New Book For Book Club

I am not really sure if anyone is actually interested in book club or not.  Every time I have it no one shows up.  And I’m dying to talk about What Alice Forgot so watch out for my book review on that coming this week.  So far that has been the best book I have read this summer!

Now I had planned on reading A Small Hotel for next week.  Yesterday my library was showing that a copy was available.  Apparently I should have put a hold on it because when I went to the library today it was not available.

However, one of the books I have been looking for since the start of the summer was.  The Fault In Our Stars was actually part of my middle school daughter’s summer reading list.  I was not aware of that when I chose that book, but I thought that’s neat, but those books are in high demand in the summer.

Since the summer is coming to an end I was so happy to see that book sitting on the shelf.  And I can’t wait to dive into it and then hand it over to my 13 year old to read.  Have I told you all how much I love having children that don’t read just picture books all the time?  It’s so much fun to share these books with my girls.  And it’s interesting to discuss books with them because their views on the things that happen in a book vary greatly from mine.  So I hope I can share mine and my daughters views at our next book club.

Speaking of which, I think I would really like to also hear from those of you who had children who were interested in doing a book club with my daughter.  So I’m going to give everyone an extra week to read.  We will meet on August 27 at 9 p.m. and I would love to hear from your children on their thoughts on this book.  I found it in the young adult section of my library and as I said it was part of my daughter’s summer reading choices so it should be appropriate for your preteens/teens to read.

I really want to see how parent and child’s view of this book are going to differ.  So I am really hoping you’ll join me.  If you don’t have older children that’s fine too, I’m sure you’ll still get plenty out of the discussion as well.  Maybe it’s just me, but I find it truly fascinating what a little age and wisdom changes about a person’s views.  Kind of neat that I almost get to look at my 20 year younger self through my own children.

So who will join me in another two weeks to discuss The Fault In Our Stars?

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  1. What a fun idea! A virtual book club is much more convenient than an actual book club for a busy mom like me, hehe.

    • Well, I hope you can join us then in 2 weeks when we meet again. Things haven’t gone as great as I had hoped for them to go, but it has me reading which was really what I was looking to have happen anyways.

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