Mommy Moment Monday

I’m sure you’ve heard the terms pregnancy brain or mommy brain.  It’s in reference to those times in life when you become a mother and you just forget things.  I don’t know any moms who don’t have these moments at some point in their life.  A moment when you just do something even though you have done it right a million times before.

I had one last week and it got me thinking.  I want to hear everyone’s mommy moments.  Those points in time where you think how did I forget that?  The only explanation is it’s mommy brain.  That temporary lapse in judgment that comes when you have been running on little to no sleep; mommy brain.  Or even when it’s just because you have a million and one things to remember to do; mommy brain.  Something is bound to slip your mind, right?  Even with a million lists and electronic reminders to do things sometimes things just slip by and we have a mommy moment.

Here’s My Mommy Moment

My Mommy Moment from last week was I forgot that it was Wednesday last week.  On Wednesday my kids get out of school about twenty minutes early.  It gives the teachers a chance to have some meetings.  So I was doing some work on my computer and then I heard a horn beep outside.  That happens a lot around here, but I looked at the clock and then it dawned on me it was Wednesday, that was my son’s bus outside.  I ran out to get him off the bus and was very thankful that he gets dropped off right at the house because otherwise who knows what would have happened.

What was your latest Mommy Moment?  Blog about it if you’d like and link it up here.

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