Just Dance Your Way Through The Holidays With Just Dance 4

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Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I just finished up my shopping for all that I need for the big and fattening turkey dinner. Oh the meal is oh so good and oh so fattening.

But this year we have the Just Dance 4 game for the Wii. So before everyone slips into their tryptophan coma from too much turkey this year we’re having a dance party once the last bite of pie is cleaned off of our plates. What better way to work off that fattening meal than with dancing.

Just Dance 4 Is Not Just For The Kids

Before you say I don’t like hip hop and there’s not going to be anything I want to dance to, you’re wrong.  There is something on here for everyone.  They have the latest with Justin Bieber of course (which shockingly my 5 year old kept begging for when the kids would play) to Elvis Presley.  Maroon 5 and Europe.  There is even The Time Warp.  My daughter commented while playing, “This is music Grandpa listens to!”  She thought that was pretty neat hearing “oldies” like that on a video game.

About The Game

This is a four player game for the Wii.  It doesn’t require any special controllers to play. With the controller you move your arm around like the dancers on screen do trying to copy each of their moves.  You will either get an x which means you didn’t do it right, an OK which means you did it, but you need to synchronize better, GOOD means you need more energy and to stay in rhythm, and PERFECT means you got it just right.  The more GOODS and PERFECTS you get the higher you score and the more stars you’ll receive.  The goal is to get 5 stars.  The game even rates your style and gives you feedback on your performance.  All of this stuff helps to increase your Mojo.  The more stars you earn and dance quests you complete the higher your Mojo gauge goes up.  The more who are playing the better because the Mojo score goes up faster that way helping you to unlock new content.

There are two modes of play.  The Just Dance Mode where you can do different choreography types like duets and dance crews.  And the Just Sweat Mode where you get a great dance workout.

There is a Battle game  which is new to Just Dance 4.  In this mode there are two songs that go against each other.  If it’s just one player it’s against the computer.  If it’s two players you compete against each other.  For 3 and 4 players you can form teams.  Whoever wins the round forces the other one to dance to their song.  There are 5 rounds and the winner is determined by who wins the most.

In the Just Sweat mode it uses custom choreographed workout dances combined with song dances from the main game.  You can do Dance Quests which are six quests for each class.  These increase your mojo each time you complete a quest.  Sweat Dancer Card is neat because this show your last three programs, total number of calories lost, number of classes played, and total time spent in Just Sweat mode.  This will be a great one after your feast so you know just how many calories of what you just ate you’re burning.  And finally there is Sweat Session where you can select the length of your workout program.  It can be 10 minutes, 25 minutes, or 45 minutes.  This one tracks your calories as you’re burning them.

Just Dance 4 For The Holidays

Just Dance 4 will be great for getting a jump start on combating all of those holiday goodies this year.  No need to make the New Years resolutions of losing weight this year with Just Dance 4.  All of my kids love playing this and I don’t mind them playing it because they are really moving.  Every single one of my kids gets into Just Dance 4.  Even the baby watches her sisters and tries to copy what they are doing.  She does get in the way too though.  I have even had some fun with Just Dance 4 in my house and it definitely has been getting the heart pumping.

If you want to get your own copy of Just Dance 4 you can purchase it from Amazon. Need more convincing? Here’s a video of my kids playing it and me playing with my kids.  Just Dance 4 will hopefully be helping us keep all of my baking off all of our hips this holiday season.

Who’s ready to have a dance party with Just Dance 4?

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  1. Thank you for this review! We had thought about purchasing this for our girls but weren’t quite sure if they would like it or not. After reading this review, I can tell it would be a good fit for them! And it’s a great way for me to get moving and count calories, so I’ll definitely be playing, as well!


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