Mommy Moment Monday #3

I haven’t had any Mommy Moments lately. So here’s the return of Mommy Moment Monday. You can link up your own Mommy Moment. Those times in motherhood where you could swear you have lost your mind. No matter how many times you do something somehow life has a way of getting in the way and making you mess up even the most basic of tasks. And when you’re a mother many times these oops moments have a way of messing with the most important people in your life. So feel free to commiserate with me and your Mommy Moments. Hopefully we can laugh at them together.

Monica's Mom Musings

Monica’s Mommy Moment

This past Friday my 10 year old daughter was getting picked up at school by a friend’s mom so she could have a sleepover.  Since she normally rides the bus I am supposed to write a note letting them know of these changes to things.  My daughter reminded me in the morning, I said yes I know, continued to do something else, and she left without the note.

I actually didn’t even realize that I hadn’t written it until about 15 minutes before she was supposed to get out of school.  I quickly made a phone call to the school and they said yes we already know she’s all set.  Wow, okay that’s good.  I’m guessing her friend’s mom informed them she was picking up both girls.  I’m a little surprised I didn’t get a phone call confirming that I knew what was going on, but then again we’re also not talking about 1st graders.

Your turn!

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