Mommy Moment Monday #2

It’s our second week of Mommy Moment Monday. Share those moments where you had a touch of mommy brain this week or recently and then link up at the bottom of this post. Be sure to grab my button and add it to your page and invite others to join in on Mommy Moment Monday. Lets rejoice in all of those silly moments of motherhood where we have a momentary lapse in thinking.

Monica's Mom Musings

I’m afraid my mommy moment from this week is really quite similar to last weeks mommy moment. I sure need to figure out a way to keep all of these times straight in my head. Maybe I should just plaster my walls with schedules and reminders of what day of the week or what week of the month it is.

So my daughter’s therapist was talking to me about a playgroup that is coming up this coming Thursday. When she was talking to me I could have sworn that it was during the kids conference week which means they have half days on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So I was trying to figure out if there was anyway I could attend. With my son getting out of school at 10:55 and the playgroup beginning at 10:30 it was just not possible.

Then at the end of our therapy her therapist says okay we’ll meet next week on the 17th and it suddenly dawned on me, wait next week is the 17th? Oh, that’s not conferences. Conferences are the following week. Oh yeah so I can go. Great, so I made this huge deal about how other parents of school aged kids would probably have a hard time going and come to find out I was off by a week. Now in my defense conferences are late this year. They are usually a week or two earlier than they are this year. I think that really threw me for a loop. I am also very anxious to get on with these conferences too. So much to discuss for all of my kids. So kind of understandable in that respect.

Well, at least I didn’t forget any children this week. Just trying to make this year move along faster apparently. That’s so not like me.

What was your motherhood moment this week? Link up below to tell me and go read the others too.

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