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A while back I was talking to a friend about the government.  Both of us were rather fed up with all of the finger pointing.  The democrats saying well if it weren’t for all of those unreasonable republicans over there who want to control women’s uterus and defund these great programs we democrats are behind, then x y z wouldn’t be happening.  Then the republicans are saying no no no we have been trying to come up with a reasonable and fair solution, but the president won’t compromise.  And our commander in chief truly is the chief of the blame game himself.

Now I’m not very politically savvy.  But here’s how I look at this whole mess.  We all created it.  The republicans and the democrats created it.  The bought congress created it.  Let us not fool ourselves here, every single one of those politicians, including our great president himself, are bought and paid for.  And unless and until someone stands up and says nope, I’m not going to do this anymore we will continue to get further into debt.

Government Shutdown

Two days ago the government enacted a shut down and it’s affecting people left and right.  Some very minor with the inability to go to their favorite national parks or museums and some at a much greater scale by working without pay.  And it’s all because of one reason.  Because our bought congress could not agree on a budget for this country.

Now we can sit here and say it’s all about ObamaCare, but the fact is, it’s not.  ObamaCare funding might be at the center of this, but really it’s a numbers game.  Mathematically speaking do we have the money to pay for this law?  And yes, I get that it’s a law and the time to negotiate it is over.  Now is the time to fund it.  So what is everyone willing to lose to fund ObamaCare?  Do we make more cuts in education funding?  How about we make cuts in the defense department?  That should be fun, we can send our troops over to Afghanistan to fight with wet noodles instead of guns.  How about research funding for Cancer?  Or maybe we can cut spending out of the food and drug administration.  After all, we’ll all have insurance so when we get E. Coli because the meat wasn’t properly vetted we’ll be able to get well again thanks to insurance.

So now thousands of people are out a paycheck until Congress gets their head out of their ass and makes the tough choices about what and how much we need to fund things.  Tens of thousands of people are being harmed all in an effort to make things better for people.

Putting a bandaid over the problem and pushing this on through another 4 years is just not going to get the job done.  We need to get real.  We need to realize this isn’t just about some law that people might hate and feel is taking away their freedoms.  This is our nations budget.  A nation that is in debt up to their eyeballs.  Not just because of our current president, but lets face it he so far has not helped the problem.  This has been an ongoing problem for decades.  It’s coming to a head now and someone needs to step up and say enough is enough.  And if it’s not going to be who’s currently in office, then he needs to go.

Monica’s Mom Musings For President

We need someone who’s going to be for the people, who’s not bought.  I had joked with my friend that I could do a better job as president.  Even though I never did well with politics in school and it’s not something I have ever been interested in, I couldn’t possibly do worse, right?

Honestly though, I have no delusions that people are going to be voting me into office, now or anytime.  And really a president is only as good as its staff and congress.  It’s not just the president I feel has failed us.  I do not for one minute think our president is doing the best he can for all the people.  I think he’s looking out for number one and his idea of addressing the problem is pointing fingers and name calling.  It’s really school yard politics playing out.  He points his finger at everyone else and they point the finger back at him.  And round and round we go.  We might never see an end to this government shut down at this rate.

For the sake of all of those who have been put out of work due to this and those who are losing out on benefits they rely on to get by I hope we see an end to this sooner rather than later.  I know when my husband’s job threatens to go on strike during contract negotiations I always begin to panic because without his income we couldn’t pay our bills.  I hope the politicians wake up.  All of them.  Not just one side has caused the problem we are facing today.  It was not the act of one man that caused this and it was not the act of one political group that caused this.  It was an entire congress unable to come together for the greater good and come up with a budget that will work.  And not something that will just get us by until it’s the next guys problem.

What are your thoughts on this government shut down?

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  1. I must say I cried today when I saw one of the WWII veterans speaking about breaking down the fence to get into the Memorial. Made me very sad. Also, the shutdown of new cases being seen at NIH for children with cancer…it is awful. I don’t think shutdown is the answer, but I don’t see anything affordable about the new healthcare being brought to the table either. They all really need to get it together because all of us are suffering for it. I am a Republican but I can see where healthcare is definitely a problem, as someone that has illnesses that cause major premiums if I need private healthcare. The whole thing is upsetting!

    • I agree Jenny, it’s very upsetting. I haven’t experienced any direct effects of the government shut down, but it’s upsetting none the less. Upsetting because we the people are the ones for our governments inability to come together and agree on a budget. They sit there collecting a paycheck. Take something away from them and I bet you they would come up with a budget.

      • supposedly many of them are not taking their paychecks, or they are giving it to charity. I have no clue the facts on that, but I did say that many of them are not taking their paychecks in some way. It is just that everyone is suffering for all of this. I don’t know what the answer for the whole thing is. I really don’t but they were elected to figure it out. There is always going to be two sides, and that is a beautiful thing and that is why we are Americans.

        • Voluntarily giving something up doesn’t hurt nearly as much as being forced to. It’s just kind of a moral obligation. And I imagine the few that are doing that are also the ones who we want in charge because they do have that moral compass. Or maybe that pay is just a drop in the bucket to what they get elsewhere. I can’t say I have the answers either, but I know this is all boiling down to money. Whether it’s boiling down to the funding of ObamaCare or not it doesn’t really matter, the money is going to have to come from somewhere and I for one am feeling way overtaxed as it is here in CT. With one of the highest gas taxes in the nation. Then our property tax, sales tax, and income tax I just don’t think I can take much more. Companies keep leaving CT because of the over taxation they receive here. I’m constantly hearing about lay offs as companies begin moving more and more of their business out of our state.

  2. see not say lol :)

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