Link Love: Encouragement Edition

It has been a while since I have done a link love post, but I have come across some really great encouraging pieces lately and this is such a great way to share and show case them with all of you.  And really, what better time to do it than at the holidays.  A time when many of us feel we can’t measure up.  A time when we think we have to get everything just so in preparation for the holidays.  A time when there’s still only 24 hours in the day, but we need about 5 more just to do it all.

These are some blog posts which have really hit close to my heart and really made me think.  Think that wow, it’s okay that we can’t do everything.  Or think wow we’re really not so different after all.  Hopefully you might even find a little inspiration in some of these pieces.  Inspiration to persevere no matter what obstacles are holding you back.  There is so much to be learned by others when we open our hearts and truly listen.

So without further ado, here are a few posts which have inspired and encouraged me recently.

Monica’s Top Must Read Encouragement Blog Posts

Okay, this first one might not come as a huge surprise to you.  I think I have linked to her in all of my Link Love posts.  Why wouldn’t I?  Renee from Life With My Special K’s is an amazing woman and her words of advice speak volumes.  I met Renee on the internet way before either of us even knew about blogging.  Back when our now teenagers were just itty bitty babies.  And our families have both grown by leaps and bounds, but Renee still remains a huge inspiration to me.  On making the best of a difficult situation and one who truly puts the needs of her children ahead of her own.  She is beautiful inside and out and I am better for knowing her and actually meeting her.

Recently Renee wrote about one of her daughter’s with Down Syndrome for Down Syndrome awareness month which was in October.  She writes in this piece that she wouldn’t take the Down Syndrome away because that is what makes her daughter who she is, but she would take away her daily struggles.  You have to read it, it’s truly touching and inspirational.  And let me tell you I think we can all relate to it in some way, even if we don’t have a child with Down Syndrome.  It’s just a mom sharing her frustrations of a world which is saying your kid isn’t quite good enough.  Who amongst us hasn’t experienced that?  I know I have with all of my kids.  And they persevere and sometimes prove those doubters wrong, but even if they don’t the fact that they tried their very best is all that matters.  And never give up.

My next one comes from Babushka’s Baile.  She has an interesting twist in her blogging.  Have you ever sat down to think about the lyrics to Row Row Row your boat?  Well Sonia from Babushka’s Baile has taken that time and she has a pretty neat idea of what the line “Life is but a dream” actually means in that song.  Go ahead check it out, it’s an interesting read.

Have you ever been one who believes that big things come in small packages?  Well, I sure do believe that.  Jen from Making Life Matter sure believes it too because while her kids may be small they sure do have a crazy big heart.  Jen wants adults to stop questioning her children’s size and assuming that because they are short that they can’t do something.  So listen up all you tall people because we short people might be knee high to a grass hopper, but it’s not holding us back.  And FYI, the weather is just fine down here, thanks for asking.  And Jen says, Never Let Them Keep You Down.  Don’t worry Jen I won’t, as a fellow short mom with peanuts for kids, I hear you.

Now I have a post from another one of my favorite bloggers.  Jenny from Sippy Cup Chronicles recently did a sponsored post for Dove and their campaign to encourage young girls to feel beautiful in their own skin.  Having 3 daughters myself one being a teenager I know all too well how much they doubt themselves at this age.  And how much they need to hear how wonderful they are.  Even when you think you are saying it enough you need to add a few more you’re beautiful in there just to combat those insecurities.  Jenny talks about her own struggles as a teenager with years of bullying, but how she always felt she was beautiful even with all of that because of her parents ability to build her self esteem.  I don’t know what those bullies deal was either when Jenny was a teen because she is gorgeous.

And finally I have for you the post of all posts on encouragement.  The piece de resistance if you will.  Rachel from Finding Joy wrote a piece called Dear Mom Who Feels Discouraged.  Well, that’s every single one of you, right?  So I know you’re all already clicking over to read it before I even tell you about it, but in case you stuck around to hear my take on it here you go.  Rachel has written the ultimate if you’re feeling down in the dumps because you can’t do anything right and everything is going against you pick me up piece.  This post gets to the heart of every inadequacy every mother feels at some point in her life, or even on a daily basis and then says, “You are important!“  Have your tissues ready for this one because you might be in for a good cry after.

But wait, there’s more from Rachel.  After you have read the letter to moms who feel discouraged then go read the letter she wrote To The Mom Who Thinks She’s FailingBoth of these really reach to the soul of motherhood and the deep seeded discouragement and failing that we as mothers feel.  No matter what, there comes a point in all of our lives where we feel we are completely dropping the ball.  And sometimes we need this reminder that it’s okay that we aren’t perfect.  Bookmark both of these to look back on when you’re having a bad day.  Share them with your mom friends whenever you can.  You are a good mom!

Now share with me your favorite posts which you have found inspirational and encouraging…

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