Monica’s Musings #7

So while I wait for my husband to come home from work so we can do some family stuff I thought I’d get some random thoughts out of my head.

*I’ve been thinking, can you ever really know someone on the internet? Someone who seems all sweet and nice might actually be a back stabber. Someone who comes off to you as a loon might actually be the most sane person you’ve ever met. I know I like to read a few random posts of a blogger before I go deciding if I can trust him or her. See what the person is all about and find out what people are saying about her. If there is a lot of negative talk about a blogger, then I usually listen and step back. I was watching an episode of Kitchen Nightmares last night. This particular restaurant owner was obsessed with YELP reviews (which apparently are reviews of top restaurants in San Francisco for us East coasters who heard the word Yelp and were like what did he say?). He thought people were conspiring against him so much so that he started responding back to customers negatively. So Gordon Ramsey tries to show him that look you’ve got 18 people saying the SAME exact thing. Completely individual people. That is when you pay attention to YELP. There will always be that one person who can’t stand what you have to offer him, but 20 individuals saying the same thing means you are doing something wrong. Blogging can be a lot like this. You really have to rely on the word of others when deciding if a blogger is truly legit or not. Understanding that not everyone can be loved, but when there are a large amount of people out there warning people to stay away, then I for one like to listen to that. And if I’m the blogger who has 50 bad reviews, then I am going to look at what everyone is saying about me and do my very level best to set the record straight. I can’t get a true feel of a blogger by just reading one post though.

*My niece is being induced tomorrow. I keep hoping she goes into labor on her own. When she made the announcement that her little girl was going to be here on Monday, she was being induced I panicked. Why what’s wrong? Oh nothing I’m just done being pregnant. She’s due on Tuesday. So not even quite 40 weeks yet. Well, she’s young. Same age I was when I had my oldest. I get it, I guess. I remember at the end people were telling me oh you’ve got another 2 weeks before this baby comes, she hasn’t even dropped yet. I remember the irrational fears of a 9 month pregnant woman and thinking no she has to come in April! If she doesn’t then the little glass teddy bear figures my now husband had bought me for Christmas with his birthstone, my birthstone, and an April birthstone representing our family would be meaningless. Yes, I actually thought about that. I never considered asking to be induced though and I didn’t need to be anyways as all those people who were saying oh you’ve got a ways to go were very wrong and I had her on her due date. I had to hold back the urge to scare my niece anymore than she already is about the pending birth of her daughter though. I wished her well and told her hopefully now that you’ve made a plan the baby will just come on her own as is what happened with me with my 2nd child and my 4th child. So now I’m just hoping and praying that all goes well with her induction, assuming she doesn’t go into labor on her own sometime in the next 24 hours or so.

*There is some sort of irony involved when someone continues to try to educate and inform people on something that she herself does not follow. The whole do as I say and not as I do mantra comes to mind every time.

*It is not even Thanksgiving yet and our son wants to put the Christmas lights up. It’s our fault really. We decided to go to The Christmas Tree Shop and get the children their Advent calendars for this year and some extra lights my husband wanted to hang on our porch. I really don’t want any of that stuff going up until we have our Thanksgiving turkey, but you can’t tell a 4 year old that. It’s bad enough that we’re making the kid wait until December 1st for his nightly one piece of chocolate after dinner.

*I have been having a lot of bickering between my two oldest girls lately. The last time they did this I used to make them hug for a few minutes. So I have started bringing back this “punishment” with them. So far all I have had to say is if you two don’t stop you’re going to be hugging and it’s amazing. The actual thought of hugging each other is so much more repulsive to them than whatever they are bickering about that it actually stops. Lets just hope this trend continues.

*I am stalking the Black Friday deal ads already. I’m really only in search of one item this year that I’d like to get at a good price. A Kindle for my 12 year old. Not the Kindle Fire (although that thing would be awesome I think for me). I don’t think we’d ever see my 12 year old again if she had a Kindle Fire and there would be much too much TV watching with that thing. Just your plain old run of the mill Kindle to view books on is just fine by me. I haven’t seen any great Black Friday deals for that come out yet though. I saw the Kindle Fire on Walmart’s Black Friday ad priced at $199. That’s what it retails for. So why would I go out at midnight for that? I’ll just buy the thing off of Amazon for that price. Then I can do it at anytime and from the comfort of my own home at least. So so far I am not pleased with the deals retailers are offering for Black Friday. If anyone sees a good price on a Kindle, let me know.

That’s all I have for now I guess. I think now I’ll go and make some chocolate chip cookies. It has been too long since this gal who loves to bake has baked something.

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