My Review Policy

I wanted to take a moment to let my readers and companies know what I strive to accomplish when I write reviews.

First, A Promise To My Readers

All of my reviews are written with my honest and thought out opinion. I will try an item as many times as I possibly can before I review it and strive to put it to use in all facets that I think others would use it in. I will not give you a PSA verbatim of what the company wants you to hear about a product. I promise that you will get my true and honest opinion of how a product worked for me and my family. If I think it could use improvement, or if I think it will work well in certain circumstances, but not others I will share that too. And I promise to give you as thorough of a review of a product as I can. If I have left anything out I urge you to ask any questions you may have so I can try to answer them.

Next, Information For Companies

While I truly appreciate any items that are giving to me for review, whether you asked me to review or I asked you if I could review, I will give my honest take on the product. I will work with you to make sure I understood how the product works and do not have misinformation. I will gladly send the review to you first to look over to make sure I am not misrepresenting something based on some sort of misunderstanding, but if I did not like something about a product I have a duty to my readers, and to you really, to let them and you know.

We can’t improve upon things without knowing what people truly think. So I do hope companies understand and can embrace any constructive criticism that I may have of a product. However, if you are looking for a reviewer who only gushes over your product and writes what you want to portray your product as, then I might not be the one for you.

Rest assured you will get honest reviews out of me whether I purchased a product or one was given to me to review.

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