Merry Christmas

001I can’t tell you how much I needed today.  It has been all I could ever have asked for too.  Happy children.  Plenty of family.  And just a good time all around.

I hope you have been able to find some joy in today.  I must admit I had a reminder of huge proportions of the 20 families who have gifts under the tree for children who are not there.  Just down the street from my aunt and uncle’s house where we go to celebrate Christmas is a HUGE memorial.  There were people just walking along the side of the road taking pictures of the memorial.  I thought about snapping a picture, but then felt that was too morbid.  It would be like taking a picture in a funeral home.  Just seems sacrilegious to me.

So we passed by without stopping, but it was a major conversation at our celebration.  My poor aunt and uncle have to drive by that everyday. It is truly like nothing I have ever seen before.  Our Christmas celebration definitely had a different feel to it, but it cannot compare to those who lost their loved ones are feeling.  I do hope they are taking some solace in knowing that an entire community has come together to remember them.

I am super grateful to have my children with me.  I am happy that we were able to give them some joy and magic.  Merry Christmas!


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