Life Is Too Short

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You know how everyone’s always saying life is too short?  Well, this becomes increasingly obvious when you’re a parent I think.  And wouldn’t it be great if we spend our time with our children when their young making funny and messy memories rather than worrying about cleaning up?  Of course that’s what childhood is all about.  Now, I’m not talking to the extent of health hazards or anything here, but why not put off some of these things to another day.

Yesterday when it was my daughter’s birthday I was getting increasingly frustrated with things not going just so.  I was feeling swamped and concerned with making things just right for her while also having to take care of other things around the house.  Nothing was going right it seemed, so we got out.  We left the house for a couple of hours and took the kids bowling.  We didn’t tell them and when we got there my daughter (the birthday girl) was dancing singing, “We’re going bowling, we’re going bowling!”  And they had a blast.  Sure that stuff was all still waiting for me when we got back home, but things were back in perspective for me.  My daughter didn’t care that the clothes were washed or the dishes were done.  She was happy to have macaroni and cheese for dinner, bowling for entertainment, and her monkey cake for her cake.  That’s what she’ll remember about the day, not that I got all of the laundry and dishes washed.

So how fitting that I came across this blog post from Dugans Incahoots about her house being a mess.  No, I didn’t have guests coming over, but I sure do appreciate a guest who doesn’t turn up her nose to my mess that I don’t have to rush all over cleaning and making things spotless for.  If you can’t appreciate that kids live here and that toys are going to be strewn across the floor during the day, then come back and visit in about 20 years because then I’ll have a spotless house, but what I won’t have are the giggles of little children anymore.  So go read the post on Dugans Incahoots because it says it perfectly.

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