has a state fair the same day my four year old is going on a field trip to a farm.  They need chaperones for the field trip and my daughter wants me to attend the state fair.

Don’t these schools talk to each other to make sure they aren’t scheduling anything that might be a conflict of interest to ME?  How am I supposed to choose?  And of course all during the day so childcare issues again.  And those poor work outside of the home moms they must never be able to do anything.  Who schedules these field trips and projects?  They really need to check with me first before they do anything.  ME ME ME, it’s all about me!

Then There Is HH (Hyphenated Husband)

Okay, so he never took my name, but the prick totally should have.  I wear the pants in this relationship.  I am woman hear me roar and he better step into line before I give him the boot for not changing diapers around here.

He has been around way too often and everything about that man gets on my nerves right down to the music he listens to.  I swear if the punk makes one stupid comment to me like get up off your ass and wash the laundry again I’m going to throw him in the washing machine.  I’ll do it too.  Teach him to talk to the almighty being that bore his four children.  Why exactly is he not kissing my feet right now while cooking dinner and bathing the children and changing diapers?  He needs to keep me in the way that I’m accustomed to.

At the very least if the man won’t cook for me while working 80 hours a week then he sure as hell better be prepared to take me out to dinner 90% of the time because I can’t possibly use these hands for cooking.

Back To Reality

I want to reiterate one more time, this is completely not how I think or feel about any of this stuff.  This is all stuff that comes up in a pretty typical week around here.  I get last minute meetings at school which means I have to get creative and juggle my time, but I do it the best way I can.  While I really do have to mentally prepare for these meetings sometimes the cancellation was my idea.  It was for the best if not everyone could be there.  I know they’ll schedule it again for sometime in the middle of the day and sure it might be hard to work out getting there, but I’ll do it without a problem because it’s for my child.

I really am dealing with some scheduling issues for my oldest daughter and school for next year.  I have contacted her school to find out what’s going on and the thing about all of this is it’s all new to everyone so even the administration knows little about how it’s going to work.  So we’re all learning together and I will do the best I can to ensure that my daughter’s last year of middle school is just the right amount of difficulty for her while still allowing her to be young and have a good time.

I need to state for the record calling my daughter a PITA and a witch really really hurt.  As a matter of fact I feel the need to say I’m sorry.  Even though from the beginning I have said I don’t mean anything that I’m about to say I still need to make it that much more clear that my daughter asking me to bake her cookies was no big deal.  She was even really good about telling me about it early in the week.  So it wasn’t even a last minute scramble I hope I have all of the ingredients to do this thing.  I had no problem whatsoever taking an hour to bake her some cookies.

And while I’m making apologies my husband deserves a huge one.  HH?  Hyphenated Husband?  Can you believe women actually refer to their husband like that?  How degrading.  I would never think of my husband that way.  And he is not a prick.  And what he does for our family is more than enough.  Would I like him to change diapers?  Yup, but I knew he wouldn’t when I started cloth diapering so that’s my own problem.  It was a compromise that we made.  It might seem that he got the better end of the bargain, but I could have easily said never mind we’ll do disposable.  I would not stuff him in the washing machine, nor is he telling me to get up off my ass and do the laundry.  I do however dislike some of the music he listens to.  Sorry, it’s true I can’t stand country music.

The Bottom Line

I really think we can express the trials and tribulations of parenting without creating enemies and without degrading our family.  There just is no excuse to call our children names no matter how angry they have made us or how sarcastic we claim to be.

I read an article this week about a person who has decided not to share his child on the internet.  I agree with the sentiment behind it.  Obviously I don’t agree with completely not talking about your children on the internet because that’s my entire blog right here.  I like to live with this thought in my head when I blog or talk about my family on the internet; WWMCT (What Would My Children Think).

Before I write anything I consider their feelings.  Sometimes I’ll even ask them (mostly the two older girls) if they don’t mind if I blog about something.  They know that it’s public and the whole world can read it.  Most of the time they are fine with it, but if they ever aren’t I have to respect that.  If my 13 year old daughter ever thought for a second that I believed she was a PITA or a witch she would be devastated and I won’t do that to her.

And I know all too well the issue of putting all of your feelings out there in regards to your child’s teacher or the school.  It’s like when you write nasty things on Facebook about your boss.  It is not going to end well if your boss somehow catches wind of what you said.  And publicly insulting a teacher or a school is not going to go over too well if anyone sees it.  And believe me, it can be found.  The internet is forever.

So lets be real, but not cruel.

What do you think about these so called “real” mom bloggers?  Do you find you relate well to them or after a while do they just get to be too negative?

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  1. What a great post, and oh so very true!

  2. I love how you put it into perspective! Things aren’t really as bad as some people make it seem. Go you!

    • I wish people would stop and think before they post stuff. Maybe because my children are older and have read my blog I’m more aware of it, but still people need to remember the internet is forever.


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