My 7th Grade Experience

My beautiful girl on her last day of school

Today we have a super special guest blogger.  My 13 year old daughter.  And after much debate she decided to talk about what it was like to be in the 7th grade this year.  So please give my girl huge props for wanting to do this and for putting herself out there like this.  Love my girl.

Seventh grade only happens once. I was on the blue team which had five great teachers that helped me. I always tried my best at school. Each teacher helped me to do that. I had an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) teacher who helps students prepare for college. I also had a Social Studies teacher that taught the students the history of countries. There was also a math teacher who taught us various formulas. Of course there was a science teacher who had plenty of stuff for us to learn. Last but not least was my homeroom and LA(Language Arts) teacher who taught us assorted writing techniques.

My AVID teacher was a great teacher who wanted all of us to succeed.  She had plenty of work for us to do which she told us was to help us to prepare for college. We did Tutorials which helped us with anything we would have trouble with in school. We would also have weekly learning logs which told her what we had learned in school that week. She was a kind teacher and loved all of her students.

The Social Studies teacher taught us about countries and their history. He was a funny teacher who understood why I disliked Social Studies. At the end of the year there was an awards ceremony that the Blue team teachers held. He gave me an award that said,”Most talkative”.  What surprised me the most is I don’t talk much at school so getting this award amazed me.

Math hasn’t always been a subject I enjoyed, especially from my experience last year where the teacher didn’t feel like helping me.  But this teacher was helpful and had a great sense of humor. She had a few math projects that helped for me to understand a little better on math equations that we were learning in class.

Science was a fun class that I looked forward to, almost everyday. We didn’t do too many experiments but the teacher still made the class fun. But we did do a lot of worksheets which wasn’t always fun to do. We learned about our bodies and about the earth. The poor teacher had some misfortune during the year though. The first is that she had kids in her class that loved being mean to her. I guess it was because she was the youngest teacher in the school and they thought they could get away with it. I always felt bad for her.

Probably the toughest teacher on the team was the Language Arts teacher. She had a big heart but she was very strict.  All year I tried my very best to get an “A” on my writing. In the beginning of the year I would get “B”s and “C”s on my writing. So when I finally got that A+ on my writing I was over the moon! That’s when I found out that I just needed to put details and FOCUS.

This Is The First A+ I Got On My Writing

For about two years Emma had been a captain on an ocean liner. She loved every minute of her job. She loved feeling the breeze when she would sail, and she loved the fresh ocean smell.

That all changed in one moment. Emma was bringing some goods to Italy. Venice to be exact. Emma was sailing along when all of a sudden she lost control of the boat.

This had happened before and she was able to gain control again, but not this time. Something was pulling her from under the water and it was heading straight for a building. All of this had never happened before.

She tried calling for help on her radio, but lost the connection. So her instinct was to put the ocean liner in reverse. But all that did was make the “thing” pull harder. Poor Emma didn’t know what to do.

She thought about letting the creature have her but she didn’t want to die knowing she gave up. Then in a blink of an eye she saw something emerge from the bottom of the boat.

The “thing” looked like a ghost, but Emma wasn’t sure. The ghost (or whatever it was) grabbed Emma and she gave a blood curdling scream. However the creature had no trouble pulling her into the water.

No one ever found Emma but they did find her boat crashed into a building with the engine still running.

So 7th grade only happens once(well unless you stay back).  So, what was 7th grade like when you were a child?

Poor Emma, I wonder what ever happened to her.  Perhaps she is stranded on a beach somewhere sipping a Mai Tai.  Just so everyone knows, that Language Arts class that she struggled so mightily in was also an advanced class.  It was actually very nice to see her struggle with writing though.  Pushed her to try harder.  And I might be biased as her mother, but I think it has produced some intriguing writing.

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  1. Props to your daughter, for sure!! Seventh grade was a VERY difficult year for me (emotionally and socially more so than academically), so I’m extra impressed that she was willing to blog about it.

    And thanks for stopping by and commenting on the Truth and Blogging post! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the discussion … and am very glad that people are willing to weigh in with different perspectives! (I happen to think that you own what you write, too, though.)

  2. To Monica’s daughter,
    You write so well! Keep thinking up new and wonderful stories and the more you use your imagination the better you’ll get :o) I used to write when I was in year 7 too (I’m 23 now, seems like a lifetime ago!) and I especially loved writing poetry. I was a bit geeky then, I didn’t have very many friends and I was very awkward around other people. That wore off and school life got easier as I went along, I’m still a geek sometimes though hehe :o) All the best for your next year of school! I hope you have loads of fun and come back and tell us about your experiences!

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