Lets Give Our Sons What They Need

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We hear so much about what we have to give our daughters so they can grow up to be strong women.  Or how we need to tell them they are beautiful always to build their self esteem.  Sometimes we forget, our sons can be just as influenced and low on self esteem as our daughters can be.  We need to always be working to show each of our children boy and girl how to first love themselves and to receive the love that they deserve.

We often hear that girls will marry a man who’s just like her father, but boys will seek a woman who’s like his mother.  So we need to always strive to give our sons the very best of us always.  One day our children will grow up and leave us, but we will always be with them and I hope it’s the best of us that stays with them in everything they do.

Over at Life As I Know It she has given 17 Things Boys Need From Their Moms and I think they are really excellent reminders.  Go read it and come back and tell me if you think you can or are giving these 17 things to your son.  What else, if anything would you add to that list?

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